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Artist: DC TALK


Year: 1994
                                   string intro-

Em Am/C Em/B Am 2x

Em Am/C
"alas my love you say goodbye
Em/B Am
wipe the poison from my brow
Em Am/C
alas my love this guilty night
Em/B Am
it gives me up like a foster child
and in this moment I take my vow
at these angels sleeping at my feet
Am7 Em9
and in this moment you do not know how
Am7 E5-F#5-G5
how my spirit wants to flee."
Am7 Em
You see what was one man, against the night
Am7 C-B--E5-E5-E5-E5
taking on a multitude that had left him high and dry
no candle burning vigil could light the way,
darkness hit the ground like a fallen satellite

Em E5-E5-E5-E5
he wrestled until morning with human souls
and dark angels

Em E5-E5-E5-E5
and there he finished his work
on the third day.

Am Em Am E5-F#5-G5

Am Em Am C B

D5 D5-C5/D 4x


Am Em Am Em (repeat and fade)

Am/C x30210
Em/B 020000
E5 022xxx
F#5 244xxx
G5 355xxx

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