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My God Shall

Phil. 4:10-20			      MY GOD SHALL
Intro:  This is Paul’s letter of thanksgiving to a little church that had been a big 
blessing in his life.  The church at Philippi was founded in 50 AD on Paul’s second
missionary journey.  When this little congregation learned that their beloved Apostle 
was in prison, they send him a gift of money by the hand of a church member named 
Epaphroditus.  While there, Epaphroditus became ill and almost died.  This 
distressed the Philippians and when Paul heard of their sorrow, he sent Epaphroditus
home to them and along with him this letter of thanksgiving for their generosity.  In 
these verses, Paul gives us some insight into a few blessings that we as believers can 
enjoy.  As God gives me time tonight, I would like to share just three thoughts with 
you on this topic, My God Shall!

  I.  v. 10-12			SATISFY ME
A.  In Times Of Plenty - (Ill. To live in prosperity) (Ill. Nobody has too much 
trouble here.)  (Ill. There is always the danger of getting one’s eyes off Jesus - 
Heb. 12:2)  (Ill. Paul - His times of blessing included souls saved and God’s 
B.  In Times Of Poverty - (Ill. Abased - To discipline oneself, to tighten the belt.) 
Paul also knew how to be content when everything fell apart - 2 Cor. 11:22-31) 
(Ill. This is a little more difficult - Ill. Our pity parties, and whine times.)
C.  The Secret - Ill. “I am instructed” - Paul knew the secret.  Joy does not lie in 
our circumstances, it is wholly of God in Jesus our Lord - 1 Thes. 5:16; Phil. 
4:4; Neh. 8:10.  If everything has to be right for you to be happy, then get used
to miserable, for you will be there awhile!

A.  The Potential - All Things - In His will and in His time, I can rise above any 
situation or circumstance in life - (Rom. 8:27; 1 Cor. 15:57.)
B.  The Power - Christ working out His will in His people.  (Ill. His power!)  Eph.
3:20 - Ill. “Able” - “dunamai” - dynamite!  (Ill. Present tense, active voice)  He 
is still the same God He has always been.  He has not changed - Heb. 13:8; 
Mal. 3:6.  He is still able!  (Ill. All He was able to do!)
C.  The Promise - Strength! (Ill. Same word as “Able” - Present, active)  He gives
us His ability, makes us partakers of his power.  (Ill. Grace and power - 2 Cor.
12:7-10 - We have his strength) III. v. 14-20 SUPPLY ME A. The Context - These Philippian believers had sacrificed to meet Paul’s need. Paul reminds them that God will take care of them! B. The Comfort - (Ill. Not a wholesale, across the board promise! It is conditional upon our obedience!) When we give, and walk in obedience to His will for our lives, we can rest assured that He will meet all of our needs! (Ill. Luke 6:38; Mal. 3:8-10) If you will do as God says, He will take good care of you - Psa. 37:25. (Ill. Elijah, the Widow, Israel, the 5,000, etc.) C. The Challenge - Always honor God, or do not be surprised when He does not honor you! (Ill. 2 Cor. 9:1-8 - All yourself to be a channel of blessing through which He can flow to reach others.) Conc: Thank God, we serve a Lord who SHALL! Not Might, not could, but SHALL! I challenge you to bring your need to Him tonight and let Him have His way in whatever you need. He shall do it for you!

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