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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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The Glorious Resurrection Of Jesus


Intro: In a Christian question and answer column, the following letter appeared:

Dear Eutychus: "Our preacher said, on Easter, that Jesus just swooned on the cross and that the disciples nursed Him back to health. What do you think?"

The editor’s reply was this:

Dear Reader: "Beat your preacher with a cat-o’-nine tails with 39 heavy strokes; nail him to a cross; hang him in the blistering sun for six hours; run a spear through his heart; embalm him; put him in a airless tomb for 72 hours and see what happens."

Though infidels and in-for-hells deny it, though the intellectual elite and liberal thinkers call it foolishness, the doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is of vital importance. In fact, if there is one doctrine, one belief that sets Christianity apart from all other religions and belief systems in the world, it is the doctrine of the bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead. The resurrection is the cardinal doctrine of Christianity. Everything we believe and hold sacred stands or falls on the fact of the resurrection. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then we are no better off than the worst sinner this morning! If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then the Bible is a lie and we have no hope! If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then we have no Gospel to preach and no savior to preach about, we are of all men most miserable! If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then He Himself was guilty of deception, John 2:19; John 10:17-18. Five times He said that He would get up out of the tomb. Destroy the resurrection and Jesus is reduced to the status of being an ordinary man, He is no longer God, Rom. 1:4. Destroy the resurrection and you have destroyed the reason our justification, Rom. 4:25. No wonder the Devil hates the doctrine of the resurrection as no other. If he can convince men that Jesus is dead, then they will never believe unto salvation. Perhaps this is why he had already put it into the minds of men to doubt the resurrection before it had ever happened, Ill. The Sadducees – Mark 12:18. Even some in the church doubt whether or not there was a resurrection – 1 Cor. 15:12. I thank God this morning that I know the resurrection to be a fact! I want to spend a few minutes preaching about this glorious truth this morning. Let’s look together at His resurrection and worship Him.


A. The resurrection was not an event about which men knew nothing. It had been Predicted before it took place.

1. The Psalmist told about it – Psa. 16:10

2. The Savior told about it – Matt. 12:38-40; John 2:19; Mark 8:31

B. The resurrection was Pictured before it took place.

1. By Isaac – Gen 22. (In Genesis, Isaac is seen on the mount of sacrifice. The next time he is seen, he is alive and well, claiming his bride.)

2. By Jonah – Matt. 12:38-40 (Ill. The only sign He would give!)

C. The prediction of the resurrection and the fulfillment of it prove that Jesus is worthy to be followed and worshipped.

(Ill. One day a little girl proclaimed her faith as a Christian. A smart alec nearby responded by saying, "Which Christ? Aren’t there many?" Her answer was a classic. She said, "Sir, there are many pretenders, but I worship the One which rose from the dead!")


A. The Proof Of Human Reasoning – (Ill. The Roman guard and seal!) (Ill. The fear and weakness of the disciples. They couldn’t steal the body, the Romans wouldn’t steal the body.) Therefore, that only leaves God – Heb. 13:20

B. The Proof Of Human Testimony – (Ill. Not an hallucination!) There were more witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus than to the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Yet, no one doubts that that document was signed! How is it that some try to doubt the resurrection?

C. The Proof Of Human Nature – People are not willing to die for something they do not believe in. Yet, the disciples were willing to give up everything, including their lives because they believed Jesus was alive!

D. The Proof Of Common Experience – The disciples were saddened by the death of Jesus and hiding in fear, yet 3 days later they were happy and filled with power. The only explanation is that He rose from the dead.

E. The Proof Of Changed Lives – Ill. The disciples! They were forever transformed after the resurrection! (Ill. Especially Simon Peter!) (Ill. The changed lives in this room! Skeptics may say that it is just emotion and self-will! I say that it is the transforming power of a living Savior, 2 Cor. 5:17!)

F. The Proof Of Time – Ill. Time is a great leveler!

(Ill. Dr. Harry Rimmer was lecturing in a certain place and during the question and answer period, a young Jewish man stood up and said to Dr Rimmer, "What did Jesus Christ do that no one else ever did?" Dr Rimmer answered him this way, "Sir, you are a Jew. Would you agree with me that the Roamns crucified nearly 30,000 young Jewish men?" The questioner answered in the affirmative. Dr. Rimmer continued by saying, "Alright, I will name one of those who were crucified and you name another. I name Jesus Christ." The student said, "I can’t name another." Do you know why this young man could not name another Jew out of those 30,000? Because time is the great leveler of names and events. Only one crucified Jew is known to men and His name is Jesus! He is remembered because He lives!)) Ill. Nobody hates a dead man! When people die, hate is forgotten! Yet, Satan hates Jesus, the world hates Jesus, the demons hate Jesus. (Ill Woman in church service in Atlanta!) Why attack a dead man? If Jesus is dead, than we are all crazy and ought to be locked up!

G. The Proof Of The Five Senses – Ill. Luke 24:39-43 I know what I have seen, heard, felt and tasted! How about you?

H. The Proof Of Scientific and Archeological Evidence – (Ill. Gordon’s Tomb – The soil was examined and it was determined that no body ever decomposed in that tomb!) (Ill. Lyttleton and West – They set out to disprove the conversion of Paul and the resurrection of Jesus and both wound up saved!)


Jesus Lives!


A. It Activates the Gospel – v. 14 – A dead Savior saves no one! (Ill. The Gospel hasn’t been preached until we have told of the death, burial and the resurrection – Ill. Little boy and painting!)

B. It Authenticates our Faith – v. 14, 17 – The resurrection says that what we believe has power and gives hope and peace!

C. It Arranges Our Justification – Rom. 4:25 Because Jesus lives, God had accepted His death as payment for the sins of all who will put their faith in Him. Therefore, He sees us not as sinners, but as saints through the blood of Jesus!

D. It Anticipates Our Future – v.22-23 – (Ill. The Firstfruits!) Jesus is our guarantee! Because He lives, we shall live also! 1 Thes. 4:16-17. Because He lives, there shall also be a reunion some day – 1 Thes. 4:13!

Conc: Thank God, He lives! I praise the Lord for Matt. 28:6, "He is not here, for He is risen as He said. Come see the place where the Lord lay!" Because He lives, we live! Because He lives, we can have everlasting life. Because He lives, life itself is worth living! Because He lives, I want to live! Thank God for the resurrection!


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