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Brown Eyes

by Andy Davis

			     "Brown Eyes" - Andy Davis

Tuning: Standard

From his album "Let the Woman," as fine a piece of pop craftsmanship as has 
been made. I'd stack this song and "Earth and Venus" next to any melody 
written this decade. I'll try and get around to tabbing that one when I can. 
Here's a fine new song by a great young singer and songwriter.

Its in C#, Andy Davis being a piano player who likes relative minors and the 
black keys (as he says in another song). I'd say that key and Ab seem to 
suit his voice quite well. The song might be easier for those not 
comfortable with barred chords if you play it with a capo on the 4th fret; a 
C# would then be an A, A B would be A G, and an F# A D.

All the chords are obviously played on a piano, which means that there are a 
bunch of different ways to play each one, since he is playing more notes 
than you will be able to touch on a guitar. I am going to write them out the 
way I like them to sound on my Martin. I'm going to leave that high E alone 
for the most part, since it is hard to reach, but if you like that high 
note, it is alternating mostly between a D# (11th fret) and a C# (9th fret). 
I recommend on the verses that you stick to playing the chords only across 
the D,G, and B strings-- it is easier and sounds closer to what Andy is 

Opens with a chord that sounds cool, which I will call...


               C#sus2   C#   D#sus2        
I know she had brown   eyes

  D#         F#sus2   F#   C#
I know she's about   my   height

                     F#sus2  F#   C#      
I don't have all the de-  tails

               C#m           B
I just met her last night    yeah

                  C#sus2   C#   D#sus2
She said she just moved   here

  D#                  F#sus2   F#        C#
I don't know what she came    here to   do

                  F#sus2  F#    C#
She didn't really say    much

                  C#m       B
She didn't really have to

C#           B        F#    
She could already be taken and

C#                 B           F#
Outside I bet her boyfriend's waitin' but

C#              A#m        B         G#  (/C is the bass note)
I know I can't rest in the state I'm in

B            F#             C#sus2                B      F#
I don't even know her but I know I gotta see her again


B            F#             C#sus2                F#
I don't even know her but I know I gotta see her again

[Second verse and chorus same as the first]

I wonder what she's up to
I know I need to track her down
I'm searching for some rumours
Like some kind of bloodhound      Yeah

I hope it wasn't just me   yeah
I hope she remembers my name
Yeah time is only tickin'
It could be too late   yeah and I know

She could already be taken and
Outside I bet her boyfriend's waitin' but
I know I can't rest in the state I'm in
I don't even know her but I know I gotta see her again  yeah
I don't even know her but I know I gotta see her again

D#m          G#            D#m
Stuck in the back of my mind

               G#           G#m
Is her lookin' in to my eyes

              D#m             B
I'm not gonna rest til I find her

               C#sus2   C#
And maybe I'll sleep again

I know she had brown eyes
I know she's about my height
She could already be taken and
Outside I bet her boyfriend's waitin' but
I know I can't rest in the state I'm in

Coda chords are   B -- F# -- C#sus2  (with the occasional C#sus2 to C#)

Yeah I don't even know her but I know she had brown eyes
Don't even know her but I know she's about my height
If I remember right
Yeah we just met once and she was gone up and outta my life
Tell me have you seen her yeah 
Can't miss her my friend
She's a tall brunette
'Bout 5'8 or 5'9 or 5'10
Yeah I wanna be taking her our
But you get ahead of myself
Be laughing and seeing what happens

la la la la la....
et cetera et finis

C#sus2:        xx[11][11][9][11]
C#sus2 (verse): [9][11][11][11][9]x
C# (verse):    [9][11][11][10][9]x
D#sus2:         x6889x     
D#:            x6888x
F#sus2:         x9[11][11][12]
F# (verse):    99[11][11][11]9
C#m:           9[11][11]999
B (verse):     799877
C# (chorus):   446664
B (chorus):    224442
F#:            244322
A#m:           688666
G#:            466544
Csus2 (chorus): 446674

If you play with a capo, simply subtract the number of the fret you put the 
capo on from each of these numbers here. That about does it. Tomorrow, 
perhaps, "Earth and Venus."

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