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Del's Bells

by Phil Keaggy

Author/Artist: Phil Keaggy
Title: Del's Bells
Album: Acoustic Sketches

This is a rough sketch, but should get you started on all the parts.
Play along with the CD to get the whole thing down...

h2  hammer on
p0  pull off
12^ harmonic, in this tab this is ALWAYS a right hand slap harmonic
/   slide up

This tune incorporates PK's right hand slapping technique;  above the tab
the / means hit with right hand index finger, x means hit with other  3
fingers of right hand (or, to do it correctly, cut off the top half of your
right middle finger, and only use the remaining two).  PK uses a rocking
motion to do this.  If you're uncoordinated, just use your index finger,
but it can get a bit tiring.  The x in the tab itself indicates the timing
of the right hand slap, not a mute. 

This tab just gives each part of the song;  At the end the general
arrangement is provided.

If tuned down half a step like PK usually does, Capo 3rd fret, else capo
2nd fret.
DADGBD tuning.

Section A
  /     / x /     / x /     / x /   / 
       (1)                      (2)

(1) when re-entering this section from section B this is where you start
(2) again, these harmonic are created with right hand index finger slaps.
You can       slap at fret 19 instead of 7 if you like.  You need a
Langejans or an Olson to make this sound right though...

Section B

(3)  hey, nice lick...

Section C
(4)                     (5)

(4) I've never seen PK play this live, so he may finger this (and other parts)
    differently.  There are a number of alternatives.  This was easiest to me.

(5) On the CD, the first time thru the 5 note on the lower string is not
    but I imagine that was just a mistake (sacrilege!!!). Its there the

Section D
 /   / x     / x       / x     / x     / x     / / (or something like that)

(6) The ordering of these riffs may not be exact.  I don't have the CD with
me, but its the right notes...

Section E
          (7)               (8)                  (9)  (10)

(7) & (8)  the first time, emphasize the the lower (D) string, second time
                                emphasize the higher (A) string.  

(9) when pulling off with the right hand, brush toward te low D string so
all the     strings are heard.

(10)  Just my favorite PK tapping riff of all time!!!

Closing Chords.  These are the chords in the right order, but I'll leave it
you to get the rhythm off the CD.  Its similar to The Reunion.  Sorry,
you'll also have to figure out the fade out sequence yourself, or just use
this for leading into another song.


Playing Order

A A A B A B A C D E, Repeat, then Closing


Subject: alternate fingerings

Alternate fingerings with right hand tapping for Sections B & C.  These
should more closely follow what PK actually plays...

t is for right hand tap; (t5 means right hand tap on fret 5) any pulloffs
or slides directly following one of these is done with the right hand,
whereas any hammer-ons (like h3) are done with the left hand...

Section B

Section C

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