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Sermons and Outlines

2 Samuel 6:1-16


Intro: When the name of David is mentioned, what is your first thought? How do you remember his life? For many, their first thought is his victory over Goliath. Some remember his failure with Bathsheba. Others remember his anointing and call as a young man. Some dwell on his problems with Saul and Absalom. Some remember his friendship with Jonathon. That is the human way! We remember the spectacular, the traumatic and the glorious. However, when God remembers David, He remembers something quite different about him. To find out what God remembers about this man, you have to turn to the New Testament. Some 1,000 years after his death, Paul, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reveals what God remembers about David. The passage is Acts 13:22. The statement is: "I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will." What a testimony of a life well lived and found pleasing to the Lord!

It should be the goal of every believer in this room to be found pleasing in the sight of the Lord. It should be our goal to be a person "After God's own heart." You may wonder how this can be done. Well, I think this passage reveals some qualities that were found in David's life that tell us why he was considered a man after God's own heart. These qualities are seen throughout David's life, but they are brought into sharp focus in this passage. By the way these are the same qualities that will enable us to be known as one "after God's own heart." Let me share those qualities with you this evening.


A. V. 2-3 A Conspicuous Absence - This passage relates the fact that the Ark of the Covenant is missing. The Ark was of vital importance to the worship of the Jewish people. The Ark was the place where the "shechinah" glory of the Lord dwelt between the two cherubim. It was where God met with and dwelled with His people. However, the Ark was missing. 1 Samuel 4 tells of how foolish pride resulted in the Ark being taken by the Philistines. 1 Samuel 5-6 tell of the terrible price the Philistines paid for having the Ark in the their possession. 1 Samuel 7:1-2 tells us that the Ark spent 20 years at the house of a man named Abinadab. When the Ark was missing, so was the manifest presence of the Lord God. God was still there, but His presence was not tangible. (Note: There will be times in our lives when we do not experience the "manifest presence" of the Lord. We know that He is always there, Matt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5, but there are times when He cannot be seen, heard or felt. Those are hard times.)

B. V. 1-5 A Concentrated Action - During the reign of Saul, the things of the Lord had been terribly neglected. However, when David comes to the throne, he takes definite steps to recover the Ark and the presence of the Lord. More than anything in his life, David wanted to live in the presence of the Lord, Psa. 42:1-2; Psa. 27:4. (Note: This will be the burning desire of every life that is a life after God's own heart! There will be a hunger for His manifest presence in that life. When it is missing, every possible step will be taken to recover His precious presence! Think of what it might require - Repentance, obedience, confession, forgiveness, etc.)


A. V. 6-7 David's Hasty Decision - David and his people went after the Ark. They went after it in their own strength and they failed. Uzzah paid a high price for his disobedience. (Ill. Why did he die while the Philistines didn't? Uzzah was responsible for knowing the Law of God, the Philistines didn't have the Law. God had commanded that the Ark was to be carried on the shoulders of the Levites, with golden poles through golden rings on the Ark. It was holy and not to be touched by human hands, Ex. 25:10-22; Deut 10:8. Within this Ark were the two tables containing the Law; Aaron's rod which budded, and a golden pot filled with manna, Heb. 9:4.) (Note: We are by nature shortcut seekers. We think it is alright to shave a little here and a little there. Yet, when the Lord has spoken clearly on a topic, then we are bound to do it His way, or pay the price for our disobedience, James 4:17.) (Note: David and his people looked good as they went after the Ark, it is the obedience of the heart that God is after, Ill. Saul - 1 Sam. 15; It doesn't matter how we look on the outside, God views the heart, 2 Tim. 3:5; 1 Sam. 16:7.)

B. V. 7-12a David's Harsh Discovery - David discovered that God is interested in the details! He wants His people to do His will His way. Nothing else will please Him or honor Him. (Note: How many times have we paid a high price for our own disobedience?)

C. V. 12b-13 David's Honest Devotion - These verses tell us that David went after the Ark and brought it back. But, this time, he did it God's way. To see this, we have to look at a parallel passage, 1 Chron. 15:1-2; 13-16; 25-28. When David discovered that the Lord had a specific pattern for moving the Ark, he was determined in his heart to do it God's way. Notice that he did nothing until he could do the right thing! (Note: That is how you recognize a heart that is after God's own heart. There will be a consuming desire to honor Him by doing things the way He wants them done, John 14:15. This involves searching our the plan of God from His word and then carrying it our to the letter.) (Note: The word of God is filled with both "precepts" and "principles". Just like life. A speed limit sign is a precept. It is a law that does not change, regardless of the circumstances. A road sign that says "Drive to Survive" , like you will find at the Maryland state line is a principle. It allows a little flexibility, but it still directs your way of life. In the Bible, an example of a precept is, Matt. 22:37-40. A principle would be, Gal. 6:7. Phil. 4:6 is a precept, while Rom. 10:13 is a principle. Rom. 12:1 is a precept, while Heb. 10:25 is a principle. Three are many more that could be listed, but do you see the difference? A precept is a clearly defined law for living. A principle is a general statement about how life should be lived. However, whether it is a precept or a principle, the heart after God's heart takes them both seriously and applies them without question!)


(Ill. When you are walking in His presence and have done everything in your power to honor His precepts, He will fill your heart with His praises!)

A. V. 14 His Praise Was Visible - Here is the king dancing a praising the Lord publically without shame! (Note: may we never be ashamed to praise Him for what He has done for us! The heart after His heart will gladly lift His Name!)

B. V. 15 His Praise Was Vocal - The Bible says they shouted! They openly proclaimed His glory for all to hear! (Note: when your heart is after His heart, there will be a spirit of worship and praise within your heart. This spirit of worship and praise will find an outlet in your life! It may do so in song, in spontaneous praise, or in testimony, but it will come out! I think that is a clear principle in the Bible, Heb. 13:15; Rev. 4-5. Of course, vocal praise is also a precept, Psa. 47:1; Psa. 135:1-3; Psa. 150:1-6, etc. How are you doing in the praise department?)

C. V. 16; 21-23 His Praise Was Volitional - (Ill. An act of the will!) When David's wife sees him praising the Lord, she rebukes him. His response to her is worthy of note. He tells her that he has made up his mind that he will praise the Lord, even if it make him look like a fool in the eyes of men! His praise, then, is an act of the will! He decided that he would praise the Lord and he did! (Note: Too often, we allow the opinion s of others to hinder us in our praise of the Lord. Yet, the heart that is after His heart doesn't care what others think. Their attention is focused much higher than the opinions of other men. They merely want to praise the Lord for what He has done for them. They have decided to praise the Lord!)

Conc: Are you a man or a woman who is after God's own heart? If so it will be seen in your desire for His presence; in your delight in His precepts and in your dedication to His praise. Why don't we just stop making excuses this evening for our shortcomings? Why don't we just come before Him and confess that our hearts need help? If we will honestly confess our failure and seek His face, He will send a revival to you soul.

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