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Sermons and Outlines

2 Sam. 19:24-30 HOW TO LOVE THE KING

Intro: This is one of those obscure passages in the Old Testament that often doesn't receive much attention. In these verses, we witness the reunion of David and a man who loved the king more than his own life. In these few Old Testament verses, there is a valuable lesson for the children of God in any age. You see, by the testimony of this man named Mephibosheth, we are given a clear cut example of how we, God's redeemed children, are to love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, it's a fact that we speak of our love for the Lord often. However, I fear that we do not demonstrate that love for Jesus as we should. That is the focus of the message. If we learn nothing else, let us grasp the truth that we serve a risen Lord who is worthy of all the love and devotion that we can give to His glorious Name. Please join me as we look together at the trials and triumphs of this man named Mephibosheth and what he teaches us about How To Love The King.


(Ill. Mephibosheth demonstrates his devotion to King David in various ways in verses 24, 26, 27, 28, 30. Let's see if we can come to understand the root of this all-consuming devotion that Mephibosheth showed for David.)

A. The Cause Of His Devotion - The reason Mephibosheth was so devoted to David can be seen in what David had done for him, 2 Sam. 9:1-13; 2 Sam. 19:28) As the son of Jonathon, Mephibosheth was in line to ascend to the throne of Saul. In reality, he was a rival to David for the office of King. Yet, David, instead of acting with justice and executing Mephibosheth, as he had other members of Saul's family, extended grace to this little, crippled man. David had ever right to kill Mephibosheth, but because of his great love for Jonathon, he spared Mephibosheth's life, 2 Sam. 9:3; 1 Sam. 20:15.

(Ill. When the child of God stops and ponders just what God has done for him through Jesus, it is plain to see that we have more than abundant reason to love Him with ever fiber of our beings. John reminds us that our love for Jesus is rooted in the fact that Jesus first loved us, 1 John 4:19. Yet, we need to dig a little more deeply! Think of what you were and how you have sinned against the Lord God. If you and I got what we deserved this morning, we would all be in Hell right now. If we received justice, we would have been forever separated from the presence of God. However, through Jesus, we have received grace, Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 5:20. Now, because the Lord loved us to the extent that He willingly sent His Son to die for our sins, Rom. 5:6-8, and because He willingly reached out to us when we were dead in sin and couldn't get to Him on our own, Eph. 2:1; John 6:44, it is apparent that we owe Him a debt of love and devotion. When we stop and think that Jesus willingly suffered all that He did just so we might be saved by grace, it stirs the heart! If it doesn't move the soul to love and to worship before the Lord, then there is a problem at the heart of your Christian experience. True love for Jesus is always born of a sure realization of what He has done for the child of God.)

B. The Course Of His Devotion - Mephibosheth's great love for David translated into a life of service and devotion. Because he loved the king, it showed in his life. Mephibosheth lived a life of total devotion and absolute faithfulness toward the king.

(Ill. When a child of God genuinely loves the Lord with his entire being, it will show in his life. In other words, you won't have to run around saying, "I love the Lord!" It won't need to be said, because it will be clearly seen in everything you do. It will be seen in your prayer life, your attention to Scripture, your attendance upon the worship of the Lord, your witnessing life, your manner of life. All I am saying is that when we are in love with Jesus, whole heartedly, it cannot be hidden. It will tell on you! What does your life say about your love for the Lord?)

I. Love Him With Absolute Devotion


(Ill. There are 3 ways in which Mephibosheth demonstrated his dedication to King David, these traits ought to be seen in God's children.)

A. Mephibosheth Forsook The World - As the grandson of Saul, and with the political turmoil evident in the nation of Israel, Mephibosheth had every right to lay claim to the throne of the land. Yet, because he love the king, he refused to get caught up in the affairs of the world. He placed his devotion to the king ahead of any selfish ambitions that he may have possessed.

(Ill. What a lesson for the church! There is always a danger that our connection with the world will override our dedication to Jesus. The child of God must always beware lest the cares of this world steal our love for Jesus - 1 John 2:15. We engage ourselves in activities that aren't necessarily sinful. Such as, making a living. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, the Bible tells us that those who do not provide for their families are worse than infidels. However, when the desire for more eclipses our desire for God ,then we are in trouble. Nothing wrong with resting, but when that overrides our desire to worship, then we are in danger of falling. Nothing wrong with recreation, but when it takes us away from the presence of the Lord, then we are in trouble there too. We have to live in this world, there is no escaping that truth. However, when the world begins to live in us, it will quickly overshadow our love for the Lord. When allow ourselves the luxury of moving toward the world, it won't be long until we are more like the world that we are the Lord who bought us.)

(Ill. Lot and his gradual move toward Sodom.

1. He Looked Toward Sodom - Gen. 13:10

2. He Leaned Toward Sodom - Gen. 13:13

3. He Lived In Sodom - Gen. 19:1

4. He Lingered In Sodom - Gen. 19:16

5. He Lost in Sodom - Gen. 19:14; 26; 31-38)

(Ill. You can mark it down Christian. You can play around the edge all you want, but there will come a day when you will cross the line. When that day comes, please remember that this preacher told you that sin will brings its own club - Pro. 13:15. If you don't believe me, just ask Samson - Judges 16:21. If you did, he'd tell you that sin will blind you, bind you and grind you!)

B. Mephibosheth Forgot Himself - According to verse 24, the entire time David was away, a period of several months, Mephibosheth neglected himself in what was a display of mourning for David' return.

(Ill. Again, there is a lesson here for the child of God. The lesson is that our will is to be swallowed up in the will of the Lord. We are to come to the place where we lose sight of ourselves and of our own interests and become consumed with and focused on the Lord Jesus Christ - Heb. 12:2. This is the essence of true cross-bearing, Matt. 16:24. We simply reach the place in our Christian experience where Jesus becomes more important that we are. In other words, Jesus becomes so real and so great in our vision that we actually lose sight of our selves and wind up sacrificing our entire being on the altar of His glory and will.)

(Ill. When this is true in your life and mine, there will be no denying who is Lord and Master. If we are truly the servants of God, that is, His slaves, then we will realize that we have no rights beyond those He extends to us in His grace.)

C. Mephibosheth Followed The King - (Ill. Please remember that this man is a cripple - 2 Sam. 4:4; 9:3. When David had to leave Jerusalem because of Absalom's rebellion, Mephibosheth tried to go to David. However, a wicked servant named Ziba deceived Mephibosheth and went to David alone. He tried to discredit his master before the king, 2 Sam. 16:1-4. Yet, Mephibosheth gave his heart to the task of following the king!)

(Ill. True dedication manifests itself in a life that wholeheartedly follows the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn't worry about the cost or the consequences. It is enough that the Lord has saved that sinner and has called him to follow. He is willing to leave all behind and follow the Lord wherever he leads. Such was the case with Abraham - Gen. 12:1-4; with Peter, Andrew, James and John - Matt. 4:18-22. True devotion doesn't ask why, how, where, what or when. True dedication to the Lord Jesus simply responds by saying, "Yes".)

(Ill. Has the Lord been dealing with you about doing something for Him? Have you been putting it off? Don't fool around with the call of God! If He is leading you to do something for His glory, whether it be preach, witness or even something as mundane as beginning to tithe, don't put it off! Step up today and tell the Lord, "Because I love you, I will do what you are asking me to do. I will let you wok out the details. I am simply making myself available to you for your work and for your glory.")

I. Love Him With Absolute Devotion

II. Love Him With Absolute Dedication


(Mephibosheth looked rough on the outside, but his heart was glowing with the love he had for David. In this, he sets and example for those of us who claim to know the Lord Jesus. By his witness, he shows us what we are to be doing while we wait for our king to return. I don't know if you have noticed it or not, but we are in much the same shape as Mephibosheth. Our King, Jesus, the One who died for us is in Heaven with His Father. The day is coming, and soon, when He will return to this earth and will be seen by His children. Notice the attitudes that need to fill our hearts as we wait for him to come back.)

A. He Looked For The King - (Ill. It is apparent from the story the Mephibosheth lived with the anticipation of the king's return to Jerusalem. It consumed his thoughts and controlled his life! (Ill. V. 24) He spent his days waiting to hear the heralds declare the news, "The king is coming!"

(Ill. May I remind you this morning that our King, the Lord Jesus, is also returning one day? He is coming, John 14:3; Rev. 22:20a, and we are to be looking for that time when He will return, Matt. 25:13. I am longing for the day when we hear that heavenly shout and the trumpet of God - 1 Thes. 4:16-17; 1 Cor. 15:51-52. My soul yearns to hear the "Midnight Cry", when it shall be said, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet Him." That is the day I am living for. The day when I will take a "plain air ride" to a better country and cheap the undertaker at the same time!)

(The question you face today is this, "Are you ready to meet Him?" If not, you can be if you will come to Him and receive Him into your heart and life.)

B. He Longed For The King - (Ill. Mephibosheth exhibited all the classic sign of being in mourning for David. His hearts desire was to see the King once again. This is proven by his statement in verse 30. He didn't care about his land or his money, all he cared for was to see the face of the king.)

(Ill. This ought to describe every heart of every Christian here today. Is there a burning desire in your heart to see and be with the Lord? This was the attitude of John while on Patmos - Rev. 22:20b. It was also the desire of the Apostle Paul - Titus 2:13. Does this describe our heart today? Is there a strong desire to see the Lord and be with Him. This has been the attitude of the saints for centuries. David felt this way - Psa. 42:1-2. Are you longing for King Jesus this morning? If so, rest assured that one day, your desires will come true and you will see Him face to face.)

C. He Loved The King - (Ill. Mephibosheth truly loved David. He proved this when he made the comments found in verse 27. Mephibosheth was willing to entrust the king to make all the right decisions concerning him. In other words, Mephibosheth was will to live and walk by faith.)

(Ill. Nothing proves love or Jesus like a life that is surrendered to the will of God come what may. This was the heart of Job - Job 13:15. And, it must be the heart of every child of God this morning. Do you love Him enough to trust Him with your very life? If you cannot trust Him to do right by you here and now, how can you trust Him to save your soul?)

D. He Looked Upon The King - (Ill. Mephibosheth lived long enough to see his desire become reality. He got to see the king when he returned. I am sure it wasn't all that he intended, Ill. David's rebuff in verse 29, but Mephibosheth cared for nothing but the fact that he was now with his king!

(Ill. Just as Mephibosheth's dream became a reality, so shall ours. One glorious day, we will stand in the presence of the One who climbed Calvary's Hill. To redeem our souls from a devil's Hell. We will see His face and we will worship Him in the beauty of holiness. Our day will come - 1 Thes. 4:16-18; Rev. 22:4. The glory of Heaven will be none of the things we long for, the glory of Heaven will be the opportunity to see Jesus face to face. Ill. "What A Day That Will Be")

Conc: Are you saved this morning? If not, then you do not know the King. The first step for you is coming to Him and asking Him into your heart to be your personal Savior. If you will come before Him, I promise you that He will save your soul and that He will forgive you of all your sins. He will give you a new life and will prepare you a home in Heaven where you too will spend a perfect eternity in His presence. All that if you will come and receive Him.

If you are saved, then allow me to inquire as to the state of your relationship with the Lord Jesus. Is it all that it should be? Does your life demonstrate genuine devotion, dedication and delight in serving the Lord? If not, then Jesus allows us the great opportunity to begin again. If you will come to Him and confess your failures, He will forgive you and restore you to the place of blessing. I am certain that you want to do the right thing, and the right thing is coming before the Lord Jesus and letting Him have your life fully and completely. If you will do this, He will take you, bless you and use you for His glory.

The choice is your today! What will you do with this message the Lord has sent your way? Your answer may determine the course of you eternity. It will certainly determine the course of your life. Make the right choice today.

Sermon By Alan Carr


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