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Sermons and Outlines

2 Samuel 23:11-12


Intro: 2 Sam. 23 tells us about David's mighty men. These were a group of highly trained soldiers who fought with David and aided him in his victories. Among these men were three others who served as David's personal bodyguards. These men and their exploits are described in these verses. Tonight, I want to focus in on one of these three special men. This man's name is Shammah. He is described for us a man who took a stand against overwhelming odds and won a great victory by the help of the Lord. He is a man from whom we could learn much this evening.

The Bible tells us that the Philistines attacked the people of God. When they came, all the people ran away. All, that is, except one man named Shammah! He took his stand in a field of lentils, or peas and he won a great victory. I would like for us to take just a few minutes this evening to look at this man Shammah and what he did just a little closer. He teaches us a lesson that we need to learn this evening. It is that lesson that I want to focus in on as I preach about Staying In The Pea Patch.

There are three aspects of this story that help us see that there is a time to take a stand. There is a time to fight, even when others are running away.


(Ill. The Bible is clear when it tells us that the Philistines were attacking the people of God. It was a time of great conflict for the children of Israel. Notice what the Bible reveals about this time.)

A. When The Enemy Came - These verses tell us that when the Philistines came, the people in the fields fled away. This lets us know that the enemy most likely came during the time of the harvest. It was the time when most of the people were occupied in the business of getting the crops in. They would be busy working and they would not be prepared for war.)

(Ill. This is still when the enemy comes! You see, harvest time is a time of great joy. People are working hard to get the crops in the barns so they can rest from their labors and enjoy the fruits of the harvest. Their attention is so focused on what they are doing that they are not prepared to go to battle. When the enemy comes, he catches them unprepared and easily defeated.)

(Ill. When does the enemy come against us? Often, he will come in the midst of great blessing and great victory. Often, he will come when we are involved in doing wonderful things for the Lord. He will come when our minds are occupied with other things.)

(Ill. What a lesson for the church! How many times do we find ourselves engaged in the busy work of our lives and in the busy work of the church when we come under attack from the enemy? I think that too often, we are like the church of Ephesus, Rev. 2:1-7, they were busy for the Lord, but they did not even realize that the enemy had inflicted a mortal wound in their heart. They were so busy doing good things that they did not see the enemy when he attacked and wounded them.)

(Ill. God would have His people be prepared! He has not left us without warning - 1 Pet. 5:8. Neither has He left us without an example - Neh. 4:16-18. Let us learn to watch while we work lest the enemy find an inroad against us, even while we do that which is good.)

B. Why The Enemy Came - The enemy came against Israel for only two reasons: 1.) To inflict casualties and 2.) To destroy the crops. The Philistines knew that if they could wound their enemies and bring them to a place of hunger, they would be easily defeated and enslaved. So, those soldiers would march through the fields trampling down the crops and slaughtering all that stood in their way.

(Ill. The same is true concerning our enemy the devil. He comes for those same two reasons: to inflict casualties and to destroy the crop. He attacks us so that he might weaken us so that we will be easier to enslave to his will.)

(Ill. I want to let you in on a secret this evening. The devil and the world do not mind us having a church down here at all. They don't mind us singing. They don't mind us preaching. They don't mind anything we do! However, when we decide that we are going to get serious about serving God, then trouble will come. The devil will attack us when we pray in a fervent spirit. He will attack us when we reach out and begin to witness for the glory of God. He will attack us when we start to praise the name of the Lord in this place. He will attack us when we decide that we are not satisfied to be like all the other churches around us. When we decide that we are going to take a stand for the Lord, look out! Trouble is on the way! As long as we are doing nothing, we are no threat to the devil at all! But, just let a few people down at the house of God get excited about Jesus and look out, the enemy will invade our pea patch and try to stomp down our crop!)

C. What The Enemy Found - This verse tells us that when the enemy came, all the people fled from before them. What the enemy found was no opposition! They would march into the fields and the people would flee in terror!

(Ill. Sounds just like the church doesn't it? Things will be going along just fine and the devil will stir up trouble. He'll use someone in the church to start a ruckus. When this happens, 99% of the people in the church flee from the scene of the battle. No one wants to take a stand. After all, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! I want you to know that this is the reason many churches are falling apart tonight! No one has had the courage to stand up against the attack of the enemy, look them in the eye and say, "By the grace of God, you will not destroy this pea patch!" My friends, we are engaged in the greatest struggle that the world has ever known! God is working to reach world for His Name's sake and the devil is fighting Him every step of the way. All the while, God has placed His church in the world to be a light for God's glory. And, many times, we won't even take a stand to protect that which the Lord has given us. God give us some who will take a stand!)

Ill. This is exactly what the Philistines found when they came to Israel this time. Because it was not only a time of a great conflict, but also......

I. It Was A Time Of Great Conflict


A. Shammah's Resolve - The Bible tells us that Shammah "stood". He resolved in his heart that he would fight for that pea patch. He made up his mind that he would not run away from the battle. Maybe he had run before, but not this time! Today, he would stand and he would fight, even if it cost him his life! You see, Shammah knew that there are some things worth fighting for!

(Ill. So it is in the church! We could just stand back and watch the church go the way of the world. We could just run away and hide while the enemy tramples everything we love under his feet. Or, we could decide tonight that we will take a stand! We could make up our minds that we are tired of seeing the devil hinder the work of God. We could resolve in our hearts tonight that there are some things that we worth fighting for!)

B. Shammah's Reason - Why did Shammah fight? He knew that without food, the people would perish. He knew the people had to eat and that if they were going to eat, the fields had to be defended! I'll say it again, Shammah knew that some things were worth fighting for!

(Ill. Let me just suggest a few things this evening that are worth fighting for in this day and time.

The church, the lost, the Word of God, old-fashioned praying, preaching and praising the Lord, clean living, the reputation of the church, our families, our young people, etc. These things are so important that they are literally worth dying for! Where are the Shammah's that will stand up and fight for things of God!

C. Shammah's Reward - The Bible tells us that Shammah slew the enemies of the people of God! Because he fought, he enjoyed a great victory! If he had run away like all the others, he would have been a coward and he would have been defeated. The enemy would have prevailed!

(Ill. Friends, we must take a stand for the things of the Lord! We must take our stand for that which is right and for that which is important. If we do, then who will? If we, who claim to love the things of God, do not take our stand and fight for what we believe in, then when these things are lost, we must not complain. When the enemy has secured the victory and the cause of Christ has been hindered, then we who refused to fight the "good fight of faith" have no one to blame but ourselves! If we want the reward of victory, then we must arm ourselves, stand our ground and fight for the glory of God.)

I. It Was A Time Of Great Conflict

II. It Was A Time Of Great Courage


A. The Lord Defeated The Enemy - This last part of verse 12 tells us that the One who really won the victory was God! He gave Shammah the ability to stand. He gave Shammah the power to fight. He gave Shammah the skill to win. He gave Shammah the victory over his enemies. Shammah may have held the sword, but it was God Who fought the battle!

(Ill. It was the same when David walked into the valley against Goliath, or when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood their ground, or when Daniel continued to pray in spite of what the kind commanded. Men take their stand because they are empowered by God! He gives the victory!)

(Ill. When we face the spiritual battles of life, we need to remember that those battles are the Lord's, 2 Chron. 20:15; Psa. 35:1; 1 Sam. 17:47. Therefore, when you fight the battles, whether you win or lose, you have done what the Lord requires, you have been faithful! That is what he demands!)

B. The Lord Defended The Ground - Because God had one man who was willing to stand, the fields were protected and the people were saved from starvation and from slavery!

(Ill. Think about this with me for a moment. If we do not stand, Satan will certainly take everything from the church he can get his hands on. If he takes away the Bible, what will the following generations eat? If he takes away our desire to witness, who will tell the Good News? If he takes away our will to pray, who will call on the Father and stand in the gap for this world. If we do not fight, then we will certainly lose those things that give us power and make us great for the glory of God. If we do not fight today, then people starve tomorrow. If the field is not protected now, those who follow will have no harvest to enjoy.)

Conc: The enemy is still attacking the people of God just as he did through the Philistines. And, just like it was then, so people are still fleeing from the scene of the battle. People are abandoning the harvest and are choosing to flee rather than fight. Where do stand tonight? Are you willing to stand idly by while the enemy ransacks the church? Or, like Shammah, are you willing to take your stand for God, regardless of the consequences and fight until the victory is won. Will you stay in the pea patch while other are running away? Why not come before the Lord this evening and tell Him that you know some things are worth dying for. Tell Him that you will take your stand for Him and that you will be found in the battle, regardless of what others do. Will you stay in the pea patch this evening?

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