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All i know

by Caedmons call

Song Title: "All I Know"
Group: Caedmon's Call
Album: "My Calm//Your Storm"

There are two parts to this song.  The lead guitar, which is picking through 
chords for almost the entire song, is Derek Webb.  He is in an alternate 
tuning, though, (it is DGDGAD) and so I will not put his part up.  I know 
to a few of you that is a pain, but to most it will save you numerous sets
of strings from breaking, so I have to consider the masses.  Again, anything
you want and cannot find, simply e-mail me and ask!

Anyway, Cliff's part is Capoed at the 4th fret, and played in G.  That puts 
the actual song in B, fyi.  With a little practice, though, you can play the
entire song with his part and come pretty close to the record.  Just work on
picking through the chords as opposed to just strumming straight down.  I also
went through every verse, as opposed to saying "see above" or something like that;
there are some small subtle changes thrown in.  Be sure to look through all the
verses if you want to catch these.  Only the chorus is the same throughout.

All chords are given relative to the Capo

G Am7 C D
G Am7 C D

(NOTE: If you are really ambitious, you can pick through these.  I have tabbed 
out a pretty nice way to go about it.  It is really fast, so it will take some
practice, and mail me if you ahve questions)


 ---G--- ---Am7-- ----C----- ----D---- 


 ---G--- ---Am7-- ----C----- ----D----

   G        Am7            C            D
  Spit and the clay, when washed away
   G   Am7   C       D
  Gave the blind man sight
   G   Am7   C       D         Em    
  New eyes couldn't comprehend the sun
   D                       C   
  That by light ended the night

   D                     C
  Shackled in blindness since his birth
   D                     C              D
  Whose sin, was it him, what's it all worth

  G Am7 C D   }  This time, these are just strummed, not
  G Am7 C D   }     picked as earlier.

   G        Am7  C    D          
  Now with eyes wide open they
   G           Am7
  interrogate him
   C            D
  Saying who is he
   G      Am7          C           D
  Do you believe what that man is saying
   Em    D          C
  Who do you say is he

   G    Cadd9 
  All I know
   D        Cadd9     G
  Is I was blind, he said
   C9       D   Cadd9
  And now I see
   G Cadd9 D Cadd9  G   Cadd9  D  Cadd9
  All I know is he healed me

   G   Am7    C    D       
  I sit here today
   G   Am7         C          D  
  So I say that I believe in him
   G   Am7         C          D        Em
  Yet I cannot fathom the wind-like way
   D                 C
  That's made me new again

   D                     C
  Shackled in blindness since my birth
   D                C                  D
  Whose sin, was it me, what's it all worth.

Chorus: (Same as above)
  All I know
  Is I was blind, he said
  And now I see
  All I know is he healed me

   G   Am7      C   D       
  Now new from the womb
   G   D                   (<-- Note the change from Am7 to D!)
  They interrogate me
   C            D
  Saying who is he
   G     Am7      C         D             Em
  Do you believe what that book is saying
   C                    D
  How gullible can you be

Bridge 2:
   D                 D
  Darwin my tend to disagree
  I don't know
   D                 D
  Marx is writing a drug I need
  Still I don't know
   D                 D
  Freud analyzes in my head
   D                 C
  Nietzsche's saying God is dead
  But I'm saying

Chorus: (Same as above)
  All I know
  Is I was blind, he said
  And now I see
  All I know is he healed me

Chorus: (Same as above)
  All I know
  Is I was blind, he said
  And now I see
  All I know is he healed me

  G Am7 C  D    }  Go back to picking through these
  G Am7 C  D    }

   G            Am7   C     D
  Spit and the clay, when washed away
   G        Am7   C        D
  Gave the blind man sight

Chord Signatures:

Cliff: (all given relative to capo) 


   G  Am7  C  Cadd9   D   Em


1:14 PM 12/8/96

Lyrics printed by permission of Derek Webb and Aaron Tate.
Written by Aaron Tate and Cliff Young. (1994, Cumbee Road Music).
All rights reserved. 

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