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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Sermons and Outlines

Intro:  Ill. The background for the book, the call of Jonah and his attempt to out 
maneuver God.  Notice that he path was a downward one, v. 3.  The path of 
disobedience to God can only lead downward.  It seems evident from v. 5 that Jonah 
was the only true believer on board.  As such, he had a responsibility to be a bright 
light for God.  Jonah isn’t shining though he is sleeping.  While the storm is raging 
all around, while the heathen mariners call out to their false gods, while every man 
on board needed help from the true God, the only one who could have made a 
difference was sound asleep.  When the captain of the vessel locates the sleeping 
prophet, he asks the first of a series of questions that Jonah had to face.  As I read 
this, it is clear to me, that conditions in our world are no different from those on 
board that ship.  The world is engulfed in a great storm, people are perishing and 
looking for answers to life’s questions.  They are looking for someone to point the 
way.  All he while, the church and church people are sound asleep.  These sailors 
gave Jonah a little pop quiz that we would do well to look at tonight.  Let’s consider 
these questions Jonah faced, and see that they are questions we face as believers also.  
I want to preach on the subject of “A Pop Quiz For Sleeping Saints.”

    A.  Jonah was so caught up in his rebellion against God and in going his own way 
	that he was totally oblivious to the conditions around him.  (Ill. The modern 
	church - we sleep while the world around us fights for its very life.)
    B.  Ill. The captain came and rebuked the prophet for his prayerlessness.  (Ill. The 
	tragedy of a sleeping church in a dying world - Eze. 3:18.)  (Ill. The shame of 
	the world’s rebuke!)
    C.  They world may not say it, or act like it, but they want a living, praying, 
	serving church.  (Ill. Who they come to when trouble comes.)  (Ill. It’s time to 
	wake up - Rom. 13:11-14)

    A.  Ill. It must have been embarrassing for Jonah to declare himself to be a man of 
	God.  (Ill. It is hard to stand when you’ve blown your testimony.)
    B.  As Christians, we must never allow ourselves to forget who we are and what 
	we have been called to be.  (Ill. The Great Commission - Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 
	1:8)  (Ill. The harvest is white - John 4:35-38)
    C.  Christian, what is your occupation?  Are you on the job for Jesus?

    A.  Jonah is asked about his origin, there is a threefold question.
    B.  Whence Comest Thou?  How can a running, disobedient man say that he is 
	God’s man from God’s country?  He can’t!  Our disobedience and sin clouds 
	our testimony and causes our lips to be silent.
    C.  What Is Thy Country?  Ill. Jonah was from the promised land.  But, he didn’t 
	live like a worshipper of Jehovah God!  Ill. We are literally from Heaven - 
	John 3:3; Phil. 3:20; Ill. Eph. 2:6.  However, sin and slackness make it difficult 
	for a lost world to believe us!
    D.  Of What People Art Thou?  Ill. Jonah was one of the chosen people of God.  
	Ill. The church is the redeemed people of God!  People saved by grace, Heaven 
	bound, Hell proof, eternally saved and equipped with the truth and power of 
	God Almighty.  Ill. Our activity ought to match our bloodline!
    E.  All these things are true of the Christian, but they are all hollow and empty to a 
	lost world that sees the church as self-absorbed, out of touch and irrelevant to 
	their world and problems.
    F.  The world has every right to question our reality when we do not live up to it!

    A.  “Why have you done this?” - They seem amazed that anyone would act so 
	foolishly and claim to know God at the same time.
    B.  In truth, the world would prefer that we left them alone.  There will come a 
	day, however, when they will point an accusing finger at us and demand to 
	know why we slept while they perished.
    C.  Ill. We need to take the Lord’s work very seriously, for a day is coming when 
	we will not be able to work - John 9:4; Eccl. 9:10.
    D.  Ill. We all ought to question our purpose. Why am I here?  What am I really 
	doing for God?  What do God want me to do?  Why do I do what I do?  What 
	do I not do that I need to do?  All are powerful questions that demand and 
	deserve to be answered.

    A.  “What shall we do with thee?”  The answer they receive is the only one that 
	makes sense.  “Cast away the disobedient saint.”
    B.  Ill. This is the modern world’s reaction to the church.  This is our punishment, 	
	they simply ignore us, or worse, they cast us off.  (Ill. The modern world is 
	asking, “Where does the church fit in?”)  Ill. This was not how it was during 
	the life of Christ - Ill. Mark 2:12; John 7:46; Matt. 9:33. They might not have 
	liked Him, but no one was able to ignore Him!
    C.  The reason?  Everywhere Jesus went, He touched those around Him.  His life, 
	because of His holiness, was a challenge to the sinner, a light to the seeker, 
	food to the hungry, forgiveness to the guilty, and life to the dead.  Jesus made a 
	difference!  That was Jonah’s responsibility to Nineveh and to the men on that 
	ship.  It is our responsibility to the world around us today!

Conc:  I didn’t like this little pop quiz very much!  But, it does serve as a wake up 
call to God’s children who desire to make a difference in their world.  We need to be 
awake, active and on deck letting our lights shine for the Glory of God.  We can 
either be like Jonah or like Jesus.  I know who we are called to be like, but who are 
we really closer to tonight?


Sermon By Alan Carr 

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