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Host of angels

by Ross king

Host of Angels
written by Ross King
off of his Something By Sunrise Album
Copyright 1995 Reliance Music. All rights reserved
This is an extremely long song to write out but the basic chord progression 
through the song is Em-C-D with the exception of some of the lines where it 
changes to Em-D. 
Capo 3


Em : (022000)
D: (XX0232)
c: (X32010) or (332010)

intro: em-c-d (x2)

Verse 1:

Em                             C
Born of a virgin He came     
and Jesus was His name
His purpose was unknown
He spoke in parable and psalm
And He made the waters calm
But never took His throne
              D                           Em
And the lame were made to walk
And you could hear the peoople talk
                 C                  D          Em
Saying, "Is this man an icon or insane?"
                D                  Em
And the rulers fear the worst
And they wondered what to do
While thousands gathered to hear the rebel say

Em                        C
Blessed are the meek
                           D                      EM
For they shall someday rule the earth
                               C                     D
And if you believe in Me you will recieve
         Em                    C
For do not store possessions
                 D                  Em
They have no eternal worth
                 C                             D                
And they people listened and watched Him walk away
             C                     D                            
And a Host of Angels bowed their heads and prayed

Verse 2:         ( use same chords as Verse 1 )

They said His words were too hard
And that He had gone too far,
But He had so much more to do
The twelve grew strong in their faith
But somehow they were afraid
The saviors words were really true
And the traitor made his bet
And the blood was mixed with sweat
But still the cup was given to the Lamb
And the murder was freed
And the Messiah had two pleas
As they nailed Him to the cross by foot and hand

"Father, Please forgive them, for they
don't know what they've done"
As the blood fell from His crown into His eyes
And He whispered, "It is finished"
As the last breathe left His lungs
And the cheering just grew louder as He died
And a Host of Angels bowed their cryed

Verse 3:   ( same chord progression, start on D-Em )

But when the third day came
The Father called His name
And a Host of Angels said another prayer
The women came to see His grave
But the stone was rolled away
And they looked inside there was nobody there

Glory in the highest hours, Lord Jesus lives again
And if you believe in him you will recieve
Take Him as Your shelter, as Your Lord and as Your friend
May the resurrection bring new life today
Let the Host of Angels sing a song of praise
Let the Host of Angels sing a song of praise


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