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Hanging On

by Everyday Sunday

Artist:  Everyday Sunday
Title :  Hanging On
Album :  Stand Up


There's a higher melody part going on on top of the guitars which I think
is a keyboard / synthesizer, though it sounds more like a stringed
instrument at parts.  Unfortunately, I lack the patience to write out
notes (plus, I have never played piano, so my *mad* ;) violin skills
can't really help me out)

Tuning:  Standard (EADGBe)
  Time:  [2/4]
         Beat is around 88 (?) not sure, I tend to start it there. 
             * In any case, it isn't too fast.  As always, it can be 
               played at whichever tempo you like.

INTRO (2x)
           C#m                  B
 e |------------0--------0--|-------------0--------0--|
 B |-------0-------0--------|-------0--------0--------|
 G |----------6-------6-----|----------4--------4-----|
 D |-----6------------------|-----4-------------------|
 A |--4---------------------|--2----------------------|
 E |------------------------|-------------------------|

 e |------------0--------0--|------------0---------0--|
 B |-------0-------0--------|-------0--------0--------|
 G |----------2-------2-----|----------2--------2-----|
 D |-----2------------------|-----2-------------------|
 A |--0---------------------|--0----------------------|
 E |------------------------|-------------------------|


  Pretty sure that it's just the INTRO played 4 times
  For the vocals, they begin on beat 2 of the first repetition of the line
  (time signature as 2/4)
  On the last line before going into the CHORUS, continue the same fingering
  but with C#, E/B, and E (thanks to Brent)  

       C#     E/B    E
   e --0-------0-----0-------
   B --0-------0-----0-------
   G --4-------9(8)--9-------
   D --4-------9(8)--9-------
   A --2-------6-----7-------
   E ----------------0-------

    "and all I want is You" with [all] and [You] falling on E/B and E.

  Play the INTRO part 4 times.  This is a building up period.  Words start
  with "I come to you with all .." and the synthesizer joins in with F
  and G syncopated quarters (single notes, no chords).
  During the 4TH (LAST) repetition on the third measure some D# and E comes
  in to lead into the chorus.  I think the acoustic drops out here and is
  replaced by electric (that's what I do; I prefer doing the picking
  on an acoustic).


  For the Synthesizer part, I'm sure whoever's playing the keys will have
  an easy time playing along -- the notes are pretty clear (though not so
  much for me).  

         E      B  C#m(G#?)    A                 (E) (B ..
    e |--7------7---4---4------5--- you can ------0---
    B |--9------7---5---4------5--- opt to -------0---
    G |--9------8---6---6------6--- leave the ----9---
    D |--9------9---6---6------7--- high e and ---9---
    A |--7------9---4---6------7--- B open. ------7---
    E |--7------7---4---4------5--- (as usual) ---0---

   For the first repetition of the chorus, it is the same picking order as
   before, but using these variations on the chorus chords (different positions 
   -- sometimes)

    e |--0------0------0------0--   *****************************************
    B |--0------0------0------0--    or you can choose to play this sequence
    G |--9------4------6------2--    always.  I don't like to shift as much
    D |--9------4------6------2--    so when it's hard strokes (no picking), 
    A |--7------2------4------0--    I tend to stay higher on the B5 and F5.
    E |--0------0------0------0--   *****************************************

    If you seem to have a spot that doesn't fit, you should play this instead
    of continuing with the first CHORUS.  This shuold for the most part be
    handled by the synthesizer -- I'm not sure what the guitar plays during
    this -- maybe nothing (?)

        A     B     Cm  
   e |--0(5)--0(7)---0(9)--
   B |--0(5)--0(7)---0(9)--
   G |--6-----8------9-----
   D |--7-----9------11----
   A |--7-----9------11----
   E |--5-----7------9-----

   After a bunch of CHORUS / BRIDGE the acoustic comes back for the INTRO
   (the last two lines of lyrics)

I know this tab isn't perfect but it's pretty close -- if you have updates
or corrections please send them to me.  thanks :) 

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