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by Reality check

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#
#-- File created with Instab - http://www.pconline.com/~smcarey/instab.html --#

Artist: Reality Check
Title: Masquerade
Album: Reality Check

This song has two electrics guitars through most of the song, and the second 
plays some great octave runs that really add to the sound.  Too bad Reality
Check broke up - their album is one of my favorites.  Great modern sounds!

Acoustic:  D  B  C  G
           D  B  C   Electric plays (B5/C5 C5)
Then the band comes in playing the D B C G progression, one elec guitar plays
power chords and the other plays the following octaves:
-------------7-----8-----9-----4----| This gives an inverted chord feel to the 
-------------x-----x-----x-----x----| song so the chords sound like: 
-------------5-----6-----7-----2----|    D   B/Eb   C/E   and  G/B
Play over:   D     B     C     G                                  
Rapping part: bass plays, funk riff comes in at half way

Right before...  Verse Funk Riff -  clean w/wah
D        B                C        G
  And I wonder if you've ever seen
D                  B
  Life through the eyes of one who
  C                   G	
  Understands what it means to be free   
D          B                 C         G
  Freedom comes when you can let it go
D        B                 A
  But I guess you wouldn't know

The chorus also has an octave run that is played over the power chords.

1st line of chorus - "It's such a shame..."   
b*=it sounds like a 1/2 step pull up on a whammy bar, but if you don't 
     have a Floyd Rose like me, just bend the entire octave 1/2 step and back.

2nd line of chorus - "I'd like to know..."

G                        Bb			
  It's such a shame, the game you play
C                                         C* (bend power chord)           
  Congratulations, you're invited to the masquerade
G             Bb             C               Bb  -  C  		
  I'd like to know what lies behind the mask you've made

  Rapping part - just bass and funk riff like before, end on fill 1

D        B                 C        G
  And I wonder what you're gonna do
D             B                     C	 
  When your disguise comes crashing down
  And your self comes shining through
D         B            C       G
  Are you gonna hide your face?
D            B		          A     B
  Or let it rest in the hands of grace

Chorus - 3rd time, third electric comes in playing octave bend, see note 1
Intro progression to outro

Fill 1       Note 1: these are octave bends to play over the chorus.  Use a wah   
--------|   |------------------------| with distortion throughout.  Play the first
-/15vv--|   |--15------------18------| bend for awhile, and then move up to the 
--------|   |--17b19---------20b22---| second.  Listen and you'll see what I mean.
--------|   |------------------------|
--------|   |------------------------|
--------|   |------------------------|
That's about it!  A great song to cover now that they broke up.  David Lichens did
some amazing guitar work on this - a best of all - he's from Portland, OR.

c1997 Ariose Music/ASCAP/Tom Collins Music/Gotee Music/Butter Hits Music/BMI


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