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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Faking My Own Suicide

by Relient K

These are the chords to the song Deathbed. The tabs before were not totally accurate, 
because this song is so amazing, I wanted to get a 100% accurate version out. I have 
a chord chart. i am not a chord name fundi but the chords are right even if the
names arn't. Enjoy!

A       Am       A/G#   OR A/G#     A/G      Bb       Bm      Bm7
x02220  X02210   4X2400    4X2450   3X2400   X13331   X24432  X24232

C       Cm       C/G    OR C/G      C/E      Cm/Eb    D
X32010  X35543   332010    33555    032010   x6554x   X0232

D/C#    D/C      D/F#      D/F#     Em7      F    OR  F       G5
x4x232  X3X232   200232    200230   022030   133211   XX3211  320022

G       Gm       G/B       Gm/Bb    G/D  OR  G/D  OR  G/D
355433  355333   X2X022    X1X022   XX0022   X50322   XX0787

I can smell the death on the sheets, covering me
                             C     G
I can't believe this is the end


    C          F          G         Am
But this is my deathbed I lie here alone
      C            F         G            C
If I close my eyes tonight I know I'll be home

Verse 1:

    C                       Gm
The year was nineteen forty one I was
Bb                               F
Eight years old and Far far too young
   C                        Gm
To know that the stories Of battles and glory
      Bb                      F
Was a tale a kind mother made up for her son You see
C                   Gm
Dad was a traveling preacher
Bb                        F
Teaching the words of the Teacher
    C                     Gm
But mother had sworn went off to the war
    Bb                    F
And died there with honor somewhere on a beach there

       Am                 A/G#
But he left once to never return
      C/G                     D/F#
Which taught me that I should unlearn
Fmaj7                C/E
Whatever I thought a father should be
  Cm                             D
I abandoned that thought Like he abandoned me

   D                 D/C#
By forty seven I was fourteen
    D/C                             G/B
I'd acquired a taste for liquor and nicotine
Gm/B                 D/A
I smoked until I threw up
                    A      A/G#        A/G           D/F#
Yet I still lit 'em up for thirty more years Like a machine

   Fmaj7                C
So right there you have it
     Fmaj7           C
That one filthy habit
        Dm           C      G
Is what got me where I am today

I can smell the death on the sheets Covering me
                            C     G
I can't believe this is the end
I can hear those sad memories Still haunting me
                       C    G
So many things I'd do again


    C           F         G        Am
But this is my deathbed I lie here alone
      C              F       G            C
If I close my eyes tonight I know I'll be home

Verse 2:

      C                    Gm
I got married on my twenty first
Bb                     F
Eight months before my wife would give birth
     C                     Gm
It's easier to be sure you love someone
         Bb                       F
When her father inquires with the barrel of a gun

    Am                 Am/G#
The union was far from harmonious
       C/G                         D/F#
No two people could have been more alone than us
    Fmaj7                       C/E
The years would go by and she'd love someone else
    Cm                       D
And I realized I hadn't been loved yet myself

    D                    D/C#           D/C
And there's your typical spiel Yeah, if life was a highway
      G/B                       Gm/Bb                D/A
I was drunk at the wheel I was helping the loose ends All fall apart
       A            A/G#       A/G                    D/F#
Yeah I swear I was destined to fail And fail from the start

  Fmaj7                    C
I bowled about six times a week
    Fmaj7                   C
The bottle of Beam kept the memories from me
    Fmaj7                 C
The marriage had taken a seven-ten split
Dm            C            G
Along with my pride the ex-wife took the kids


I can smell the death on the sheets covering me
                            G     C
I can't believe this is the end
I can hear those sad memories still haunting me so many things
        G    C
I'd do again


    C           F         G        Am
But this is my deathbed I lie here alone
     C             F
If I close my eyes tonight
  G            C
I know I'll be home

Verse 3:

      C                      Gm
I was so scared of Jesus but He sought me out
         Bb                        F
Like the cancer in my lungs that's killing me now
         C                    Gm
And I've given up hope on the days I have left
      Bb                      F
But I cling to the hope of my life in the next

     Am                    A/G#
Then Jesus showed up said "Before we go"
   A/G                      D/F#
"I thought that we might reminisce"
     Fmaj7                           C/E
"See one night in your life When you turned out the light"
     Cm/Eb                    D
"You asked for and prayed for my forgiveness"


          D        Bm                     A
You cried wolf The tears they soaked your fur
    G5                       Em7
The blood dripped from your fangs
    D                  A
You said, "What have I done?"
               Em7       D            Bm
You loved that lamb With every sinful bone
     A              G5        Em              A
And there you wept alone Your heart was so contrite
           Em7            D                G5
You said, "Jesus, please forgive me of my crimes
Em7            D                G5
Sanctify this withered heart of mine
Em            D                 G5
Stay with me until my life is through
   Em7                 D                 G5
And on that day please take me home with you"

I can smell the death on the sheets covering me
                            D   A
I can't believe this is the end
I can hear You whisper to me, "It's time to leave
                 Bb      D     A
You'll never be lonely again"


    D            G5        A          Bm
But this was my deathbed I died there alone
       D               G5          A        G/D   D   G/D    D   repeat.
When I closed my eyes tonight You carried me home

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot sings, as the voice of Jesus:]


D        D/F#       Bm7             G   A
I am the Way follow Me and take My hand
    D        D/F#      Bm7          A           G
And I am the Truth, embrace Me and you'll understand
    D        D/F#         D/C               G
And I am the Light and for Me you'll live again
    G A  Bm   G  A  Bm
For I am Love I am Love
D   Em    G A  D
I----I  , I am Love

That's it. Just use my chord chart and you'll do fine. Please rate! God Bless!

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