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Father up the Road

by Vigilantes of Love

"Farther up the Road" by Vigilantes Of Love
From "To the Roof of the Sky"
Words and music by Bill Mallonee
Copyright  1998 cybrenjojosh (BMI)
www.coaster.com/VOL   www.awakeningrecords.com

Capo drop-D +1 (Capo the 1st fret, then add a Kyser capo up-side-down
over the bottom 5 strings of the third fret.)

O00232    D (O = open)  [hammer 3rd string]
320033    G             [hammer 5th string]
200232    D/F#
K22000    Em (K = same fret as the up-side-down capo)
224232    Bm7/F#
320035    Gadd9

      D                       G
Honey cover me in roses cover me in the leaves of fall
         D                  /F#     G
On those beads of your rosary hey remember me when you call
        D                      /F#      G                        [Em]
I'll be waiting by the telephone though you're just down the hall
         D                     Em          G                      [D  G]
When I'm beat down cold and stoned wrap me up in your prayer shawl

Now some will steal your garden some will sow their weeds
Yeah some will rob you good and blind just to see you bleed
Honey cover me in roses this sack of bones and skin
Come and breathe upon this spirit before winter settles in

Em                   G
Checking out of this cheap motel
    D               Bm7
The wind all in our souls
    Em             G                   D  Gadd9
God shows his face farther up the road

Now all those choices that you took asked more than you can give
And all those worst case scenarios become your one life to live
And all the greed and powers that be they have worked no ill effect
There are never disappointments when there's nothing left


Now hunger she's a driver but you never knew her name
You had assumed different destinations but now they're obviously the same
Yeah you can take it all on the chin pretending you don't feel a thing
And there is no bucket big enough for tears that make you sing


Honey cover me in roses yeah and do not spare the thorns
You know some of us are waiting here a lifetime to be born
And if there are no roses and those dealers will not sell
Let your prayers become like kisses and they'll do just as well

    Em             G                   D  Bm7
God shows his face farther up the road


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