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Fifth Element

by Knowdaverbs

[Verse 1: Knowdaverbs]

Looking at the world through tortoise shelled Gazelles

Two styles once separate have locked from parallel

'Cause the less without the greater just couldn't suffice

so with cans, tiles, and mics we serve Christ

I can't conceive why those in disbelief

Stand back in awe that should be sighs of relief

I'm thinking like this it all seems correct

Use the gifts he gave to glorify, never neglect that

Review the word it stays in tact should have known that

From the day they rolled the stone back

Entrusted with ableness of the extraordinary

to challenge your physical and make your spirit double daring

While we Brooklyn Rock and rhyme people take it for granted

We move the gospel global universal across the planet

But since the birth of this you seen the bestest and the worstestes

Some claim original but they just pros at being perpetrist

Biters! Counterfeiting God's designs

like there were 1200 Techniques then 2000 by Gemini

He aims to fade the cross and try to scratch the win

Be continuous in your mix then transform you back to sin

But it ain't with it Christ is more than just a figment

Apply God tips live it vivid, like Krylon pigment

Idle minds try to pervert it, kill it, and dement it

The Factors remain to rhyme Christ centered and oriented

Though waves get rough trying to follow the example

The power to tread and trample clear the battle like a sample

Yes! Yes! Y'all it don't stop

Christ reigns supreme he be the best sure shot!

[Chorus: Knowdaverbs]

Take a break from rhyming and record and playin'

The real master piece is in the inners activation

Some have doubt about the true Fifth Element

The same yesterday as today and that settles it!

[Verse 2: Knowdaverbs]

I remember the days I was a Hip Hop tot

Shuffled on box tops dubbed tapes from cousin Scott

Then it seemed different once Christ was implemented

with the Fifth Element in it the skills are fermented

There's no rule breakin' that's the art of emceeing

Masters commissioners professin' his living being

Contact the cross recognized the blood lost

and talents you've received all expense no cost

Emmanuel! The greatest emcee the world has ever known

Every time that he bust thousands came to the show!

Emmanuel! The greatest B-Boy the Earth has ever seen

When it was time for him to break he wiped the slate clean!

Freshly white, brite, glimmerin' like neon

Buffed over what stood before like legal walls to peace on

So like Phanatik says, don't wrap the mystery revealed

Why we sport Adidas? By his stripes we were healed!

Without the rhythm of the word verse ain't complete

While my KJV vibrateth the concrete!


[Verse 3: Knowdaverbs]

Take some time read between the sinewaves

Excell in excellence plus divine is what the rhymes states

Eight tracks, CD's, back around the vin plates

Form, pause the track... see how your mind waits

We confronted people that doubted what we do

I migrate with Factors a herd of a chosen few

The reason I state that is many receive callin'

But some wade in the water while few are down for all in

Total submission submerged in a pursuit

in a trek for holiness 'stead of cars ladies and loot

Down like a bubble jackets for refining test again

Keep the walk tight left then right like a pedestrian

Many times I've read the word, many times I've been astounded

Integrity and diligence make an emcee well rounded

'Cause what is a deejay if he can't scratch?

What is a emcee if he can't rap?

What's a disciple if his walks wack?

El Shaddai renews it all baby just like that!


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