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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Can God Really Save Your Loved Ones


Intro: There isn't a person present this morning that doesn't have someone whom they love that is lost. It may be a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling, or it may be a friend or some other relative, but there is someone you care deeply about that be in Hell if they were to die today. If you are like me, you are deeply disturbed by that thought and would like to see them saved and have a strong relationship with the Lord. In fact, you would do everything in your power to see them come to know the Lord, wouldn't you?

This is the predicament that the rich found himself in when we realized that he would never be delivered from his own damnation in Hell. He remembered the fact that he had 5 other brothers who were also headed to Hell, who needed to be saved. With the terrible knowledge that they were doomed to join him in Hell, he tried to do something to change that fact. I believe that his greatest torment in Hell was the knowledge that those he cared about were on their way there to join him.

Now, it is true that we all have loved ones headed to Hell. It is also true that we cannot save them. However, I would like to give you some hope concerning their salvation. We may often find ourselves confronted with the question, "Can God Really Save My Loved Ones?" That question may haunt us and burden our hearts, but the simple answer is this, "God can!"

Allow me to give you some insight into the truth that God can save you loved ones. He can even save you if you are hear today and have never been saved. God answers our concern about our loved ones by telling us in no uncertain terms that God can save our loved ones. Let me show you why I say that.


(What are the things God has already done to save them?)

(Ill. There are great gifts of God which are already in place to prove that He is concerned with the salvation of your loved ones. Allow me to share 3 of them with you.)

A. The Word Of God - In John 5:39, Jesus uttered these words, "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." One of the greatest gifts ever given to man is the Bible! In the pages of this perfect Book, God gives a revelation of Himself to mankind. In the pages of the Bible, we are able to read of the love of God for sinners and the plan of God to save sinners. The Bible was given to man for the express purpose of revealing God to man. That is why I say that the Bible is proof positive that God has made efforts in the past to save those you love. He took 40 different authors from various walks of life, who wrote over a 1,600 year period of time and brought it all together in this book we call the Bible. And, in its pages, men can see themselves, James 1:23-25, and they can see God. (Ill. Everyone please lift your bibles high over your heads!) These books are the proof that God wants to save your loved ones.

B. The Work Of God - When we look back across the landscape of times past, we can see the hand of God as reaches out of eternity into time to perform His mighty works. All of which were and are designed to bring men to a saving knowledge of Himself. We can see in the great works of God the fact that He is interested in saving your loved ones.

1. In Creation - Even the creation that exists all around us stands as proof of God's great desire to bring your loved ones to himself, Psalm 19:1-4. All around us stands the proof of God's existence and love for men. God has done everything in His power to reveal Himself to man through His creation. Only those who would be wilfully blind cannot see Him when they look around! Or, as the Psalmist says, perhaps they are simply fools, Psa. 14:1.

(Ill. Because nature is clouded by sin, it gives only an indistinct picture of God. Much of His great wisdom and marvelous design, however, can still be clearly traced. For instance, the earth rotates on its axis at approximately 1000 miles per hour. If that had been 100 miles per hour, our days and nights would be 10 times longer, and our planet would alternately burn and freeze. Under such circumstances vegetation could not live!

If the earth were as small as the moon, the power of gravity would be too weak to retain sufficient atmosphere for man's needs; but if it were as large as Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, extreme gravitation would make human movement almost impossible. If we were as near to the sun as Venus, the heat would be unbearable; if we were as far away as Mars, we would experience snow and ice every night even in the warmest regions. If the oceans were half their present dimensions, we would receive only one-fourth the rainfall we do now. If they were one-eighth larger, our annual precipitation would increase fourfold, and this earth would become a vast, uninhabitable swamp! Water solidifies at 32 degrees above zero. It would be disastrous if the oceans were subject to the law, however, for then the amount of thawing in the polar regions would not balance out, and ice would accumulate throughout the centuries! To prevent such a catastrophe, the Lord put salt in the sea to alter its freezing point.)

(Ill. Who can contemplate the magnificence of the universe without acknowledging the greatness of God? His handiwork can be seen in the intricacies of this complex world. Consider these facts about the precise design of our amazing planet:

*The distance of the earth from the sun, approximately93,000,000 miles, is just right to sustain life. One hundreds miles in either direction would be disastrous to human life. *The 23 1/2 degree tilt of the earth on its axis ensuresseasonal changes, without which much of the earth would bedesert. *The balance of oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%) in the air webreathe is perfect for supporting life.

*An ozone layer in the atmosphere shelters our planet fromdeadly ultraviolet rays from the sun. These all speak of a God of order, design, and greatness. Even more amazing is the fact that God has taken a personal interest in us.)

2. In Christ - Not only does the created world speak loudly and clearly that there is a God in Heaven Who is interested in man and his salvation, but the very fact that God sent His Son into the world in proof that God wants to save your loved ones. The Bible tells us, that in Jesus, we find proof positive of the love of God for the lost, John 3:16. The Bible also says that Jesus is the perfect revelation of the Father, John 10:30; John 14:9. The very fact that God sent His Son to reveal Himself to mankind is proof, at least to my mind, that God wants to save the lost, and that includes your loved ones!

3. In The Cross - When all of the works of God are taken into account, none more clearly proves the heart of God to save the lost than the death of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. Paul tells us that this event is the plain expression of His love for us, Rom. 5:8. When we stop for a minute and think that everything Jesus suffered, He suffered because of you and me, Isa. 53:5. Every lash of the whip, every drop of spittle, every blow to His face, every word of mockery, every peel of laughter, every disgrace and indignation Jesus suffered, He suffered because He loved us and was taking our penalty upon Himself, 2 Cor. 5:21. Even in the midst of His sufferings on that cross, God the Father judged Jesus in our place, Matt. 27:46. The work of Christ at Calvary and the work of the Father at Calvary prove beyond all question the truth that God wants to save your loved ones! Why? Because when Jesus died, He wasn't dying for Himself, but for all those who need a Savior, 2 Cor. 5:14-15.

C. The Will Of God - There is yet another proof from the Bible which teaches us that God wants to save the lost. This truth is found in 2 Pet. 3:9. This verse tells us that God wishes for no one to go to Hell, but that He wants all to be saved. In keeping with that wish, God has done everything in His power to make a way for salvation. It is His will that your loved ones be saved!

I. God's Past Efforts To Save Your Loved Ones


(What is God doing right now to see that they come to know Him?)

(Ill. As thankful as I am for all the things God did in the past, I need assurance that God is working right now to save my lost loved ones. Ill. Often, we pray and we pray, yet we see no change in their life. Then, we may become discouraged and think that nothing is going on in their hearts. I ma glad that I can tell you that God is working in this present day and that He is actively perusing your loved ones to bring them unto Himself.)

A. The Conviction Of The Spirit - God is capable of doing something that you and I cannot do. We can nag our loved ones, we can plead with them and we can beg them, but we can never touch their hearts in conviction. That is, we can never show them that they are sinners and that they are lost without the Lord God. Only God can do that, and that is what He has promised to do - John 16:8. (Ill. You never know when and how God is working on the hearts of your lost loved one. Therefore, do not give up on them, but pray and live Jesus in front of them at all times and God will do His part to save them!)

B. The Change In The Saints - One of the greatest things God does to touch the hearts of the lost is to make a drastic change in all those who some to Him for salvation, 2 Cor. 5:17. The change is so drastic that 2 Cor. 5:17 describes it as literally becoming a new creation! When a sinner is saved, they are changed and when they are changed, their friends and families can see the difference and that will speak volumes to the sinners heart. You see, whether the lost person will admit it or not, he is deeply bothered by his sin and by his life. Then, when he sees what God can do for another person just as bad, or even worse than himself, it touches his heart and shows him that God can make a difference for him too.

(Ill. The greatest witness to the power of looking at the serpent for healing in Num, 21 was the witness of those who had looked and lived! Therefore, be diligent to live godly every minute of every day before your lost loved ones. God will use your life to touch their heart!)

C. The Challenge From The Scriptures - As I mentioned earlier, God has given us the perfect revelation of Himself in His Word. This Book, as it is preached and as it is lived out in society will have an enormous impact on the lost. God has promised to take His word and use it as a sharp sword, Heb. 4:12, to touch the hearts of men. The Gospel which we preach may seem as foolishness to those who do not know the Lord, but when the truth is applied to their hearts by the Spirit of God, then conversion can take place. All I am saying is that God is busy trying to save your loved ones today!

I. God's Past Efforts To Save Your Loved Ones

II. God's Present Efforts To Save Your Loved Ones


(What can you do to see that they come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior?)

A. You Should Be Concerned About Them - That is, you should have a burden for those who love. A burden to see them saved and living for the Lord. I realize that many of you have wept many tears over those you care for who are unsaved. My challenge to you is that you do not quit! God will honor those tears, Psa. 56:8, and He will certainly honor a broken heart, Psa. 51:17.

(Ill. A burdened heart over the lost will touch their hearts for the glory of God. How many have I heard testify to the fact that they heard a mother or father pray for them and they never forgot it? I recall the wife who was saved and burdened over her lost husband. He was a vile man and had no use for the church or for God. One time, there was a revival in the church where his wife attended and she invited the evangelist for dinner. When she set the table for the meal, she only set two plates, one for her husband and the other for their visitor. She did not set a plate for herself. When her husband brought this to her attention, she replied, "I am too burdened to eat. How can I eat when I know that any breath might be your last and that if you die you will go to Hell." She said, "I shall not eat any more food until the day you come to Christ as your Savior, but I shall pray for you and for your soul." He responded by laughing at here and telling her that he would never be saved! It wasn't many days until the husband became broken over his sins and came to know Jesus as His personal Savior. Often, getting burdened and broken over the lost is the only thing that will touch their hard hearts! When they see the genuine concern and love of another for themselves, it will touch their hearts!)

B. You Should Be Consistent Before Them - Another thing that in indispensable in bringing your lost loved ones to Jesus is a consistent life. What I mean is a life that places God ahead of everything else. A life that doesn't talk church on Sunday and trash on Monday. A life that doesn't retaliate in anger, but one that reaches out in love. A life that is different and one that is separated and one that is sold out to the Lord. No one will ever win their loved one to Jesus by living an inconsistent Christian life. The only way to do it is for you and for me to be as real as we possibly can be. Does that describe you?

(Ill. Some of the female members of the early church were burdened about their husbands. Peter's advice to them will work for all of us in this day and time, 1 Pet. 3:1-4. Peter's advice was that they a "conversation" that matched their "profession." Folks, that will still work today! We are called upon by the Lord to live lives that will always speak well of the Lord Jesus, Phil. 1:27. We should never expect to win our loved ones to Jesus as long as they hear us invite them to church on Sunday and then see us live substandard lives the rest of the week.)

(Ill. To be honest, it's no wonder some men won't go to church! It's no wonder some children won't follow in the faith of their fathers. It's no wonder our loved ones don't want anything to do with the House of God. All they can see is that we are a bunch of hypocrites and that church has done nothing for us but make us meaner than the devil! Folks, these things ought not be!)

(Ill. Some of you have blown it in front of your loved ones. You have messed up and feel that you no longer have any influence with them. That probably isn't true! What you need to do, if you have blown your testimony in front of those whom you would like to win to God, is this:

1. Seek forgiveness from God - 1 John 1:9

2. Confess your failure to the persons in front of whom you failed.

3. Ask them to forgive you. Tell them that Christians shouldn't do the things you did and that you are sorry. Let them know that it wasn't right and that by God's grace it will never happen again!

4. Share you testimony with them and point them to Jesus. Remind them of the change Jesus has made in you and what He can do for them if they will come to the Lord.

They will respect you more for admitting your failure than for pretending to be some sort of gilded saint who is unable to do any wrong.)

C. You Should Be Compassionate Toward Them - What I mean is this, you need to remember when you were in their shows and be patient with them. If your lived ones are doing things that upset you and they are living in sin, what do you expect? After all, they are dead, Eph. 2:1, and they are just doing what dead people naturally do, they are rotting! We are living in a fantasy world if we think that we change a lost person and make them live godly lives just because we want them to. No! That kind of change requires the power of Almighty God! What should we do? We should be patient, we should pray and we should wait on the Lord. He will touch them, but probably not on your schedule.

Conc: As we think about these things, it is evident to me that the Lord has done everything in His power to provide a means of salvation for your loved ones and He has done everything He can to point that out to them. He is even using you to draw them to Himself. All that remains is for them to turn to God and to be saved. I hope you can see today that God can saved your lost loved ones. That He wants to and He will if they will respond in the appropriate manner.

Maybe there is someone here this morning who needs to be saved. As you have listened to this message, you have thought about someone who loves you and wants to see you saved. You have seen Jesus in them and want that for yourself. If you will come to Jesus today, He will save you and give you a fresh new life.

Maybe there are those who have failed in front of family. You need to come today and confess that before the Lord and pray fro strength to go to them and make it right. They will forgive you and God will bless your effort. Who knows, maybe your witness through admitting your error might be just what it takes to bring them to Jesus.

Maybe you just have a burden for someone and you want to come and call out to the Lord on their behalf. Why not come, bring them to this altar, place their name in the prayer list and watch God begin to work in their lives.

I am telling you this day that God still loves sinners! He still wants to save them and He will if they will only come to Him. It's time to do business with the Lord. Will you come right now while we seek His face?


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