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Wink And a Nudge

by Royal Ruckus

Hook: I don't comprehend what I see Is your version of reality With a wink and a nudge you seem to get by But I don't understand why 

Verse One VERSE(1):
Flatline: All up in the place wif my Dodge Caravan Downtown all around like a clown wif a plan Tiny record stores posters on the wall Promotion promo records stay tall On the B-side let it ride then flip the track Around new sound make you fall on your back Tape decks and sound checks 5 nights in a row How we go try to know how to keep a good flow Formula songs money made guaranteed Pop hit TRL "woo woo" MTV Can't you see songs sweet like chocolate fudge But you'll get no respect with that wink and a nudge 

Chunjay: Pastor Fernny Fern has a little perm And all that silly doctrine makes him squirmy squirm Seven things that he affirms about the tiny little faith Only trouble is there's no amazing grace You know he'll make you smile you know he'll make you laugh When it comes to tithing you know he'll take a half Ole Fernny Fern gets topics from prime time Instead of preaching Christ he says climb boy climb Ascend up to the heavens on ole Jacob's ladder Just be a nice chap do your best and try to flatter There's no way you'll hear speaking of the judge Just sensitivity, laughter, a wink and a nudge 

Flatline: Hey lady won't you come over When I saw ye like I had a four-leaf clover, yeah 

Chunjay: Stephanie, a pretty girl with a car Picked me up from my mom's house to look at the stars I was so impressed with her style and finesse But I could not speak a word in jest So we looked at the sky, sang lullabies I asked her some questions to clarify A wink and a nudge 'cause I don't do that The world, the flesh, the devil I must combat 

Flatline: T hings seem a little different now I know who you are I thought I had a girl who had raised the bar You said sins no matter in my mind I can't think I can't mess with that now with that nudge and a wink

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