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Sermons and Outlines

Rev. 20:1-10                      THE 1,000 YEAR PARTY
Intro:  Ill. A chapter of controversy.  The controversy is found in vrs. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  
It has to do with the 1,000 year period known as the Millennuim.  The period when 
Jesus will rule upon the earth in peace and righteousness.  (Ill. Isa. 11:1-11) (Ill. 
Swords and plowshares).  There are three views concerning the Millennium, 1.)  
Postmillennialism - This view says that men will get better and better and will 
establish the Kingdom of God and then Jesus will return. (false!)  2.)  
Amillennialism -  This view says that the Kingdom is here right now, Satan is 
already bound.  This view spiritualizes these Scriptures. (false!)  3.)  
Premillennialism - This view says that man will continue to degenerate and when 
man hits the bottom, Christ will return to the earth and establish His Kingdom.  
This view treats these Scriptures literally.  (True View!)  There have been some who 
asked why even have a millennium?  These are several answers:
1.  To fulfill Old Testament promises to Israel.
2.  To give a public display of the glory of Jesus.
3.  To answer the prayer, ďThy Kingdom come.Ē
4.  To fulfill the promise that the saints will reign.
5.  To bring about a complete redemption of nature. (Rom. 8:19-22)
6.  To give man one final test under the soveriegn rule of Christ.
Letís look together at this great time.

  I.  v.1-3               SATAN REMOVED - Ill. Man says that manís problem is his 
	environment.  Give him a good environment and you will produce a good 
	man.  Jesus is going to improve manís living conditions drastically.
II.  v.4-6               THE SAINTS RESURRECTED - Ill. The tribulation saints are 
	raised and made to rule with the Lord Jesus!  Ill. What a blessing resurrection 
	is.  	Death is never the end for Godís children! (Ill. 1 Cor. 15:55-57)
III.  v.7-8a              SATAN RELEASED - Ill. Why?  Dr Schaffer, ďIf you can tell 
	me why he was released the first time, I will tell you why  he was released the 
	1.  Ill. Satanís anger - chained for 1,000 years - Ill. 1 Peter 5:8
	2.  Same old devil, same old tricks - Proves people will not repent under 	 
	     perdition, Satan is the same.
	3.  2 Reasons he is released:
		a.  To prove the incorrigability of Satan.
		b.  To prove the utter depravity of men. (Ill. the dispensations!)

 IV.  v.8b-9             SINNERS REBEL - Ill. Population explosion.  Man will still 
	be seeking a better way than Godís way after 1,000 years of the best days man 
	has	ever known.  Man is wicked to the core apart from Jesus!  Man declares war 
	on God!  What foolishness!

  V.  v.10                 SATAN RUINED - Ill. Satan cast forever into the Lake of 
	Fire!  ll. No annihilation!  Prasie God, what glory awaits us!
Sermon By Alan Carr 

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