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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Three Questions You Must Answer


Intro: Life is full of questions, Ill. Some we hear often. Now, some people tend to tense up when they are faced with a test or when they are expected to answer questions. But, you just relax because I am your friend and I would never ask you a hard question. However, today we are going to look at three questions that Pilate asked the multitudes during the trial of Jesus. (Ill. The context of the message.) Pilate asked the people whom were there that day three question that still need to be asked and answered today. How you answer these questions could determine how and where you spend the rest of your life as well as your eternity. Give me your ear today as I ask you THREE QUESTIONS THAT YOU MUST ANSWER. Like it or not, you must and will answer these questions.


A. Ill. The context of the question.

B. The question could as easily be asked - "What type of life do you want to live?" When you are offered a choice between Jesus and any other alternative, you are making a choice that will affect everyday of your life! Depending upon how you answer, you will experience one of two lifestyles.

C. A Life of Sin and Rebellion Toward God - Ill. The lifestyle of one outside Jesus.

1. A life out of control - Eph. 2:1-3 (Ill. Satan is god)
2. A life of no peace - Isa. 48:22 (Ill. Something missing)
3. A life of no lasting joy - (Ill. Some pleasures, but none last.)
4. A life of condemnation - John 3:18 - God does hold man accountable
5. A life of hopelessness - Eph.2:12 (Nothing waiting for you but an eternity in Hell!)

D. A Life of Salvation and the Blessing of God - The lifestyle of a person who chooses Jesus.

1. A life under control - Gal. 5:16 - With God in charge.
2. A life of peace - John 14:27; Phil. 4:7 - Ill total contentment is found in Jesus - Psa. 34:8
3. A life of absolute joy - (Ill. Not perfection, but contentment - Phil 4:11) (Ill. Joy unspeakable - 1 Pet. 1:18; 1 Thes. 5:16.
4. A life free from condemnation - Rom.8:1 (Ill. Sin, for the believer has been done away with, - Psa. 103:12; Micah 7:19; 1 John 1:7.
5. A life of hope - 1 Pet.1:3-5 - There is a better place waiting on the believer.



A. Ill. The context.

B. What you do with Jesus determines where you spend your eternity! (Pro.9:12) (Ill. The choice it absolutely and totally yours!)

C. To refuse Jesus is to be Lost and Doomed to Hell - (Ill. Hell and the horrors of it!) (2 Thes. 1:9, Psa. 9:17) Ill. God too good to send anyone to Hell - God is good, but if you go, you will send yourself!

D. To Receive Jesus is to be Saved and Headed for Heaven - (Ill. Heaven and Ill. It's glories.) (Rev. 21:4, 2Cor.2:9) (Yes, you can be certain of Heaven if you will receive Jesus - John 1:12; 1 John 3:2

E. Where do you want to spend eternity?


A. Ill. The context - This question applies both to the rejecter and the receiver of Jesus.

B. What bad thing did Jesus do to you that has caused you to tell Him no? (Ill. He loves you, He died for you, He longs to be with you, He calls you to come to Him.) (Ill. All He has provided for you if you will only call.)

C. Christian, What has Jesus done to you that has caused you to walk away from Him? (Ill. What He did for you - He saved you when you deserved Hell, He has never left you, He has provided everything you need, He loves you constantly.)(Can you give one good reason why you have walked away and why you won't come home today?) (Ill. The Father of the Prodigal Son - Luke 15:11-24)

Conc: Just like that crowd 2,000 years ago, you must answer the same three questions today. Don't you want the best life you can have here? And, the best eternity you can have? The only way to have the best in both worlds is to choose Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Won't you come and receive Him as you Savior today? Christian friend, won't you come home to Him right now?


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