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Hidden Track

by E.So

***Ok, here's the deal.  I know you don't accept lyrics because of copyright
laws, but I have submitted this tab to the band and they confirmed it and
gave me permission to share it.  Here is the email:

>From: "kyle" 
>Subject: hidden track tab
>Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 21:24:54 -0700
>Hey guys I wrote a tab for the hidden track. I wasn't totally sure 
>about the lyrics, so I wanted you guys to review it first before I 
>start posting it and submitting it places.  So if you have the time, 
>please change anything that is wrong with it and send it back to me.  
>I've only been playing guitar for about 2 months, so there's a chance 
>that the chords are a little off.  But I'm guessing it's about 95% 
>accurate as far as the music.  I'm more concerned about the words being 
>incorrect. Thanks a lot, it will be much appreciated.  And once you 
>send that back to me, I will start submitting it to various tab sites 
>(if that's O.K. with you guys). << e-sohiddentrack.txt >>

    Thanks so much for spending the time and interest in this song, it's 
truly a blessing to have homies share in the ministry.  The transcriptions 
look good to me, by all means, share it with who you will.
     lam 3:22-24 -Lee,e.so-

This email is from Lee Richards, the singer of E.SO.  I think there should
be an exception for this particular song to be able to have lyrics.

E.SO - Hidden Track

This has been reviewed by E.SO.

These are the chords used.
You will have to listen to the song for the timing.


D2    = X00230
Am    = X02210
A2    = X02200
C2    = X35533
G2    = 557XXX
Csus4 = X33033
D     = X00232
B2    = X24422
A     = X02220

D2 Am A2 C2 G2  (continue throughout verse)

   D2        Am     A2  C2       G2
      Shooting star you   breathe in me
      Follow through to this glorious room of you and me
      The boy sat down a little bit scared to breathe
      I feel something near to me so are you
      And why do i feel things near to me
      And I cry inside because suddenly I'm free

Csus4                     D                  Csus4
      I've been there before, and I'm not going back
                  D                   B2   G2
      I need you more now that I can see... you now

D2 Am A2 C2 G2 (continue throughout verse)

      He raised his hands and bitterness leaves 
      The blood he sees is the blood he needs
      And how can I receive this love you have... I need
      This is all I have you're all that's left in me

Csus4                      D                     Csus4
      I never felt this before now I'm leaning against you
                    D                  B2   G2
      I need this more now that I can see you
                  D     A
      That I can see you
                  G2   D   G2
      That I can see you

   D2        Am     A2  C2       G2
      Shooting star you   breathe in me
      Follow through to this glorious room of you and me 

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