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Sermons and Outlines

Mark 5:24-34


Intro: If you have ever been to the doctor, then you have seen him make notes in your folder. He is making a record of your symptoms, your diagnosis and your treatment so that he, or any other physician, might be able to see what treatment you have already had. A good doctor will keep a case file on every single person he treats in his practice. These files are supposed to be kept confidential and secret. The doctor isn't supposed to talk about you or your condition with anyone else. Without doubt there are some interesting things in a doctor's files. I ma sure that most doctor encounter many strange cases as they treat people day by day.

Today, I want to open the case files of a Physician Who kept good and accurate records of the cases He treated. However, He does not hide the facts surrounding any of His cases from the view of anyone. In fact, He has written the records of His cases in the most popular book of all time: The Bible. During the course of His ministry, Jesus encountered many strange cases. He was able to overcome them all by His power and because He is God. One of His strangest cases is recorded for us in the verses we have read today. In this case, Jesus the Great Physician doesn't touch the patient. He doesn't prescribe any medicines. He doesn't even make a diagnosis, but His patient is cured nonetheless.

These verses tell a tale of a sick, burdened woman who is healed by the power of the Lord Jesus. She paints a picture for us of what happens when any sin sick individual meets the Great Physician. Let's take some time today to look into The Strange Case Of The Bloody Woman.


A. The Diagnosis - The Bible says that she has "an issue of blood". This means that she is hemorrhaging from some place in her body. What ever the source of her bleeding was, it was a condition that literally ruined her life. Under the Law, Lev. 15:19; 25-27, this woman was to be considered unclean. Anything or anyone that she touched was also considered unclean. As a result, she could not mingle with people in public, lest she cause them to be defiled. She could not go to the Women's Court of the Temple, because she was unclean. She could not be married, because she would defile her husband. If she had ever been married, her husband would have been forced to divorce her. She could not work around others because of the danger of defilement. This reduced her to a life of begging scraps of food from a distant. Her condition left her on the fringes of society.

B. The Duration - She had been plagued with this condition for 12 years. Given the life span of the average person in that day, her condition had probably begun just after puberty. Therefore, for most or all of her adult life she had been in this sad shape.

C. The Discomfort - We are told that she had tried all the remedies of all the physicians of her day. We are told that she "suffered" under their care. (Ill. "Rabbi Jochanan says: "Take of gum Alexandria, of alum, and of crocus hortensis, the weight of a zuzee each; let them be bruised together, and given in wine to the woman that hath an issue of blood. But if this fail, "Take of Persian onions nine logs, boil them in wine, and give it to her to drink: and say, Arise from thy flux. But should this fail, "Set her in a place where two ways meet, and let her hold a cup of wine in her hand; and let somebody come behind and affright her, and say, Arise from thy flux. But should this do no good, "Take a handful of cummin and a handful of crocus, and a handful of faenu-greek; let these be boiled, and given her to drink, and say, Arise from thy flux. But should this also fail, "Dig seven trenches, and burn in them some cuttings of vines not yet circumcised (vines not four years old); and let her take in her hand a cup of wine, and let her be led from this trench and set down over that, and let her be removed from that, and set down over another: and in each removal say unto her, Arise from thy flux.")

D. The Damage - She had spent all of her money seeking a cure, and had nothing left even to sustain her meager existence.

E. The Danger - Despite all her efforts and those of her doctors, her condition just continued to deteriorate. For all practical purposes, she was headed for death. Her life was literally draining out of her body day by day. (Ill. Lev. 17:11)

(Note: This woman paints a clear picture of every person who does not know Jesus Christ as Savior. You see, the lost person is also defiled by a blood disease. He inherited this disease from Adam, Rom. 5:12. This is a condition that has plagued the lost person since he or she entered this world, Rom. 3:10; 23; Gal. 3:22. It is a condition made no better despite all the efforts of the sinner. You see, many lost people spend their youth and even their entire lives searching for meaning and help for their condition, but instead of getting better they only get worse; they only get harder in their hearts and more deeply rooted in their sins. All the efforts at self-improvement and religion will not help your condition! This poor woman was in a sad shape, but she wasn't even close to being as bad off as that person who is not saved by grace. She was headed to the grave, they are headed to Hell, Psa. 9:17; Rom. 6:23.)


A. Involved Facts - This woman had heard of Jesus somewhere. I wonder who told her? Perhaps it was someone else who had been healed by touching His garments, Luke 6:19. However it happened, somewhere she had heard about his man named Jesus.

B. Involved Faith - She believed that merely touching His garments would make all the difference for her. Contrast her faith with the of Jairus. He believed that Jesus could come and heal his daughter by His touch. This woman believed that she would be healed just by touching Him. Both exhibited great faith, her's was a bit deeper.

C. Involved Fortitude - She demonstrated great courage by approaching Jesus in that crowd. As she elbowed her way through the people, she was causing ceremonial defilement for everyone she touched. She was taking a great risk ,for if she had been recognized, she would have been subjected to public humiliation and ridicule and possible retribution. A crowd like that might have gotten worked up and stoned her to death. For her, it was a risk worth taking. She knew what Jesus would do for her if she could just get to Him!

D. Involved Fulfillment - When she was near enough to Him, she reached out a trembling hand and touched His garment. The word "touched" means "to cling to or to adhere to". In other words, she held onto Him until she got what she came after! Then, immediately, she received what none of the doctors or their costly and painful remedies could give her; she experienced healing! Instantly, she felt the change in her body. She knew things would be different from there on out.

(Note: Just as this woman touched the hem of His garment and was instantly healed, all those who come to Him in faith find healing for their souls. The process usually begins when a sinner hears about Jesus. Perhaps they hear about Him from someone who has been saved by grace. Perhaps they witness the transformation in the lives around them, (Ill. The Brazen Serpent - Num. 21 - It was easy to see that a look of faith had accomplished!). Perhaps they read the message in the Word of God, Rom. 10:17. However, it occurred, they heard of the One Who could heal the disease of their soul and give them a new life. Once the facts have been heard and understood, then faith is activated. Faith that instinctively knows that if it can get to Jesus, He will make all the difference. This faith is joined by the courage to get to Him. Once faith had determined to get to Jesus, nothing can stop it short of reaching its goal (Ill. Man in Mexico!). Nothing, not the ridicule of sinners, not the demands of the Savior, not the power of sin can stop the one who has determined to get to Jesus Christ! When that faith touches Him, a miracle takes place! The sinner is instantly and completely delivered from his sins, his past and his punishment. Something powerful happens at that moment and the sinner becomes a heaven born child of God, John 3:3!)

(Note: What brings this to pass? Two things: grace and faith! As this woman walked through those years of suffering, every step she took was along a path of grace that was leading her steadily closer to her encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. When she arrived at the intersection where their paths met, she was given the faith to believe and to receive from His hand the healing she desperately needed! Such is how salvation works!

As we travel the pathway of life, we are brought into contact with Jesus through the grace of God. When we are at that crossroads, the simple exercise of faith in Him brings salvation to the lost soul, Eph. 2:8-9. Some of you are at that crossroads today! Now is the time to exercise faith in Him so you can be saved from the disease of sin that is slowing killing you and dragging you to Hell!)


A. V. 30-31 His Reaction - As soon as this woman touches Him, Jesus knows what has happened. Just for the record, He knew about it before it happened! But, He knows that "virtue" has gone out of Him. This is a word that means "power". We get our modern words "dynamite" and "dynamic" from it. Jesus knows what has happened and He asks the question in verse 30, "Who touched My clothes?" Of course, there were dozens of people touching Him and bumping into Him that day, a fact pointed out by the disciples, v. 31, but her touch was different, it was a touch accompanied by faith.

B. V. 32-33 Her Reply - Jesus got the response from her He had wanted and anticipated. She came before Him, and bowed at His feet and confessed everything to Him. This was a public acknowledgment of what had happened in her heart. She was different and she wasn't ashamed to tell others about it!

C. V. 34 His Response - When He acknowledged her testimony, Jesus spoke words fo great comfort to her heart that day.

1. A Word Of Confirmation - His words confirmed what she already knew had happened! Notice that He calls her "daughter". This signifies that fact that they are in a different relationship now. You see, she got more than physical healing that day. Her faith brought her into a soul saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The word "whole" is the same word translated "saved" throughout the New Testament. It means "to be rescued from all harm and danger. To be kept safe and sound". Yes, she got a whole lot more than she bargained for that day!

2. A Word Of Compassion - He tells her to "go in peace". His words let her know that she has done the right thing in coming to Him and touching Him. Any other man in that crowd would have been offended and angered had this diseased woman intentionally touched him, but not Jesus! He was not afraid of ceremonial defilement, it could not touch Him! All He knew was that a woman in trouble had exercised a grain of faith the size of a mustard seed, and He only cared for her healing! You will also notice that Jesus did not ask for money for His services. What He did He did freely out of love and grace!

3. A Word Of Completion - She had already been healed and she knew it, but these final words of Jesus drive home the fact that she was finally and fully free from her plague. She was healed and life would never be the same ever again! Her battle with this dread disease was forever finished! She had received a brand new life from the hand of the Master.

(Note: Again, we can see a parallel between what happened in this woman's life and what happens to that person who comes to Jesus for salvation. When we are converted from sin by His power, He wants us to acknowledge this before Him and before our fellow man, Psa. 107:2. True faith will not be ashamed to say to the world, "I was once lost in sin, but now I have been delivered from the power of God. The Lord has saved my soul and changed my life!" No, the truly redeemed one is not ashamed of Him, Rom. 10:11.

Just like this woman, all those who come to Jesus get far more than they ever bargained for. Many come to Him because they are afraid of Hell. They will come to Jesus Christ to get deliverance from the penalty of sin and from the wrath of God, John 3:18; 36. But, when that person exercises faith in Jesus and is saved, they discover they got far more than just a fire insurance policy.

They discover that they are now children of God, 1 John 3:1-2. They discover that they are promised a home in Heaven, John 14:1-3. They discover that they are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus, Rom. 8:17. They discover that the direction and desires of life have all changed, 2 Cor. 5:17. They discover that they are free from the power of sin to control and dominate them, Rom. 6:14. They discover that they are no longer God's enemies, Rom. 8:7, but that they have been reconciled to Him, Eph. 2:12-19. They discover that all of this took place "by grace through faith", that it didn't cost them a dime, Isa. 55:1; Rev. 22:17. They soon discover that their battle with the wages of sin has forever ended, Col. 2:13-14. They soon discover that they have been fully and finally forgiven of every sin and transgression, Psa. 103:12; Isa. 38:`7; Isa. 43:45; Jer. 50:20; Micah 7:19; 1 John 1:7!

The believer has every confirmation from the Word of God and from the circumstances of life to ensure them that they have done the right thing in trusting Jesus for their soul's salvation. Now, the redeemed soul can sing "Amazing Grace"; "It Is Well With My Soul" and "Love Lifted Me" with power, peace and conviction!)

Conc: Our world is filled with people like this sick woman. They may have their physical afflictions, but their real disease is a disease of the soul and of the heart. All they need for their healing is to get to Jesus. If you will come to Him today, He will heal the problem in your soul and He will give you a new life in Him. Friend, I don't know where you are in your journey, but I do know that the path of grace has brought you to a crossroads today. I plead with you to do as this woman did. Let nothing hinder you from coming to Jesus for your soul's salvation right now!

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