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Sermons and Outlines

A Biblical View Of The End Times #9

Luke 16:19-31


Intro: The passage before us this morning tells us about a place called Hell. Now, I know that the very idea of Hell is mocked and ridiculed by many people in our modern world. However, I still believe the Bible, and the Bible is clear in its teaching that there is a place called Hell.

Even though the Bible has much to say about Hell, the doctrine is still ridiculed by many. The idea of Hell is usually attacked along three lines of thought.

1. Rationalism: The rationalist says, "There is no God, therefore there can be no Hell." Charles Darwin said, "This (referring to Hell) is a damnable doctrine." But I say, "Let God be true and every man a liar!"

2. Ridicule: those who ridicule the doctrine of Hell say, "There may be a God, but it is silly to speculate about millions of disembodied spirits frying in a lake of fire somewhere." Or, "This is the twenty-first century! Wake up!" Robert Ingersoll, a famous atheist of the early part of the twentieth century said, "The idea of Hell was born of revenge and brutality on the one side, and cowardice on the other. I have no respect for any man who preaches it! I dislike the doctrine, I hate it, I despise it, I defy this doctrine!" But I say, "Let God be true and every man a liar!"

3. Religion: The religionist says, "There is a God, but He is a God of love and therefore He would not or could not send anyone to Hell." This is the position of all the cults and of the liberals.

Christian Science: "Hell is an error of the mortal mind."

Jehovah's Witnesses: "The wicked will be annihilated."

Mormonism: "All will eventually be saved, and will not suffer eternal punishment."

Seventh-Day Adventist: "God will someday blot out all sin and sinners, and establish a clean universe once again. The lost will burn up like a broom sage field."

Again, I say, "Let God be true and every man a liar!"

Much of what we know of Hell, we learn from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He was the greatest hellfire and brimstone preacher in the Bible. Of the 162 references to Hell and eternal judgment in the New Testament, 70 were spoken by the Lord Jesus! Why did Jesus speak so much on this subject?

1.) He believed in Hell's reality.

2.) He warned man about Hell because He did not want them to go there.

Of all the passages that deal with Hell, the one before us this morning is the greatest of all. In this passage, Jesus literally rips the lid off Hell and allows us to look into the things that are happening there. We are allowed a Glimpse Into A Place Called Hell.

Now, before I get into the message too deeply this morning, I just want to clarify one fact. This place we will consider this morning is not the Lake of Fire. The Lake of Fire is where the lost will go after the Great White Throne Judgment. The place we are considering this morning is where lost men go when they die. It is a temporary holding area for the sinner. When a person leaves this world without Jesus as his/her Savior, they go to this place and they stay there until they are called out to face God in judgment, then they are cast into the Lake of Fire. This place is called Hades, the other is called Gehenna. Both are horrible beyond words.

Now, in this passage, we are confronted with two main people. The story of these men is a story of contrasts.

1. There is a Contrast in the Men Themselves.

One rich and the other poor

2. There is a Contrast in the Manner of their Deaths.

One died and was buried, the other greeted by the angels of the Lord and escorted to Paradise.

3. There is a Contrast in their Destinations.

One in Hell and the other in paradise. (Ill. Again, Paradise was a temporary place where believers went before the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, Luke 23:43. However, no one is in Paradise today, Eph. 4:8-10.)

This morning, I would like to focus in on this Rich Man and what happened to Him after he died. I would like for us to join him in Hell this morning and learn the lessons that this passage of Scripture teaches. If you are saved, may you be moved to a burden for the lost who are headed to this awful place. If you are lost, may you see your need of coming to Jesus for salvation this morning. God help each of us to do what we need to do today! Let's join the Rich man in Hell this morning for a Glimpse Into A Place Called Hell.


A. Notice that in Hell, the Rich Man can See, he can Hear, he can Speak, he can Feel, he still has Desires, he still has Needs, and he still has the ability to Think and Express himself.

B. Even though his body is in the grave in which is was buried, this man has some sort of a body that allows him to continue to live in this place called Hell.

C. My friends, never let anyone mislead you at this point. If you die with your faith in Jesus, or if you die lost, you will not spend even one second in the grave. But, you will at the very instant of your death, go either to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus, 2 Cor. 5:8, or you will go immediately into Hell if you die lost, Luke 16:22-23.

D. Never believe for an instant that death is the end, or that man is no different than a dog, which dies and is no more. Man was given an immortal soul and that soul will live on forever wither in Heaven or in Hell. And, after death, that soul will be clothed in some sort of a body that can indeed experience the sensations that were so much a part of life.

E. Hell is a place of sensation! It is real and it will be experienced by all those who go there!

I. Hell: A Place Of Sensation


A. Notice that the Rich Man found himself separated from Lazarus and Abraham by a great gulf. The Bible says that this gulf is "fixed". That is, it will never be taken away. This separation is eternal! This Rich Man found himself separated from everything that Lazarus enjoyed.

B. No doubt, one of the greatest torments of Hell will be the separation from all the joys and wonderful things that life itself has to offer. For instance, there will never be a sunrise or sunset in Hell. There will never be heard the laughter of a child, the gentle blowing of a summer breeze, the fragrance or beauty of flowers. There will be no one to tell you they love you. There will none of the little things that make life worth living. Hell will be devoid of the good things of life. No family, no friends, no fellowship. Nothing but endless isolation and eternal separation.

C. In Hell, the lost sinners will never hear another sermon, another Gospel song, nor will anyone ever witness to them again. They will never be handed a tract. They will never be able to see or read a Bible. There will be no churches in Hell. None of the things that point the lost to Jesus will make their appearance in that place called Hell.

D. But, of all the things the sinner will not see in Hell, the worst will be eternal separation from the presence of God, 2 Thes. 1:8-9. Imagine being in a place where there was no mercy, no grace, no love or presence of God. Nothing but an endless Hell and an endless separation from the One who loved you more than any other.

I. Hell: A Place Of Sensation

II. Hell: A Place Of Separation


A. This passage makes very clear the fact that Hell is a place of intense suffering. Verses 24-25, 28 paint a vivid picture of what Hell is like. The word "torment" is literally the word "torture". The Rich Man is in a place of extreme pain and torture. The verb "tormented" in verse 24 is in the "present" tense. This reminds us that the torments of Hell do not cease. Man does not simply burn up as some of the cults teach, but he endures the pain and torment of Hell eternally.

B. If this were the only place the Bible speaks of Hell as a place of suffering, we might be able to write this off as a mere story. However, the Bible tells us in many different places that Hell is a place of torment and suffering. Notice a few of those places.

1. Unquenchable Fire - Mark 9:43; Luke 16:24

2. Memory and Remorse - Luke 16:25; 27-28

3. Unquenched Thirst - Luke 16:24-25

4. Misery and Pain - Luke 16:24-26; Rev. 14:10-11

5. Frustration and Anger - Luke 13:28; Matt. 24:51

6. Eternal Separation - Rev. 21:8

7. Undiluted Wrath - In Hell, the wrath of God will be given full vent!

C. Of all the agonies of Hell, perhaps the worst one of all is depicted by the word "remember", v. 25. This word tells us that men in Hell have the capacity to remember the events of this life and that they are forced to deal with those memories eternally. They will remember every sermon they heard and rejected. They will remember when the Lord convicted their hearts and they turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the Holy Spirit. They will remember how God manifested Himself in thousands of ways to draw them unto Himself. They will remember and they will know that they have no one to blame for their situation but themselves!

What will you remember when you get to Hell, my lost friend? Will you remember this service? Will you remember all the saints of God who witnessed to you and prayed for you? Will you remember how you wasted your life of foolish things and condemned your own soul to Hell's fire? Will you remember how God good was to you and how you spurned His great love?

I. Hell: A Place Of Sensation

II. Hell: A Place Of Separation

III. Hell: A Place Of Suffering


A. This Rich Man is in Hell. He finds himself in a place of flames and of divine punishment. However, he is not changed in the least. This is seen is several ways in this passage.

1. In verse 24, he still thinks himself superior and would see Lazarus sent into Hell so that his needs might be met. He is still selfish and self-centered!

2. Verses 26-31 tells is that now this man has a burden for the lost, but he cares for none but those in his family. He is selfish!

3. Verses 29-31 tell us that even in Hell, he still hasn't figured out what it takes to keep a man from that awful place. He stubbornly begs for the salvation of his family, and won't hear the truth that they must turn to God.

The whole point is that even in Hell he is totally unchanged. His old nature is still as self-centered as it ever was. There is no change!

B. These verses tell us that even when men find themselves in Hell, they are still wretched, they are still lost and they still have no room for God in their lives.

Some people believe that there will be a second chance after death. They believe that men will repent in the flames of Hell and when they have paid for their sins, they will be released and taken to Heaven. However, this passage does not show the Rich Man even uttering so much as one syllable in repentance! He never begs for mercy! He never cries out for salvation! He shows no change of heart or mind whatsoever. The point? Men in Hell are as lost as they are now! They do not change and they do not get a second chance at salvation. When their lives here end, their last chance has forever passed them by!

C. Friend, do not let that happen to you! If you have never been saved by the grace of God, you need to make that step today. Do not hold onto the foolish idea that there will be hope after death! Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you die without Jesus, there is nothing waiting on you but the flames of Hell!

Conc: A recent ABC News poll revealed that 70% of Americans surveyed believed in a place called Heaven. However, only 56% believed in a place called Hell. People don't like to think about the reality of that awful place of torment, punishment and separation. But, just because they don't believe in it, that does not change the reality of it! Hell is real! Hell is eternal and Hell is bad!

The good news this morning is that no person in this room has to go to Hell! Jesus Christ died on a cross, shed His blood and rose from the dead to pay for your sins. If you will place you faith in Him, you ill be saved and you will go to Heaven, not Hell when you leave this world.

In fact, Hell wasn't even created for you, Matt. 25:41. Therefore, if you choose to go to Hell instead of coming to Jesus, you choose to go to a place where you are not even wanted. You will go to Hell as an uninvited intruder. My friend, I beg you, please don't be like this Rich Man. Come to Jesus and be saved!

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