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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Sermons and Outlines

Luke 19:29-40


Intro: The life of our Lord was marked by contrasts. In the beginning of His ministry, He operated in obscurity. However, as the news of His power and His claims to be the Messiah spread, people began to flock around Him. They were drawn by the excitement of His miracles and the uniqueness of His preaching. By the second year of His earthly ministry, Jesus was thronged with crowds of people everywhere He traveled. These crowds were with Him until He began to preach the message of extreme commitment as found in John 6. By the time Jesus reached the end of His ministry, the crowds was composed of those who were committed to following Him. Of course, it must be stated that the crowds were not always in favor of the Lord and what He was doing and saying. Many times the crowds were comprised of those who were violently opposed to His teaching. Even among His own disciples there was Judas. Please remember that the crowd is fickle! Never allow anyone to force you to be part of the crowd. You need to be man enough or woman enough to make your own decisions.

As Jesus reached the last week of His life on earth, the crowds are still there. One things that strikes me about these crowds that surrounded Jesus during His last week of earthly ministry is the fact that they were engaged in a lot of shouting. This morning, I want to travel with Jesus to three events in His life during His last week of ministry. At all three of these events, the crowds were shouting in the presence of the Lord. All of these events lead up to that day when the shouting stopped. That is what I would like to focus our attention on this morning. Let's look together at The Day The Shouting Stopped.


Luke 19:29-40

(Ill. The Context! Ill. Why all the Excitement?)

A. V. 37 Jesus The Man - They had experienced Excitement. (Ill. The miracles and the power they had seen Him demonstrate. Some in this crowd were genuine in their love for Him, others were there because of what they had seen Him do.) (Ill. People are still interested in Jesus for what they had seen! They only want the miracles and the excitement.)

(Ill. Just because they love the miracles does not mean they are saved!)

B. V. 37 Jesus The Messenger - They had experienced Enlightenment. (Ill. Some were there shouting because of the radical teachings they had heard Jesus giving out. He was different and they were drawn to that. Ill. John 6:47; Matt. 7:28-29) (Ill. There is still that crowd that flocks to the unusual. Folk can hear someone who is a little different, and they act like they have heard an angel speaking to them. People are attracted to the unusual!)

(Just because they love the message does not mean they are saved!)

C. V. 38 Jesus The Messiah - They had experienced Expectation. (Ill. Today is Palm Sunday. Today is the day we commemorate our Lord's triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago. For the disciples of Jesus, this was a day of great excitement and joy. However, for our Lord, it was a day of disappointment and heartbreak. You see, this was the day that Jesus made it clear to all who saw Him just Who He was.

All through His life and public ministry Jesus had proven Himself to be the Messiah. He had fulfilled the prophecies, performed the miracles and He had told the Jews repeatedly that He was the Savior that they had been anticipating. They, however, had steadfastly refused to believe His claims. This was the day when Jesus drew the line in the sand. When He appeared on the donkey, riding down from the Mount of Olives, there was no doubt as to what He was doing. He was revealing Himself as the Messiah of Israel.

At this great event, you will notice that the multitudes are shouting and lifting their voices in praise of the Lord. They know what He is doing and they are certain that He has come to deliver Israel from the bondage of Rome. Therefore, they cheer Him and shout praises to God because of Him.

Sadly, they missed the entire significance of this event. It is true that Jesus came is fulfillment of the prophecy of the prophet Zechariah (Zech 9:9). And, He also did this to force the hand of the Jewish leaders, (Matt. 26:1-5), they planned to kill Jesus after the Passover. However, the reason Jesus came into Jerusalem was for the sole purpose of going to Calvary. These people missed it all! This man was headed to the cross! It was the sole purpose in his existence - Isa. 50:7; John 18:37; Matt. 16:21.)

(Ill. Just because someone thinks He is the Messiah does not mean that they are saved!)

(Ill. There are many who enjoy the miracles, the message and the Messiah of the church, but they miss the fact that salvation does not come through anything else but a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus did not come solely to heal you, to feed you, to bless you, to teach you, or to fulfill a bunch of dusty, old prophecies to the people of Israel. Jesus came for the sole purpose of going to the cross and dying for the sins of man. He came to be the Savior of the world! Until you know Him in that relationship, you don't know Him at all!)

(Ill. They shouted at His Entrance to Jerusalem, but they didn't understand that there was more to His story. Those who know Him know that there is a reason to shout and to praise His name! They know He is worthy of honor and praise. However, those who do not know Him will always attempt to stop those who do know Him from glorifying His Name - Luke 19:39-40! I don't know about you, but I don't want a pile of rocks doing my praise for me!)

I. The Crowds Shouted At His Entrance


John 19:13-16

(Ill. The Context. Ill. The words "cried out" mean "to scream for or to demand something be done." This crowd is whipped into a frenzy that nothing but the blood of Jesus can satisfy. Ill. Here, some of that same crowd that shouted last Sunday are shouting for His death during His trial before Pilate. The crowd is fickle! When this Man, Whom they supposed to be the Messiah, didn't act as they thought He should, they wrote Him off as an imposter. That is why we find some of the same people who were calling Him the King when He rode into Jerusalem, now crying our for His blood.)

(Ill. Why the sudden change?)

A. They Considered Him An Imposter - John 19:13-16 - He did not overthrow Rome. (Ill. This was the Jewish expectation concerning the promised Messiah, Jer. 33:14-18.)

B. They Considered Him An Instigator - John 11:49-52 - He defied their Rulers (Matt. 23:25-28). Jesus did not cow down under the authority of the priests and scribes. He possessed an authority that was far greater than any they hoped to have.

C. They Considered Him An Intruder - He spoke against their Religion. (Ill. He claimed to be God - Matt. 26:63-65; John 8:58) (Ill. The high priest rent his garments and disqualified himself - Num. 10:6)

(Ill. Whether you know it or not, Jesus is on trial in your heart today! You are either in His corner or you are one of those who lifts their voice against Him. You cannot have it both ways! You are either for Jesus, or you are against Him, Matt. 12:30. If you are one of those who has not yielded to the Lord by trusting Jesus for your salvation, you are part of that crowd that cries out against Him. Jesus is on trial in your heart this morning! Which side of the issue are you on? What is your verdict concerning Jesus?)

I. The Crowds Shouted At His Entrance

II. The Crowds Shouted At His Examination


Mark 15:25-37

(Ill. The context. Ill. The horrors of His death and the indignities to which the Lamb of God was subjected! Ill. While the Lord Jesus hung on the cross, the crowds all around Him cried out to Him. They mocked Him. They ridiculed Him. They falsely accused Him. They even walked by and wagged their heads at Him. (By the way, that is the equivalent of what children do in elementary school when they stick their tongues out at one another. It was a sign of contempt and utter hatred!) Even those men who were dying with Him on the cross joined in with the crowd as they mocked the Lord Jesus. By this time, their tolerance of this strange man with the strange message had turned to pure hatred. They wanted Jesus dead and they wanted His teachings to die with Him!)

(Ill. Why all the anger?)

A. They Misunderstood Christ's Mission - Again, they were looking for a man that would overthrow Rome. They were looking for a revolutionary. What they missed is that Jesus did not come for revolt, but for redemption! (They were so busy looking for this Messiah Who would usher in the Kingdom, that they totally missed Isa. 53:1-12. This passage is clear in its teachings that their Messiah must die for the people!) People still miss it today! Jesus did not come to this earth to be an example, a mere wayshower. He did not come as a teacher, One Who communicated truth. He did not come as a social reformer, One Who desired to lift the standard of life for people. No! Jesus Christ came to this world as THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life (John 14:6) He came for one purpose and for one purpose only: Jesus Christ came to this world to die, John 18:37! Jesus summed up His mission in one clear statement - Luke 19:10! Has He fulfilled that mission in your life?

B. They Misapplied Scriptures Message - When Jesus came to this world, He came to a people and a nation that was very religious. He came to a people who knew the Word of God, and who were looking for the advent of their Messiah. However, in all of their study of the Scripture, they totally missed Jesus. They were looking for this reformer, this great military leader who would overthrow their enemies and lead the Jewish people to world dominance. They were looking for a King! When Jesus came as the Son of Man, as a Servant of the people, as One destined to die on a cross, they stumbled and totally missed what the Word of God had taught them. Remember what Jesus told them in John 5:39? From the time God slew the first animal in Eden to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve, through the many years and millions of animals that were slain at the Tabernacle and Temple, God was teaching His people that an innocent sacrifice had to die to take away the sins of those who are guilty. These people missed the Servant while they looked for the Soldier! Certainly, Messiah would do all the things they expected, just not when they expected. When they saw Jesus on that cross, they were finished with Him. The cross became their great stumbling block, 1 Cor. 1:18-25.

(Ill. It still is to many people! Where do you stand in regard to the cross? Friend, Jesus the Teacher cannot save you! Jesus the Miracle Worker cannot save you! Jesus the good Example cannot save you. However, Jesus, the sinless Lamb of God, Who shed His blood on the old rugged cross can save you! It took the death of Christ to open the way to God, 1 Pet. 1:18-19! It took the shedding of His blood wash away man's sin, Rev. 1:5, Heb. 9:22. Have you come under that crimson flow this morning? Have you received Jesus and His death on the cross as the atonement for your sins? Are you saved today?)

C. They Missed God's Methods - They expected a King and got a Savior! Jesus truly came to set them free, but not like they thought He would, John 10:10. (Ill. In those 6 hours on that cross, Jesus accomplished more then any conqueror in history! He defeated the most persistent, and terrible of man's enemies: Death, Sin, Satan, Hell, Eternity, etc! If those people had just understood the message of God, they would not have been reviling, they would have been rejoicing! They would have been shouting the victory knowing that their sin debt was forever being settled on that cross! But they didn't get it then, and many in our do not get it now!)

(Ill. Friends, don't let anyone deceive you this morning! Salvation is not to the good, the diligent, the holy, the hard worker, or those who have turned over a new leaf. Salvation belongs to those who come face to face with their own sinfulness. To those who are willing to admit that they are sinners. To those who look to the Christ Who died on that cross and come before Him confessing their sins and calling on Him for salvation. Have you done that? Have you ever been lost in sin? That is the first step to salvation! You must come to the place where you see yourself as a sinner. Have you ever confessed yourself a sinner before the Lord? Have you come to the place where you knew that you would never be saved apart from the death and resurrection of Christ? Have you turned to Him, and Him alone for the saving of your soul? If you will, He will save you today!)

Conc: Finally, that terrible day ended. The lifeless body of Jesus hung dead on that cross. The blood that had poured out of His body was coagulating at His feet. The awful death He endured on that cross was mercifully over. The two men who were crucified with Him are also dead. There is silence as the crowd slowly leaves the wretched scene and heads to their homes. They aren't shouting now. The shouting stopped because the object of their anger was dead!

If those people on the hillside had known what I know this morning, they would not have been silent, but they would have been shouting the victory! If they could have just seen the fact that in three days, this One they had watched die would rise from the dead and conquer death Hell and the grave, they would have bowed before Him in humble submission and left that hillside shouting the victory. Before I finish, let me tell you that, yes, the shouting stopped the day Jesus died. His enemies stopped because the object of their hatred was dead. Even His followers lost their shout because the object of their affection was dead. But let me remind you there came a day, just three days later, when the shouting started up again! I am not here today to preach a dead Savior! I am here to tell you about a Savior Who died on the cross and Who rose again from the dead. I am telling you about One Who is alive forever to provide you with salvation is you will come to Him, Heb. 7:25; Rev. 1:18.

Are you saved today? Are you sure you are trusting Jesus? Are you walking in fellowship with Him today? Are there needs in your life that only He can meet? If there are needs, if there are burdens, if there are sins, if there is anything at all that needs to be taken care of, bring it to Jesus right now.

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