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Sermons and Outlines

Romans 5:12-14


Intro: Paul has spent considerable amounts of time in the book of Romans proving that man is a sinner. He has shown us that every class of human in the world is guilty in the eyes of God. Folks, there is no denying that truth! If you doubt that man is guilty, then travel to any spot on the globe, pick up any newspaper or listen to any news broadcast anywhere and the truth will be made plain to you once and for all. Man is a sinner!

In these verses, Paul tells us how man came to be the way he is. Just for a moment, let's be honest with one another. For every person in this room, there are times when you have desires and impulses in your mind that, if followed, would ruin your marriages, your careers, your finances, your name and your fellowship with the Lord. We all have those thoughts from time to time, and sadly, many act upon them! Even when we know the consequences of our actions, we still want and do things that are wicked. Why is that?

The answer lies within a doctrine called "Original Sin". This doctrine teaches us that man is a sinner by nature. He doesn't become a sinner by doing evil. Rather, man does evil because he is a sinner! There is another name for this condition and it is called "Total Depravity". Basically, what this teaches us is that mankind is evil to the core and that there is no good in him at all, Romans 3:10-12.

It wasn't this way in the beginning! We are told that God created man in His image, Genesis 1:26. Man was holy, man was righteous and man was the close friend of God. Man was placed in a perfect paradise, where he enjoyed the riches of God's perfect creation. So, what happened? Our text holds the answer to that question this evening. These tell us How Paradise Was Lost.

In these verses, we will learn about sin. We will see where it came from and how it effects us even to this day. We will see ourselves in all of our wretchedness, but that is a sight we need to see. Therefore, let's join Paul in these three verses as we consider the thought How Paradise Was Lost.


(From a perfect beginning to a pitiful failure, the study of sin's effects on the human race is a study in tragedy and death.)

A. Sin had its origins in the heart of Lucifer, Isaiah 14:12-15. Lucifer was not content to be the "anointed cherub that covereth", Ezekiel 28:11-15. He sinned against the Lord, but his sin did had no effect on humanity.

B. Sin entered the human family by the actions of the first man Adam. He had been created in the very image of God. He had been placed in a perfect environment, with a perfect companion. He was the master of a perfect world. There was only one restriction on Adam. He was forbidden to eat the fruit of one tree in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 2:15-17. The penalty for eating from this tree was death! You would think that Adam would be content in that perfect paradise, but the Bible tells us that Adam broke the one Law that he had been given by God, Genesis 3:1-7.

(Ill. Had we been standing there that day watching Adam and eve take the forbidden fruit, we not have heard any explosions. There would have been no bells and whistles. However, in that instant of time, humanity died! The fall out from that moment of disobedience have been catastrophic for the human family!)

C. The moment Adam sinned as been termed by theologians and "The Fall". Sadly, Adam's fall did not just affect Adam, but it affected the whole world! Note: "sin entered into the world." There is no way to explain the world part from the fall! There is only one way to explain things like murder, abortion, theft, racism, hatred, fornication, adultery, idolatry, and all kinds of wickedness: "By one man sin entered into the world." How do you explain a Susan Smith? How do you explain a legal slaughterhouse where abortions are performed for profit? How do you explain homosexuality? How do you explain any of the millions of crimes that are committed against humanity? There is only one explanation: "By one man sin entered into the world."

D. All sin and all the results of sin can be traced back to one moment in time. It can all be traced back to when Adam, the first man, sinned against God. Adam's transgression was how paradise was ruined.

I. The Roots Of Sin


A. Now, we want to move away from talking about what Adam did thousands of years ago. We want to talk about your life and mine right now. Notice the last phrase of verse 12, "all have sinned". How could anything be any plainer? "ALL have sinned"! This verse is not saying that all men are sinners, even though we are! This verse is not saying that all men commit sin, even though we do. To properly understand this verse, you need to look at the tense of the word sinned. Notice that it is PAST tense. We all sinned before we even got here!

B. Basically, what Paul is telling us is that when Adam sinned, you sinned. When Adam disobeyed, you disobeyed. When Adam fell, you fell. One fellow has said that "When Adam fell, everyone bruised their knees." I think the problem is much more serious than that! When Adam sinned, we all died spiritually!

C. To understand this, we need to understand that Adam was the first man. We all trace our lineage back to him. In fact, Adam was the representative man. What happened to Adam happened to all of us. In the eyes of God, Adam was given the authority to act for the entire human race. Therefore, when he sinned, we were in his loins and we sinned as well. When Adam fell, he passed his sinful condition down to every human that has ever been born. His sin tainted the bloodstream of all humanity. Every human being born into this world is born carrying the virus of sin and death. We are diseased!

(Ill. Think of it this way, Adam was driving the bus of humanity. When he drove the bus off the cliff, we went with him.)

D. Because of this infection of sin that fills our blood, we are born with a natural drive toward evil. This clearly evident in the lives of little children. Children have to be taught how to do everything. You have to teach them how to dress, how to behave, how to brush their teeth, how to take a bath, how to tie their shoes, etc. However, children never have to be taught how to do evil! They are born with a bent toward sin, Psalm 58:3. That may sound hard, but it is true!

People do not become evil because they commit sin. People commit sin because they are evil by their very natures! Notice the following comments:

"Every baby starts life as a little savage. He is completely selfish and self-centered. He wants what he wants when he wants it--his bottle, his mother's attention, his playmate's toy, his uncle's watch. Deny him these wants, and he seethes with rage and aggressiveness, which would be murderous, were he not so helpless. He is dirty. He has no morals, no knowledge, no skills. This means that all children, not just certain children, are born delinquent. If permitted to continue in the self-centered world of his infancy, given free reign to his impulsive actions to satisfy his wants, every child would grow up a criminal, a thief, a killer, a rapist." (Ray Stedman, From Guilt to Glory, I, p. 131)

E. You see, people became bad way back in the Garden of Eden. You were born with a bad record and with a lust for wrong. In fact, there is no sin that is beyond the realm of possibility for you. You say not me! Could you murder? If the circumstances were right! Could you commit adultery? Some of you have dreamed of it this very week! Could you steal? If necessary! Could you tell a lie? Certainly! The bottom line is that humans are evil to the core. There is no good in any of us. We are wicked beyond belief! And, that is the reality of sin!

I. The Roots Of Sin

II. The Reality Of Sin


A. The results of sin can be summed up in one horrible word: Death. When men sin, they are doomed to die, Romans 6:23. What Paul is trying to tell us in these verses is that death entered the world not because man broke the specific Laws and commandments of God, but death entered the world through sin. Even those, according to verse 13 who were not guilty of any specific violation of God's Law, because the Law had not yet been given, still died. Just a glimpse at Genesis chapter 5 is enough to convince us of the terrible results of sin in the human family. Notice the repetition of the phrase "...and he died." That says it all! The result of sin is always death, James 1:14-15.

B. Death is so certain that there are industries that are built around the truth that you will die. Think of the mortuary and the life insurance industries. They exist because people die. Death is as certain as is life, Hebrews 9:27.

C. Sadly, many do not understand that death is more than just laying down this body. In truth, sin produces 3 specific kinds of death in humans.

1. Spiritual Death - This is the natural state of all humanity as they are born into this world. Spiritual death is in reality being separated from God, Ephesians 2:1-2; 4:18.

2. Physical Death - This is the place all humans come to, when these temporal, earthly bodies are laid aside, Hebrews 9:27.

3. Eternal Death - This is also known as "the second death". It refers not only to eternal separation from the presence of God, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9; but also of eternal torment in the Lake of Fire, Revelation 20:14-15. It is the ultimate doom of every person who is not saved by the grace of God.

(Ill. Every lost person here this evening needs to understand that you are spiritually dead this evening, one day you will die physically and then you will spend eternity enduring the second death. Saved people need to know that we have already passed from death unto life, John 5:24. We might have to pass through physical death when we lay these bodies down, but we are alive evermore spiritually and we will never have to face the second death!)

I. The Roots Of Sin

II. The Reality Of Sin

III. The Results OF Sin


(Ill. I am going to touch briefly on the text for next week. Notice that Paul ends verse 14 with a transition statement. He tells us that Adam "is the figure of Him that was to come." He is telling us that the first Adam was a type, or picture of the Second Adam. However, their similarities do not run that deep. You see, where the first Adam failed, the second Adam prevailed!)

A. The first Adam gave humanity a gift. It was the gift of sin. This gift brought with it the ultimate price of death, Romans 6:23.

B. The Second Adam, the Lord Jesus, also gave us gifts. Notice what they are, Romans 5:15-17. Five times in these verses Paul uses the term "gift". Notice what they teach us about what the Second Adam gave humanity.

1. The Free Gift - Romans 5:15

2. The Gift of Grace - Romans 5:15

3. The Gift of Justification - Romans 5:17

4. The Gift of Righteousness - Romans 5:17

5. The Gift of Eternal Life - Romans 6:23

C. What then is the remedy for sin? It is simple receiving God's gift! You see, God loved this sin cursed world and sent His Son to die on the cross. Now, all who will receive the atoning work of Jesus as their own will receive the free gift of salvation through faith. It is a gift that none can afford not to receive.

Conc: This whole message centers around one great question: Have you ever received God's gift of salvation as you own? If not, then you are still dead in your sins and are destined to endure the second death. If you are not saved this evening, I beg you to come to Jesus while you can and be saved. If you reject the gift and go to Hell, then don't blame Adam, don't blame God, don't blame Jesus Christ, don't blame the church, don't blame the preacher. Blame no one but yourself! The free gift of salvation through grace is available to you right now if you will reach out and take it by faith. Your eternal destiny depends on what you do with the free gift of grace.

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