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Sermons and Outlines

Matt. 7:13-14 WHERE WILL YOU END UP?

Intro: I would like to share an observation with you that I have made over the years. Now, this is profound, so hang onto your hats: Where you wind up depends on which road you take! In other words, you cannot go south from here and expect to go to New Your City. You cannot go east from here and wind up at the Mississippi. I realize you could do this if you were to circumnavigate the globe, but using the roads which are in place now, it would be absolutely impossible for you to do that. Just as this is true in the physical realm, it is also true in the spiritual realm.

Where you wind up in eternity will be determined by the road you take here on earth. It is impossible to take the wrong road and go to Heaven, and it is impossible to take the Heavenly road and go to Hell. What you do while in this world will determine forever, where you spend your forever.

This life has been described as nothing more than a brief pause between two very long eternities. Now, that shouldn't take any of us by surprise. After all, we are surrounded by death from the day we born into the world. Loved ones pass away, friends leave this world, and deep inside, we know that it will happen to us someday as well. The fact that you will not live forever is a common theme throughout the Bible. Notice some of these notable passages, James 4:14; Job 9:25; Job 14:1; Psa. 78:39; Psa. 90:10; Isa. 40:7-8.

Since we are going to leave this world some day soon, and when we do, we will continue to live either in Heaven or Hell forever, it is essential that you know where you will end up. I would like to take these 2 verses and preach for a while around this question, "Where will you end up?" As I do, please allow the Lord to speak to your heart. You may not like this message, but you need to know where you are going when you leave this world more than anything else in this world or the one to come. My prayer is that every individual will be able to answer this question before they leave this room today.


(Ill. Jesus tells His audience that there are only two possible roads in which one can walk. Many in our day want to tell us that there are many paths a person can travel through life, however, Jesus limits the choices to just two. Some may feel that this is a narrow view. I guess that they are correct. However, Jesus is correct regardless of what the world thinks, Rom. 3:4. Let's spend a few moments discussing these two roads in which man can spend his days.)

A. There Is A Broad Way - The word broad means "spacious." Jesus says that there is a spacious road upon which a person can walk. What does He mean by this "broad road"? The idea that Jesus is trying to convey is that the broad way is wide open. In other words, anything goes on the broad way. You can do anything you like, you can carry all the baggage of your sins, you can live like you want to live, you can call all the shot and make all the rules! You can be king of the road on the broad way. When you walk the broad way, you can be your own person and not have to answer to anyone. You can live life to the fullest. Go where you will, do what you will and be what you will. It is your life and you call the shots. It is an easy way to live, because there is no one to please but yourself! That is what the broad way is all about!

(Ill. There is a sinister side to the dark way that the open-minded, pleasure seekers fail to mention to those who travel this road. There are a couple of things you need to know before you decide to live out the rest of your life traveling the broad way.

1. You aren't really in control - Eph. 2:1-3 (You are nothing more than a pawn of the devil, Ill. John 8:44)

2. Sin brings with it pain and sorrow - Gal. 6:7; Pro. 13:15 (Il. The Jukes family - There has been careful research in to the history of one criminal family known as Jukes, and it is conspicuous for a long line of pauperism, waste, imbecility, insanity, prostitution and drunkenness. A total of 1,200 decedents have been traced from this prolific family tree. Some 400 were physically self-wrecked, 310 were professional paupers, 130 were convicted criminals, 60 were perpetual thieves and pick pockets, and 7 were murders. Out of the 1,200, only 20 ever learned a trade and 10 of these learned it while in prison! Sin carries a high price tag!)

3. God offers a better alternative - (Ill. God has a plan whereby those who follow Him enjoy the fullest of God's rich blessings day by day. Things like peace, John 14:27; Phil. 4:6; joy, 1 Pet. 1:8; assurance of salvation, 1 John 5:13. There are multitudes of other things which the Lord gives to us, and you'll never find a single on of the while traveling the broad road!)

B. There Is A Narrow Way - While the Broad way is wide open and easy, the other way a person can live is called "narrow". This word refers to a "grape press". It has the idea of being constricted, it can also carry the idea of being distressed and difficult. You see, the narrow way is exactly the opposite of the broad way. On the narrow way, you cannot take all your sins with you. If you try, you will find that there isn't enough room for you and them. When you walk the narrow way, you must choose to give up your rights. You can no longer do as you please, but you must do those things that please the Lord. You cannot make the rules, but you are expected to keep the Lord's rules.

(Ill. Some people have the mistaken idea that they can live as they please and that the Lord is obligated to smile down on them and just bless them real good. In truth, when you walk the narrow way, you should expect some difficulty. After all, these fleshly bodies will resist the confines of the narrow way. The sinful natures will find the narrow way to tight and constrictive. How many say they are saved, and yet they try to walk in the broad way nonetheless? No one ever said that living for the Lord would be easy! No one ever said that living a separated Christian life that honors the Lord would be simple and as fun as living a life that gratifies the flesh. However, living for the Lord brings with it certain benefits that cannot be obtained by any other means. Notice some facts about living the narrow way.

1. It honors God - 1 Pet. 1:16

2. It brings His blessings and power into your life - 2 Chron.. 7:14.

3. It offers a far better life from every perspective - Heb. 11:25; Gal. 6:8-9.

Nobody ever said that it was easy, but it the only way to honor the Lord and to be His Disciple - Matt. 16:24; Luke 14:26-27. It's a life lived in surrender, devotion, dedication and obedience to God. It is a life that He will bless! Sounds tough, but it's worth it!)

Which road are you walking on this morning?

I. There Are Two Possible Directions In Life


(Ill. All roads end somewhere. There used to be a saying about 2,000 years ago that went, "All roads lead to Rome." Well, all roads lead somewhere and the same is true with the roads we are considering this morning. They lead somewhere and since everyone here is on one or the other, we need to find out where we are going!)

A. There Is A Place Called Hell - Jesus tells us here that the broad road leads to "destruction." When we think of something being destroyed, we usually think about something be annihilated and forever done away with. This word, however, refers to "loss". It speaks of total and absolute ruin. In all honesty, it refers to loss one suffers in the fires of Hell. My friends, the broad road ends in Hell. Every person who chooses the broad way will eventually find themselves in the fires of Hell. That, to me, is the most awful thought my mind ever tried to understand. What makes it so terrible is that some of you are headed there right now! Allow me to give you a little insight into this place where the broad way ends.

1. Unquenchable fire - Mark 9:43; Luke 16:24

2. Memory and Remorse - Luke 16:25; 27-28

3. Unsatisfied Thirst - Luke 16:24-25

4. Frustration and Anger - Luke 13:28; Matt. 24:51

5. Unspeakable Pain and Misery - Luke 16:24-26; Rev. 14:10-11

6. Eternal Separation - Rev. 21:8; 2 Thes. 1:9

7. Undiluted Wrath - Rev. 20:15 (Ill. There will be no more mercy or respite. Hell will be eternally real and eternally awful.)

(Ill. Regardless of what men think, Hell is real and every second lost souls drop off into the searing heat of that horrible place. No matter how I tried, I could never adequately describe Hell, but if I were to be able to exhaust all the vocabulary of English and paint word pictures that conveyed the truth of that place the half would be told as to the horror that awaits everyone headed to the land of the damned. A place from which there will never be deliverance. A place to which you will surely go if you choose to follow the broad and easy road through life. Where will you end up?)

B. There Is A Place Called Heaven - Just as the broad road has its destination, the narrow way does too. This road doesn't end in Hell, but it ends in Heaven above. Jesus promised those who would follow this way life. Not just life down here, but everlasting, glorious life in the realms of light above this wicked, perishing world. If Hell is a place of horror, pain, separation and suffering, then Heaven is a place of joy, rest, peace, unspeakable beauty and glory. Everything that Hell isn't Heaven is! Just a brief glimpse at the glories of that city tell me that that's where I want to end up. Consider these truths about that splendid place.

1. No Tears, pain, sorrow, death, etc - Rev. 21:4

2. No Sin - Rev. 21:8

3. No Night - Rev. 21:25

4. No Curse - Rev. 22:3

5. With God and Jesus - Rev. 21:3; 22-23; 22:4

6. A Glorious City - Rev. 21:11-24

7. Glories beyond description and beyond the ability of man to comprehend and understand - 1 Cor. 2:9.

(Ill. The narrow road may be the more costly of the 2 down here, but the end of the road is worth the price for the child of God. So what if we walked a bit out of step down here? So what if we were misunderstood? So what if we did without some things that the rest of the world indulged in and seemed to enjoy? When we get to Heaven, the trials of the road will seem as nothing! The past will be behind us and all the glories of eternity with Jesus will be unfolding before us. The journey will be over and we will be home - John 14:1-3. Where are you going to end up?)

I. There Are Two Possible Directions In Life

II. There Are Two Possible Destinations In Eternity


(As we read these verses, Jesus makes it clear that man must choose which gate he goes through and what kind of life he lives. If man makes these decisions, then he also decides where he spends his eternity. My friends, just as there are only 2 possible directions and 2 possible destinations, there are also only 2 possible decisions you can make. Let's consider these before we take our leave from this place today.)

A. There Is A Wide Gate Which You Can Choose To Enter - In reality, there is no real choice made in entering the wide gate. When a person is born into this world they are born in sin, Rom. 3:23; Psa. 58:3. As a result, they are already on the broad road. Yet, that little baby knows nothing of sin or of the choice to follow sin. However, as that child grows, there comes a time when he knows right from wrong. We call this time reaching "the age of accountability." At that time the child makes a conscious decision to either do evil or to do good. When that decision is made, the wide gate has been entered and the broad way becomes the course of life. Now we all know where that road will end up!

(Ill. Notice that Jesus said that this was the crowded way. Many, many more will find their way onto the broad road than onto the narrow way. Many, many more will spend in eternity in Hell than will ever be in Heaven. That is a sad thing! But, what's really sad about the whole thing is that men have many chances throughout their lives to change roads. They ignore these opportunities and plunge headlong toward Hell with reckless abandon and without visible concern for their souls! Please do not let this happen in your life. You have the opportunity to change today, take advantage of it and come to Jesus for salvation!)

B. There Is A Narrow Gate Which You Can Choose To Enter - While the wide gate is easy to find, man is born staring right into it, the straight gate is something that must be sought out. What I mean in this, when God calls the sinner to come to Him for salvation, he must choose to look away from the allurements of the broad way and see that the narrow way offers life and hope while the broad way offers only death, pain and destruction.

(Please note that this narrow way offers some clear opportunities for those people who decide to enter.

1. It is an open gate - Rom. 10:13; Rev. 22:17; John 6:37.

2. It offers life to all who will come in- John 10:28; John 6:47.

3. It, alone, promises Heaven to those who come this way - John 14:6.)

4. It is a small gate - This reminds us that you cannot bring your junk with you. If you are going to come to Jesus for salvation, then you are going to have to be willing to turn your back on the sins and the junk of this world, Luke 13:3. You are fooling no one but yourself if you think you can hang onto the world with one hand and Jesus with the other. The only way into Him is a narrow way and it requires that we lay down everything and cling simply to Jesus and Him alone!

("Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to thy cross I cling!" What are you holding on to today that is keeping you away from the Lord Jesus Christ? Let me tell you, whatever it is, it isn't worth the price you will have to pay to keep it! Throw it down and cast yourself on Jesus for salvation!)

(Ill. Notice that Jesus said that there would be few who found this gate. Man is not, as I said earlier, at a crossroads. He is walking the broad way, until he turns his eyes away from that way and places them on Jesus. Then and then alone does man have the opportunity to be saved. Perhaps few will be saved because few are looking for what God offers through Jesus. Perhaps they are so filled up with the world and their own ways that they have no time for what God offers them. May I remind you that when a man is left to his own way, he will always wind up in Hell? - Pro. 16:25)

Conc: Have you thought it over? Where will you end up when you leave this world? Will it be Heaven or will it be Hell? Will it be the narrow way of walking with God or the broad way of anything goes? Where will you end up? You say, "Preacher, I sure do want to go to Heaven!" Then come to Jesus and enter into salvation through faith in Him. Be saved today. Be sure today. You had better not wait. As we learned at the outset, life is short and eternity is long. Today is your day to get ready to meet God in Heaven. Will you do it? Will you come and get it nailed down forever? The gate is still open, but the day is coming when it will close for you forever. Where will you end up? It al depends on what you do with the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you come to Him and get it settled forever today?

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