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by Delirious

Artist: Deliriou5?
Title: Heaven
Album: Mezzamorphis
c1999 Furious?/Sparrow music

This a note-for-note tab for a somewhat complicated song.  Hopefully
this will all make sense...  

Intro:                         *=when muting, run up low E string hitting
                                as many harmonics as possible.  
G------------------------||    G---------------------------|| Play until
D------------------------||4x  D-----------x--x--x--x--x---|| C in verse
A------------------------||    A-----------x--x--x--x--x---||
E--0--0--0---------------||    E--0--0--0--x--x--x--x--x---||
   1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &         1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &

Verse 1: electric gtr chords in ()
I walked down roads where the devils been

Where the kids have seen things they should have never seen
And the ancient stone knows the deeper tale
About a bloody game they call the holy war

Pre-Chorus Riff:                  "That's where I wanna be..."
B-----8-----------3----------1--------  (2x first verse, 1x second)
   Em7         Bm7        Am7

1st Chorus: (**see note on keyboard octaves at bottom of tab**)
Em   D/F# G
He - ea - ven
      Em  D/F# G
Is my ho - o - ome
             C    D   Em  (bass & elec gtr go to F#)  
And there'll be - e - e no shame

Elec. gtr chorus fill:
	In the last line of the chorus, the elec gtr plays octaves instead of the
actual chords.  In the first chorus it goes only to F#, but in later choruses,
it goes all the way up to G.  Here's the octave positions:
G---5-----7-----9-----11-----12----| Listen for exact timing.
    C     D    Em    D/F#     G

Verse 2: (play intro riff) 
I walked down roads where the angels been

where the kids have seen things that we never have seen
And the ancient stone knows the deeper tale
About a bloody king who won the holy war  

Pre-chorus riff 1x

2nd Chorus: (**see note on keyboard octaves at bottom of tab**)
G    G/A  G/B
He - ea - ven
      Em  D/F# G
Is my ho - o - ome
             C    D   Em  D/F#            G    C  C-G/B-G/A  G  C-G/B-G/A
And there'll be - e - e       no shame to bear 
G    G/A  G/B
He - ea - ven
      Em  D/F# G
Is my ho - o - ome
             C    D   Em  D/F#           C  A/C#  D  B/Eb
And there'll be - e - e        no refugees - - - -

	The bridge has a total of three guitars in it.  The main rhythm guitar on the
left side of the mix and is tabbed below.  There is another rhythm guitar on the 
right side of the mix, but is just playing open voicing of the chords with slight
distortion.  The third guitar in the center is playing the actual lead part.

Main Rhythm gtr(left side of mix): ()=optional notes to emulate the 2nd rhythm gtr
  Em                    Am
  Em                      C          D
  Em                    Am
  Em                       C           Am

3rd guitar(actual solo):
	Play a gradual E octave bend through the first 3 bars of the bridge,
then slide down and play a lower gradual bend during the last bar, adding random 
pinch harmonics.  Finish with a pick slide on the D string.
gradual octave bend    Play during last bar (use pinch harmonics)

Chorus (in between choruses, elec. gtr plays quick G-A-B octave run)
End on: C  A/C# D

Note on Keyboard Chorus Octaves:
	The keyboard is playing the following octaves over the chorus chords.
G    A    B
He - ea - ven
      G    A   B
Is my ho - o - ome
             C    D   E F#        (G)   
And there'll be - e - e   no shame


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