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Table For Two

by Caedmons Call

Table For Two---Caedmon's Call
 Transferred by Asa Gaston
Transcripted by T-rev (T-rev.net) aka ‘The Worlds Greatest tabber'

Capo 4.  At a moderate, mellow tempo (one bass note per second, I 
think they used a digital watch for a metronome) in 6/8 time, pick 
and strum primarily using down strokes as follows:

 Beat 1 2 3 4 5 6     B = bass note
      B x x B x x     x = strum

The first (smallest) string is not played throughout most of the 
song.  I often mute it with my fretting hand, by just wrapping my 
fingers a bit too close around the neck (you know, the way we all 
do by accident when first learning to play).  Or with your picking 
hand you can rest a finger or two on the 1st string for muting 
plus increased pick control.  This "anchoring" technique is 
considered a bad habit by many, but I've also seen professionals 
do it, and it just seems really "folky" to me.

Sidenote: A more common form of anchoring--in fact, standard 
practice for bluegrass banjo players--is resting a finger or two 
(pinky and maybe ring finger) on the edge of the sound hole (or 
banjo head) when playing fingerstyle.  The main reason anchoring--
with or without a pick--is a bad habit for guitarists is that 
while it makes easy music easier, it makes difficult music more 
difficult by encumbering your picking hand.  Because "Table For 
Two" is built on its bass line, it's a good song for practicing 
accuracy without anchoring.  You got that fer free.

Another cool way to "cheat" would be to tune the first string down 
a whole step to match the 2nd string 3rd fret, so xxxx30 sounds 
like one note.  Thus you wouldn't have to mute the 1st string; 
most of the time you'd just play it un-fretted.  The chord I'm 
calling D (which is actually a Dsus9) could be fingered like a 
regular D, xx0232, and A7, Asus and A would be x02022, x02232 and 
x02222.  Or if you played the A chords the regular way with the 
open 1st string, you'd have a nice dissonant sound.

And, of course, another variation on the above trick is to partial 
capo.  First capo 2, then at the 4th fret capo all but the 1st 
string.  The fun never ends!  For more on partial-capoing, go to 

Chord  -  Name
XX0230    D (adlib hammer 1st and 3rd strings on 2nd fret)
X4023X    D/C#
X2023X    D/B
X0023X    D/A
3X003X    G
2X023X    D/F#
0X003X    Em7
X0203X    A7sus
X2443X    Bm
2X443X    Bm/F#
0X010X    E7
X2010X    E7/B
3X000X    Gh (hammer 3X201X on and off)
X0202X    A7
2X003X    G/F#
X02230    Asus
X02220    A

[intro]  D, /C#, /B, /A, G, D/F#, Em7, A7sus (2x)

[verse 1]
D, /C#, /B, /A, G, D/F#, Em7, A7sus
Bm, /F#, E7, /B, Gh
D, /C#, /B, /A, G, D/F#, Em7, A7sus
Bm, /F#, E7, A7, D

[chorus 1]
G, /F#, Em7, D, Asus, A
G, /F#, Em7, D, Asus, A
G, /F#, Em7, D, Asus, A
Gh (this time short Gh without the hammer on, right into verse 2)

[verse 2]

[chorus 2]

[verse 3]

[chorus 3]

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