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Sermons and Outlines

Luke 10:38-42 AT THE FEET OF JESUS

Intro: Have you ever met an individual that just seemed to have God all over them? It seemed that they possessed a walk with the Lord that was head and shoulders above anything you have ever experienced yourself, and you wondered how they accomplished it. Well, I have been there! I think the answer lies in what they have discovered. It just seems to me that some people have learned to abide at the feet of Jesus as they go through life and this translates into peace of heart, power of life and purpose before God.

I want that kind of life for myself! How about you? I would like to be constantly and consistently filled with the Spirit of God and I would like to be found at the feet of Jesus.

The Gospels mention a woman named Mary. She was the sister of Lazarus and Martha and she in mentioned 3 times in the Gospel account. Every time Mary is mentioned, she is always found at the feet of Jesus. Her experiences there can teach us all some valuable lessons about our own walk with the Lord. Tonight, we want to take a few minutes and join Mary At The Feet Of Jesus.


(Ill. The context of the story. Martha opened her home to Jesus and did her best to be a good hostess. Mary, on the other had, opened her heart to Jesus and tried her best just to love the Lord. Too often, we are more like Martha than like Mary. In our zeal to serve the Lord, we wind up ignoring Him! While Martha labored, Mary listened. She found a place of stillness at the feet of Jesus.)

She found a place where:

A. V. 40 We Can Forget Our Cares - While Martha was "cumbered", (To be distracted, to be driven about mentally), while Mary was sitting, calmly listening to the Words of Jesus. When we come into His presence, (i.e., in prayer, Bible reading, worship, etc.), the burdens of life tend to grow amazingly light. It would do many Christians good to learn to sit in His presence and forget about the cares of the world. Learn to love the Lord more than your worries and you will be able to find that calm place in His blessed presence. (Ill. When we focus our attention on Him, other things tend to become very dim - Phil. 4:6-9)

B. V. 39 We Can Feed Our Souls - Martha was worried over physical nourishment while Mary was more concerned with getting her soul fed. In His presence, we will find food for our souls and strength for our journey. It is no wonder that many Christians are weak and lacking in spiritual vitality. They never take the time to just come into His presence and feed on Him! (Ill. We must have soul food, or we will dry up spiritually! 2 Tim. 2:15; Job 23:12; 1 Pet. 2:2)

C. V. 39 We Can Focus Our Priorities - Looking in on this scene at Martha's home, we can tell what each sister's priorities were. Martha was concerned with preparing the meal and serving her guests. Mary, however, was more concerned with being in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ill. Often, the level of spirituality we are able to achieve in life is directly related to the time we are willing to spend in His presence. If everything in our lives takes precedence over being with the Lord, then we are in danger at the heart of our experience. Even being overly busy in His work, to the point where we have no time to spend at His feet, is a bad thing. Ill. The Church at Ephesus - Rev. 2:1-7.) The more time one spends at His feet, the easier it is to make it a priority in life. The larger He gets in our eyes, the smaller other things seem to become. Ask yourself this question: Is sitting at Jesus' feet a priority in my life? We need to seek this place of stillness before the Lord!

D. V. 42 We Can Find Ourselves - In sitting at Jesus' feet, Mary found fulfillment and contentment. What she found at His feet was worth more than all the money in the world can buy. In fact, in just sitting at the Lord's feet, Mary found something that millions live their entire lives and never discover. She found acceptance and true contentment. Those 2 things alone are worth spending time in His presence. (Ill. If Christians could learn the value of spending time in at His feet, a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists would have to go out of business. Ill. God has promised us that we can find rest at His feet - 2 Tim. 1:17.)

At the feet of Jesus we find:

I. A Place Of Stillness and


(Ill. The context of these verses. Lazarus has died and Jesus has come to pay His respects to the family. When He arrives, He meets Martha and calls for Mary to come to Him. Once again, she is found at His feet looking into His face for the help she needs. What she finds during this encounter can help us all when we face the difficult times of life.)

Here we can see:

A. V. 28 The Lord's Interest In the Need Of His People - When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Martha ran out to meet Him. In their conversation, Jesus demonstrated a great concern for and interest in their need. After speaking with Martha, Jesus apparently calls for Mary. He is concerned about the grief and pain that they are experiencing. (Ill. Every child of God needs to understand that Jesus cares about our need. He is interested in what we are experiencing, Heb. 4:15. Never think for an instant that God does not care for you. That is the devil's lie! Jesus is extremely interested in everything you are facing in life - Psalm 138:6, "Though the Lord be high, yet hath He respect unto the lowly." The word "respect" means "to see, discern, behold." This tells us that the Lord is looking down at our lives and He misses nothing that affects His children - Matt 10:29-31Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. (30) But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (31)Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

B. V. 28 The Lord's Invitation To His People - Jesus called for Mary to come unto Himself. She responded and came. There, she was able to place her burdens upon the Lord. The Lord has invited all His children to come unto Him and experience what He can do in a time of crisis - Matt. 11:28; 1 Pet. 5:7; Isa. 55:22, "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He will never suffer the righteous to be moved."

(Ill. J.C. Ryle said, "Means are to be used diligently, without question in time of need. Doctors are to be sent for in sickness. Lawyers are to be consulted when property or character needs defense. The help of all friends is to be sought. But still after all, the first thing to be done is to cry to the Lord Jesus for help.")

(Ill. Isn't it amazing that the Person who can do the most, the quickest is often the last One we turn to in a time of need.)

(Ill. Whether or not you come to Him in a time of trouble, His invitation is stands.)

(Ill. Verse 29, when Mary heard that Jesus was calling her, she ran

to meet Him. What a lesson for God's children! When the time of crisis comes, Jesus is always near. Run quickly to Him and He will meet your need!)

C. V. 34-42 The Lord's Intercession on Behalf Of His People - After Mary and Martha had poured their hearts out to Him, Jesus turned to His Heavenly Father and prayed on their behalf. He interceded for them. (Ill. He does the same for you and me tonight, Heb. 7:25; Rom. 8:34.) When we take our burden the Lord, the entire Trinity gets involved in meeting that need. The Son prays for us, the Spirit guides us and comforts us and the Father opens the storehouses of Heaven and moves circumstances on the earth to see that our need is met.

D. V. 43-44 The Lord's Intervention In The Need Of His People - (Ill. Jesus speaks the word and Lazarus lives! Jesus superceded the laws of nature to meet the need of His people. God will move all of heaven and earth to meet your need - Phil. 4:19.)

(Ill. In the raising of Lazarus, Mary had many needs met. In seeing the Lord perform this great miracle she understood:

1. The Lord's Purpose - (Ill. V. 1, 6, 18 - Jesus was only about 2 miles from Bethany. He could have walked there in about 30 minutes. Yet, He chose to wait for 2 days and then He didn't arrive until 2 more days had passed. This was hard for these women to understand, v. 21, 32. Yet, in seeing Him raise Lazarus from the dead, she was able to understand that Jesus had a higher purpose in what He had allowed her to endure. So it is with us, we are not always able to understand what God is doing in our lives until His purpose is fully revealed.)

2. The Lord's Power - If Lazarus had not died, Mary would not have known that Jesus could raise him from the dead. Yet, when Lazarus did die, then she knew first hand all about the great power of the Lord Jesus. Again, when we go through trials, we may question the Lord's wisdom in allowing to endure some of the things we face. But, when He comes through for us, then we know firsthand that He "has all power in heaven and in earth!" When we learn this truth, it increases our faith and helps us to trust more fully in Him and His power.

E. Are you spending time at His feet calling out to Him about your needs? Never fear that He doesn't care or want you to come to him. He invites you to come and sit at His feet.

At the feet of Jesus we find:

I. A Place Of Stillness

II. A Place Of Supplication and


(Ill. The context of the story. Mary is so overcome with her love Jesus in raising Lazarus from the dead that she is willing to pay whatever price is necessary to serve Him and be a blessing to the Lord who bought her.) It is at His feet that we:

A. V. 3, 5 Make Our Sacrifice - Ill. Mary poured a box of ointment on Jesus that was equivalent to a years wages for the average worker. She was willing to give up this treasure because of her love for Jesus. Mary gave her best, she gave her all to the Lord she loved. We should do no less! When we give less than our best to Jesus, we have made no sacrifice at all! It is not until we give our all that we are truly displaying our love for Him. When we shortchange Jesus with our time, our tithes and our talents, we are not displaying our love for Him. His desire is that He be given our all, Rom. 12:1-2. Anything less is a slight to the Lord.

(Ill. Many people treat the Lord like this fellow who called his girlfriend and said, "Darling, I love you. I'd climb the highest mountain for you; I'd swim the deepest stream for you; I'd fight a jungle of lions for you; and if it doesn't rain, I'll be over to see you tonight." This isn't real love! Genuine love knows no boundaries and no conditions. It is freely given and asks nothing in return. Do you love Him like you should?)

(Ill. 0. Henry's short story called "The Gift of the Magi." It is the story of a young couple named Della and Jim. They were a poor couple but they loved each other deeply. Each one had their own unique possession. Della's hair was her pride and joy. When she let her hair down it was like a robe on her back. Jim had a gold watch, which his father had given him.

On the day before Christmas, Della had exactly $1.87 with which to buy Jim a present. She wanted to get him something he would really like, but she knew that she could not get much with a $1.87. She did the only thing she could do. She went and sold her hair for $20.00. With the money she bought a platinum chain for Jim's precious watch.

Jim came home from work that night. When he saw Della's shorn head, he was left speechless. Slowly he handed her his gift. His gift was a set of expensive tortoise-shell combs with jeweled edges for her lovely hair. He had sold his gold watch to buy them for her. Each had given all he or she had to give.)

B. V. 3 Give Up Self - (Ill. Mary was willing to do the work of a common slave for the Lord Jesus. Also, she was seen in public with her hair down. This was a sign of an immoral woman. It appears that Mary was totally unselfconscious in her adoration and love of the Lord Jesus. She didn't care what others thought. Her primary focus was serving and honoring the Lord.) Ill. When we come to sit at His feet, we will get to the place where do not care what other may think of us. We will only have Him and His glory as the focus of our lives. He will fill our thoughts, our motives and we will ose sight of self in the glorious light of His Person.

(Ill. We should be so grateful for all that He has done for us that we are totally uninhibited and unashamed in the expression of our live for Jesus. Therefore, we should allow our pride to die and show a lost and dying world that we are not ashamed to worship, witness or work for the glory of Him who died to set us free. After all, our love for Him is in direct response to His love us, 1 John 4:19.

C. V. 7; Mark 14:8-9 Make A Statement - (Ill. When Mary was criticized for her devotion to and display of love for the Lord, Jesus stepped up to her defense. He informed those present that they were to leave her alone. She was doing her part to honor the Lord. Jesus even awarded her a place among the most blessed of the ages by His comments in Mark 14:8-9. For 2,000 years, this selfless, sacrificing gesture by Mary has continued to make a bold statement about the Lord Jesus.)

(Ill. When we as believers take the time to sit at His feet like we should, it too makes a statement. We are telling the world that Jesus is paramount in our lives. We are showing them that He is important to us and that we are not ashamed to be associated with Him. You see, sitting at Jesus feet will show on you! People will know when you spend time with Him, Ill. The Disciples - Acts. 4:13. By the way, it will also show on you when you do not take the time to sit at His feet.)

Conc: Where do you find yourself tonight? Are you sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to Him, learning from Him and just loving Him? He is worthy of our total devotion. Therefore, I challenge you to join me in coming to His feet tonight. Let's find our place there and be all that Jesus wants us to be.

Sermon By Alan Carr


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