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by Sufjan Stevens

Song: Jacksonville
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Album: Illinoise
Capo: 3rd fret (All Chord Frets Relative to the Capo)
Standard Tunning (EADGBe)

Verse 1

[D]I'm not afraid of the [Bm]black man running
He's [F]got it right he's got a [Am7] better life coming
[D]I don't care what the [Bm]captain said
I [F]fold it right at the [Am7]top of my head
[D]I lost my sight and the [Bm]state packs in
I [F]follow my heart and it [Am7]leads me right to Jackson

(Same Chord Progression in the Chorus: D,Bm,F,Am7)

Oh Keller oh oh oh
She gave us a medal she gave us a map
Oh Canner Row, oh oh oh
If seeing is right, then look where you're at

(There's an Instrumental Jam here, use the same chord progression here : D,Bm,F,Am7)

Verse 2 (same chord timing and progression as Verse 1)
I'm not afraid of Nichol's Park
I ride the train and I ride it after dark
I'm not afraid to get it right
I turn around and I give it one more try
I said things that I meant to say
The bandstand chairs and the Dewey Day parade
I go out to the golden age
The spirit is right and the spirit doesn't change

Chorus (same progression again)

Oh Keller oh oh oh
She gave us mirror she gave us a map
Oh Canner Row, oh oh oh
If seeing is right then look where you're at

Instumental Jam Again (Same Chords)


[D]Andrew Jackson, [Bm]all I'm asking
[F]Show us the wheel and[Am7] give us the wine
[D][Bm]Woohoo! [F]Woohoo[Am7]!
[D]Raise the banner,[Bm]Jackson hammer
[F]Everyone goes to the [Am7]capitol line
[D][Bm]Woohoo! [F]woohoo[Am7]!
[D]Colored preacher,[Bm] nice to meet you!
[F]The spirit is here and the [Am7]spirit is fine!
[D][Bm]Woohoo! [F]Woohoo[Am7]!
[D]Education,[Bm]ask the nation
[F]You gave us our sight and the[Am7] hearing is fine
[D][Bm]Woohoo! [F]Woohoo[Am7]!
[D]Andrew Jackson [Bm]all I'm asking
[F]Give us the wheel [Am7] and give us the wine

Very End: D Bm F Am7

D   Bm   F    Am7

-2  -2   -1   -0
-3  -3   -1   -1
-2  -4   -2   -0
-0  -4   -3   -2
-x  -2   -3   -0
-x  -2   -1   -x


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