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Sermons and Outlines

A Biblical View Of The End Times #8

Revelation 20:11-15


Intro: Some time ago there was a young foreign student who flunked out at the University of Michigan. In shame he decided to disappear. For the next four years he hid in the unused attic of an Ann Arbor church. Taking great pains to conceal himself, he quietly prowled around only at night, living off food and water from the kitchen. He never left the building or spoke to a soul. No one ever suspected he was there. Then one day a slight mistake gave him away. Accidentally the young recluse made some noise, the police were called, and he was finally discovered.

How foolish this young man was to try and hide from his failure. Yet, he is not as foolish as the person who seeks to hide from God! The world is filled with people who live as though they have no sin. They live as though God did not exist. They live as though they will never face God is judgment.

Unfortunately, what they hope will happen will never come to pass. You see, these verses, which we have read this morning, tell us about a time when every lost sinner will face the Lord in judgment. There will be nowhere to hide on that day. No one will hide behind excuses, ignorance, false professions, etc. Every one will face Jesus Christ as Lord and Judge and they will all receive a just sentence for their sins.

This morning, I want to examine the facts concerning an event that is known as The Great White Throne Judgment. Before I begin, I want you to know that there will not be one single born again individual that will stand in judgment here. This is a judgment seat for the lost. Let's notice the facts surrounding this judgment as I preach on the thought Nowhere To Hide.


A. The Picture In This Throne - There are two adjectives used to describe this throne.

1. It is called Great - This word refers to its power. This is the highest court in the universe! When judgment is rendered from this throne, there is no appeal to a higher court, for there is no higher court! This is the place of highest authority and final judgment.

(Ill. The closest we can come to understanding this court is our Supreme Court. There is no higher court in the land and judgments rendered there are final. This is this as the Supreme Court of the Universe.)

2. It is called White - This speaks of the purity of this court. All human courts are stained by sin, prejudice and fallibility. This court, on the other hand, is absolutely perfect and the judgment rendered here is always fair and righteous. The Judge who occupies this bench is infallible. He is no tainted by sin or prejudice, but He renders judgment in perfect righteousness and fairness.

(Ill. Not a single person judged here will cry "unfair". Every sinner judged and sentenced will know that they have received perfect and fair judgment.)

B. The Person On This Throne - The Bible tells us that this throne is occupied by a person. However, His identity is not revealed here. However, the Bible does tell us in other places just Who is on this throne.

1. His Name - The man on this throne is none other that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, John 5:22-23, 27, 30; Acts 10:40-42; 2 Tim. 4:1. The Savior will be the Sentencer in that day!

2. His Nature - This is no lowly Nazerene who occupies this throne. This isn't a poor, humble carpenter. This is a resurrected conqueror. This is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. His appearance is described for us by the prophet Daniel, Dan. 7:9-10.

(Ill. His presence is so terrible and powerful that even the heavens and the earth flee from before Him. Nature has the good sense to bow before this judge! Why is it that sinners have such a difficult time doing the same?)

(Ill. I just want to remind you that we still live in the day of grace. During this time in history, a sinner can come before God and cry out for forgiveness and the Lord will receive them and save them by His grace. Today is the day of grace. Today is the day of forgiveness. Today is the day of repentance. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day of mercy. There will be none of those things dispensed in that day! Only judgment, swift and sure will issue from this great white throne and from the Lord Jesus Christ!)

C. The Perception Of This Throne - The Bible tells us here that there was found no place for the heavens and the earth to hide from the gaze of the One on the throne. It needs to be remembered this morning that this righteous Judge sees all and He knows all. There is no sin hidden from Him and no thought has ever been concealed. There will be no pretending and no pretense on that great judgment day, but only a sure recounting of every sinful deed and every sinful thought. Nothing will be hidden!

(Ill. Some think they are getting away with things now, but the truth is, God knows all about you and what you have been doing and thinking. He knows everything there is to know about you! Ill. Psa. 33:13-15; Psa. 44:21; Pro. 5:21; Pro. 15:3; Pro. 21:2; Heb. 4:13. Friend, you haven't hidden a thing from God! And, you can be sure, one day, those sins will come back to haunt you - Num. 32:23; Gal. 6:9.)

Friend, you will not hide from this righteous Judge! He will know all there is to know about you before you appear in His presence. He knows you intimately!)

I. No Hiding From The Judge On The Throne


A. The Defendants Appearing At The Throne - Here we are told that those appearing before the throne are the "dead". This tells us, without question, that there will not be a single born again believer in the group. Why? The Bible tells us that we who have trusted Jesus as our Saviour have "passed from death unto life", John 5:24. We have been given eternal, abundant life through the blood of the Lamb and can never lose that or be dead for ever. This can only mean on thing: this mass of humanity will be made up completely of those who are spiritually dead, Eph. 2:1. Note also that this group includes all the spiritually dead! None is left out! The king, the pauper, the general, the foot soldier, the master, the slave, the borrower and the lender will all stand before God. None will escape and none will hide, but all will face the Righteous Judge in judgment that day! Preachers, deacons, church members, popes, priests, nuns, choir members, drunks, whores, drug addicts, pimps, pushers, grandmothers, grandfathers, teenagers, moms and dads, will all stand together before the throne to face their judgment! There will be no escape and there will be no exceptions. Every person who died without Jesus Christ will face Him in this Judgment one day! Notice verse 13. It reminds us that all who died, regardless of where they died will appear. Even those who are in Hell will be brought out for this judgment. Every lost sinner from Cain to the last one will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ! (Will you be in that number?)

B. The Documents Used At The Throne - the Bible tells us here that the "books" will be opened. Only one of these books is named and it is called the "book of life." I don't know all the books that will be used that day, but I am sure of a few that will be opened. Allow me to share them with you for a moment.

1. The Bible - Jesus Himself reminded us that we would be judged out of His Word - John 12:48. That's right! This Bible that sinners mock and refuse to heed will be used to render judgment upon their lives that day. Better to believe it now and go to Heaven than reject it and then face it in judgment and go to Hell!

2. The Book Of Deeds - In Heaven, there is record being kept of the deeds of all men. One day, every lost men will stand before the Lord and here the record of his life read from the throne. Every deed, both good and evil will be mentioned. Every sin will be read aloud! Sins of commission, sins of omission, flagrant sins, secret sins, sins of the heart and sins of the mind. All will be brought out into the open on that day. Verse 12 makes it clear that the lost will be judged according to their works.

(Ill. A man can either choose to stand on his own record and face God in his sins, or he can come to Jesus and have his record expunged. Faith in Christ wipes our record clean. It replaces the record of our sins with the record of His righteousness. When our book is opened all it says is "See Calvary and an empty tomb - This man's record is clear!)

3. The Book Of Life - This is just Carr Theology so you can take is for what it is worth, but I am of the opinion that there is a book of life, or a book of the living. Every name of every person who would ever be born was in this book, Rev. 3:5; Rev. 17:8. However, when a sinner dies without trusting Christ as his Saviour, their name is removed from this book. While your name remains, there is hope for you, but when you die, you are numbered with the eternally dead and there is no more opportunity for you to be saved.

4. The Lamb's Book Of Life - This book contains the names of those who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus. When a sinner repents, their name is written in this book. This is the reason Jesus told His disciples to rejoice, Luke 10:20. This book records who has and who has not accepted Jesus as their Savior. When the Great White Throne Judgment comes about, both this book and the book of life will match perfectly!

(Ill. The horror of standing there that day and hearing your sins recounted. Imagine being forced to admit you sins and the fundamental fact that you are a sinner. Then imagine Jesus opening the book of life and showing you where your name was removed. Then imagine Him opening the Lamb's book of life and showing you that every slot in that book is filled and that your name does not appear! Fantasy? I don't think so! But, it is a time of such horror that nothing in life can compare with it! You need to be sure you are saved this morning! You need to be sure that your name is written in the Lamb's book of Life. If I were you, I wouldn't wait for the invitation. If there was a doubt, I would get in this altar and get it settled right now!)

(Ill. There may be other books that are used, nut you can be sure that these will be opened. What a terrible day that will be for the sinner!)

C. The Decision Made At The Throne - The last phrase in verse 13 tells it all. When these books are opened, judgment is rendered based on the evidence found in the books. You can be sure that the evidence is accurate, and that the record is complete.

(Ill. It is worthy of noting that every person will stand on his own! Regardless of the excuse you use to justify your not coming to Jesus today, in that day you will stand under judgment by yourself! It won't matter who hurt you, who stood in your way, or whatever. It will come down to you and Jesus. Better that it come to that in this day when there is still hope for salvation, than in that day when there is hope for nothing but judgment! Be saved! Be sure!)

I. No Hiding From The Judge On The Throne

II. No Hiding From The Justice At The Throne


A. A Fearful Judgment - the sentence rendered from this bench is "Death!". Not just physical death, but the second death which is eternal separation from God in the fires of the Lake of Fire, 2 Thes. 1:9-10. This will be a death where there is no dying! What I mean is that there will be no end to the torment, to the hell, to the awful nature of what the sinner will face. It will be an eternal state of dying apart from the presence of God or anything good! It will be Hell!

(Ill. Imagine the horror of hearing Jesus utter the words that will send you away forever into eternal torment! Imagine hearing Him say, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:", Matt. 25:41. Imagine living your life the way you wanted, without regard for God or His will and then having to here the Lord Who loved you enough to die in your place speak those awful words. There could be nothing so terrible!

Perhaps the only thing that equals that would be for you to be a religious person, a church member, a regular attender of the Lord's worship services, and have to stand before Him and here Him pass judgment on your life. This very scene is spoken of in Matt. 7:21-23. My friend, don't let this happen to you! Come to Jesus while thee is time. Come to Jesus while there is grace. Come to Jesus while there is hope! Come to Jesus!)

B. A Final Judgment - There will be no appeals, but al judgments rendered from this bench will be final and they will be binding. This will be the last day any of these sinners ever see. This will be the end of the road for them, for they are forever consigned to the Lake of Fire to suffer torment for eternity!

(Ill. Many don't believe this is true. They deny the reality of Hell and claim that it is old fashioned and out of date. Well, the Bible tells us that Hell is real and that lost sinners do indeed go there to spend eternity. Psa. 9:17; Luke 16:19-31.)

C. A Foolish Judgment - It is a foolish judgment that is rendered only because it does not have to happen! Any sinner who is will to repent and turn to Jesus alone, by faith, can be eternally saved. The Blood Jesus shed on Calvary is sufficient to the saving of any sinner who calls upon Him, Rom. 10:13. The grace of God is sufficient for every sinner who will come, regardless of the depths of their sins, Rom. 5:20. The love of God for the Lord is sufficient to receive all who will come by faith, John 6:37. Please don't do a foolish thing and die without Jesus! Come to Him while the door is open!

Conc: I think that this is the most horrible scene mentioned in the Bible. I think the concept of people perishing forever is terrible beyond description. However, as horrible as it is, it is true nonetheless!

Therefore, if you have never been saved, you need to come to Jesus. You need to be saved today! If you will just trust Jesus by faith, He will save you and spare you from this terrible time of judgment that is coming upon all the lost. Won't you come?

To those of us who are saved, this passage reminds us of the terrible need of the world around us. If nothing else, it ought to move us to come before the Lord and cry out for the souls of our friends, neighbors and loved ones who need Jesus. It ought to stir our hearts so that we will not rest until we have tried to tell every lost person we know that salvation is available to them if they will come to Jesus! Surely we've not become so hardened that the thought of Hell no longer moves us. Won't you come?

Arnold Lewis worked as a supervisor in a shipyard. His work took him from one ship to another all day long. One day "an inspector who needed to consult with Arnold about company matters had to search several ships to find him. And of course he was impatient and frustrated.

"'I've been looking all over hell for you,' he greeted Arnold.

"'That's one place you will never find me,' came the calm reply. 'I'll never be in hell because I've been saved from hell by the blood of the Lord Jesus.'

"No more was said on the subject, and the two men got the business settled. But at the end of the work day, just before the whistle blew, the inspector again looked for Arnold.

"'I've been thinking all day about what you said this morning,' he said. 'I wish that I, too, could know that I am saved from hell.'

"'You surely can,' Arnold assured him. With verses from his pocket New Testament he explained God's plan of salvation, and standing there on the deck of that unfinished ship, the inspector prayed to receive Christ."

Friend that can be your testimony this morning! Wouldn't like to be able to say about Hell, "That's one place you'll never find me!" You can come to Jesus right now!

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