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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Sermons and Outlines


Intro: There are many people who doubt their salvation. Many others doubt their security in Christ. To live with this kind of burden and insecurity leaves people weak and ineffective in their Christian walk. Thankfully, there is a word from God in this area. This entire chapter dwells on the hope of the Christian and the eternal security of the believer.

We are taught here that as Christians we possess a hope, v. 18. This hope is not merely some fond wish or desire. Rather, it is a deep settled confidence based squarely upon the promises and the power of God. We are told that this hope is based in 2 great unchangeable forces:

1. V. 13a God's Promise - He will keep His Word! (V. 18 - He cannot lie!)

2. V. 13b-17 God's Oath - He has sworn by Himself that what He promises will come to pass. (Ill. In a court of law, men make the oath, "so help me God" to call God to witness that what they are about to say is the truth. Men swear by God because there is none greater. Therefore, if God is going to make an oath, He must swear by Himself, since there is none greater than Himself. In other words, God stakes His reputation and Name on His ability to do what He has said He will do. He will keep His Word, His credibility depends upon it.)

Having given us His personal assurance that our eternal security is based in Himself, He now gives us three figures to prove that this hope of eternal security is reliable, steadfast and sure. Allow me to share these 3 great realities that can literally put doubt to death in your life and mine. These 3 truths can break the chains of doubt and fear regarding your soul's salvation. Let's notice these 3 simple truths that will give us confidence as we journey toward Heaven.


A. Those who have turned to Jesus have "fled for refuge."

(Ill. The image is of the ancient Cities Of Refuge detailed in Numbers 35:6-32 and Joshua 20:1-9. These 6 cities, 3 on either side of the river Jordan were established to provide a sanctuary for someone who accidentally killed another human. According to Jewish law, the dead man's next of kin was required to punish the murderer. However, if a man accidentally killed another, he could flee to one of the Cities Of Refuge and there he would receive a fair trial. If the death was proven to be accidental, the killer could remain in the City Of Refuge, protected from the anger of the Avenger of Blood, until the High Priest died. At that time, he was permitted to return to his own home without fear of retribution from the dead man's family.)

B. In a very similar sense, Jesus is our City Of Refuge today.

1. We were guilty - Rom. 3:23

2. We deserved to die, and were being hunted down by the Avenger of Blood - Rom. 6:23; Psa. 9:17.

3. We fled to Jesus, and in Him, we found protection from the penalty of our sins - Rom. 5:9; John 5:24.

4. We are secure in Him forever - Heb. 7:25. (Ill. Unlike the High Priest of the Old Testament, Jesus will never die! In fact, He has already been dead and He has conquered death and is alive forever., Rev. 1:18!)

C. When the accidental murderer fled to the City Of Refuge in Israel, he was merely claiming the promise of God. It was a matter of faith. In like manner, when we as sinners flee to Jesus, the Refuge of the Soul, we are merely taking God at His Word, and He is ever faithful to keep the promise of salvation to all who will come to Him by faith - Rom. 10:9; 10:13; Acts 16:31; John 6:37; 47)

D. Ever soul that takes Jesus at His Word and responds to Him on the basis of pure faith can rest assured of God's eternal protection through Jesus Christ.

I. The Promises We Have Claimed


A. The clear promises of God in regard to our security stand as a great anchor of the soul. Notice 2 adjectives used to describe this anchor:

1. Sure - It can be relied upon.

2. Steadfast - It is unmovable.

Taken together, these 2 words teach us that this anchor of the soul will not break, bend nor slip from where it is secured.

B. Notice where this anchor is placed, for this is of the utmost in importance. It is not in the shifting sands of this ever-changing world, nor is it in the unstable allegiance of the human heart, neither is it secured in our ability to hold on to God, His promises, or His Word. This anchor is in "that within the veil." What is "that"? More properly, we might ask, "Who is that?" Verse 20 gives that answer - "even Jesus"! In other words, that great anchor of the soul is Jesus Himself! The fact that we are in Him now, Eph. 2:6, and that our glorification has already been accomplished in the mind of God, Rom. 8:29-30, serve as an anchor to prevent us drifting about on the wild seas of doubt.

(Ill. We are literally anchored in Jesus Himself this evening! He is in Heaven with the Father, and we are eternally tied to Him. Nothing can cause Him to cast us off, nor can anything cause Him to slip. He is a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul. If you are in Jesus, learn to rejoice in your great security.)

C. Another interesting this to note is that we are not anchored down, but we are anchored up! We are not tied to this world, but we are tied to that Heavenly world - Phil. 3:20. Note also that we have not been anchored to be at a standstill, but we are ever moving toward the anchor point, we are ever headed home. Every minute is another minute closer to glory!)

(Ill. Like a great ship, we may still drift while we are at anchor, but we can only drift around the anchor point! This anchor will hold and will never allow us to drift away!)

I. The Promises We Have Claimed

II. The Place Where We Are Anchored


A. Here, Jesus is called the "forerunner." This word literally means, "a scout; one who come in advance to a place where the rest are to follow." Jesus ascended into Heaven with this promises fresh from His lips, "I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there ye may be also," Here the difference between Jesus and the Old Testament High Priest is clear to see. The Old Testament Priest entered in behind the veil once a year and always alone. No one could follow him into the Holy of Holies. Yet, when Jesus entered into the Holy of Holies in Heaven, He promised us that one day, we would join Him there! He went on ahead but will receive us in Heaven later on.

B. As out "Forerunner", Jesus has accomplished 3 great things on our behalf:

1. He has gone on before to announce our future arrival - (Ill. They are expecting us in Heaven!) (Ill. Jesus is the Firstfruits. That is, He is the prototype. He is the promise of more to follow!)

2. He has gone on before to take possession of the glories of Heaven on our behalf - Not only are they waiting for us in Heaven, but they have been preparing for our arrival over there - John 14:3.

3. He has gone on before so that He can welcome us when we do arrive - He paid the price for us and He will be the One to greet us when we arrive home in heaven, 1 Thes. 4:16-17.

C. Ill. Just as the first mountain climber to reach the summit secures a lifeline to the mountain which the rest of the climbers can use to climb up, Jesus went to Heaven and has securely anchored our salvation in Himself. Now, by faith in the Word of God and in the finished work of Jesus at Calvary, we will ascend to that glorious city and join Him there.

Conc: The very fact that Jesus is our Refuge, our Anchor and our Forerunner ought to give us confidence in the area of our salvation and its assurance. If you have received Jesus, you are headed home. If you are saved, you areas sure for Heaven as if you were already there. There is no need to doubt, there is no need to be afraid. There is a great need, however, for God's children to learn to take the Lord at His Word and just rejoice in the salvation which we have been given. Take hope in the fact that God has saved you through Jesus and trust in the fact He will see you safely home to Heaven. Let these 3 great truths put doubt to death in your life.

Sermon By Alan Carr


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