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Sermons and Outlines

Luke 19:1-10				        OUT ON A LIMB	
Intro:  Ill. The expression, "Out on a limb", is used to convey the idea of a leap of faith.  It refers to people 
who are willing to risk it all on what they believe to be right.  The Bible gives three examples of men who
 were literally out on a limb.  They wound up out on a limb because of the path they chose to walk.  I would
 like to share with you the stories of these man and their lives, and as I do, please take a look at yourself 
and see where you stand today.  Let's look together at the subject, Out On A  Limb.

    A.  He Squandered His Blessings - Ill. God had smiled on his life! (Ill. 
          Handsome, popular, beloved of his father (Ill. 2 Sam. 18:33), noted for his beautiful, flowing 
          hair, (Ill. 2 Sam. 14:25-26) may indicate a spirit of vanity and pride! (Ill. A portrait of the Christian 
         who walks out of fellowship with the Father!)  Ill. It is possible to be saved and not be right with God! 
         It is called backsliding!  (Ill. The squandered blessings of the wayward child of God!)
    B.  He Squandered His Privileges - Ill. Absalom and his privileges.  He was the third son of David 
         and Maacah, he was a royal descendent twice over, he was potential heir to the throne.  (Ill. The 
         wasted privileges of the wayward Christian - prayer, praise, peace, closeness to the Father, etc.)
    C.  He Squandered His Birthright - Ill. Could have been king some day!  The Christian has the potential 
         to become great in the kingdom of Heaven, but not by living outside the boundaries that God has laid
        down.  (Ill. Wasted potential among the church of God - Ill. 1 Tim. 1:19-20.)  (Ill. Might have been's - 
        1 Cor. 9:27.)  (Ill. Held to a higher standard.)  (Ill. Don't want to be a "has been")

    A.  He Rejected The Call Of God - Ill. Judas was there when Jesus said "Come,"  Matt. 11:28.  He was 
          there when Jesus raised Lazarus, John 11:43-44.  He was there when Jesus walked on the water, 
          Matt. 14:25.  Yet, he was able to reject the Gospel message.  (Ill. Sinners today!  We should not be 
    B.  He Rejected the Command Of God - Jesus' words had been preached around Judas for three years, 
          Ill. John 3:16, John 6:47, John 5:24, etc.  Yet Judas said no!  Ill. Outside Jesus, there can be no 
         salvation - Acts 4:12!
    C.  He Rejected The Christ Of God - When Judas turned his back on Jesus, he was closing the door on 
         his own soul!  (Ill. He hoped to profit by the silver, but without Christ, he had nothing - Matt. 26:15, 
         Mark 8:36-37.)  Ill. When the sinner walks away from the Gospel, he isn't rejecting the messenger, but 
        the Christ of the message!

    A.  A Desire To See Christ - Ill. There was a longing to see Jesus.  When a person begins to follow that 
          light that God gives, he will be led to the Lamb - John 1:9.  (Ill. The lengths he went through just to 
          see Jesus!  Jesus is worth whatever it takes for you to see Him!)
    B.  A Direct Call From Christ - Ill. This is how it works.  Ill. John 6:44.  Jesus calls and the sinners 
         responds by faith.  This is how salvation comes to all men!  (Ill. The glory of being called by 
        Almighty God!  What grace!  What a privilege!)
    C.  A Drastically Changed Life - Ill. Zacchaeus was always willing to cheap to 	get more, but when he 
          met Jesus, he was forever changed!  Ill.  There is probably no greater assurance that a man can 
         have, than the knowledge that he once lived a life of sin and has been changed by the power of 
        Almighty God!  (Ill. 2 Cor. 5:17; Ill. Eze. 36:26; Matt. 12:33)  (**Ill. Gal. 6:15; John 3:3)  (Ill. Placing 
        one's faith in Jesus is anything but a blind leap.  We have the Father's eternal, infallible Word that 
       whosoever will can come and be forever saved and changed.)

Conc:  Where are you tonight?  Which limb are you out on?  Are you out of fellowship with the Father? 
Like Judas, are you in danger of rejecting Christ and being forever lost?  Or, like Zacchaeus, have you 
seen the extent of you own limitations and trusted Jesus Christ as the provision for your soul?  Where 
are you tonight?
Sermon By Alan Carr 

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