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Rock Stars

by Superchick

She moves to LA 
She wants to be somebody 
Three and a half years later 
She's still not anybody 
She's still hoping for a break 
While she's waiting tables 
Realizing some dreams are fables 
Fear grows when she knows that she's outta control 
Throwing up in the bathroom, hoping nobody knows 
And she fears she's a failure 
She forgets that God loves her 

You tried and you failed 
Hold your head up high 
You climbed and you fell 
Hold your head up high 
You tried and you failed 
Hold your head up high 
Hold your head up 
Hold your head up high 
Cause if we never make it ever 
Then it's gonna be okay with me 
Cause if it's not okay to fall sometimes 
It's not okay to be 
If they don't want us 
It's okay, honest, it doesn't have to bring me down 
Let them say we're not big rock stars 
It's not what we're about 
We don't have to be rock stars 
We don't have to be rock stars 

They said he'd never make it 
Maybe they're right 
His parents never believed that his dream could take flight 
All he ever wanted was for them to be proud of him 
It was the whole world to him 
He needed to win 
He gave it his everything 
But sometimes it's not enough 
He thinks he's a failure now, he's not worth being loved 
He forgets he had the courage to climb up so high 
The courage to try 
The courage to fly 


It's not about success 
Life is not a test 
You don't pass or fail 
You just do your best 
To see the view from wings of courage 
To push on through when we're discouraged 
It's all about the try, all about the ride 
Learning how you were meant to touch the sky 
Failures are fliers who touch down 
Only they know what it's like to leave the ground 


We don't have to be rock stars 
We dont' have to be rock stars

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