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Readers Digest

by Larry Norman

READERS DIGEST                               Larry Norman

1.Alice is a drag queen, Bowie's something inbetween
2.The Rolling Stones are millionairs, Flower Childer pall-bears
3.Its ninteen seventy three, I wonder who were gonna see, 
4.You think Its such a sad thing, when you see a fallen King

1.Other bands are looking mean, me I'm trying to stay clean.
2.Beatles said All You Need Is love and then they broke up
3.Who's on power now I think I'll turn on the TV
4.Then you find out he's just a prince to begin with 
1.I don't dig the radio, I hate what the charts pick
2.Jimi took an overdoes, Janice followed so close, 
3.The man on the news said China's gonna beat us
4.And everybosy ahs to choose whether they ewill win or loose,

1.Rock & Roll may not be dead, but its getting sick.
2.The whole music scene and the bands are pretty comotose
3.We've shot all our dreamrs and there's no one left to lead us
4.Follow God or sing the blues who you gonna sin with

1.All over the world dis jockeys talk insane
2.This time last year people didn't wanna hear
3.We need solution, we need salvation 
4.What a mess the world is in I wonder who began it

1.And every town I play is like the one from where I came.
2.They looked at jesus from a far, this year he's a Super Star.
3.Lets send some people to the moon to gather information
4.Don't as me I'm only visiting this planet, this world is not my home
3.They brought back a big bag of rock, 	must be nice rocks, they only cost
13 million
4.I'm  just  passing  through............ 

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