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Geeky Music for Kids

by Royal Ruckus

Hook: Popularity contests we lost every one Tried to be so cool but that just lost its fun Now we're done with that stuff, so here's what we did We made geeky music for those goofy little kids 

Flatline: Jump jump in the spot and show me what you got We be comin through your speaker hittin 15,000 watts I come into the party make the people say "hey" I'm from the Golden State of Cali-for-ni-a 

Chunjay: Gate class, yeah I was there With all my smart friends and 9 reindeer 

Flatline: Elementary knowledge up in the 4th grade Playing violin in orchestra yo I had it made 

Chunjay: I liked to read books and play cute little percussion Just jumping double-dutch I got a major concussion Hanging out with the girls getting beat up by the boys Could not be cool so I made instrumental noise 

Chunjay: Throw your hands to the sky shoe fly pie I may be a nerd but Flatline is Popeye Eating all his spinach and flexing those arms Don't be alarmed if you're a chicken on a farm 

Flatline: No matter what kids say they've said I was a fool I was a geeky kid before Weezer was cool Use my knowledge wisely learning as a tool Knowing information's better it's the #1 rule 

Chunjay: Whoa whoa! Where'd my pen go Little Bobby stole it I'm telling Miss Jones! 

Flatline: In my mind I was hip but more of a complainer And kids would laugh at my braces and retainer 

Chunjay: Hi I'm a dork and I use a spork Up in cafeteria eating casserole pork 

Flatline: Public education it's fun and it's free But it must not work just look at me 

I missed the bus (repeat) And that's something that I'll never, ever, ever do again 

Flatline: Crazy, crazy times ahead Should listen what my teacher said "Get on get up get out of bed Read the text books and keep your mind fed" 

Chunjay: Look a kitchen sink! I wear it on my head My hair is looking messy I just got out of bed 

Flatline: Goin rhyming at a ridiculous pace Jimbo Jones and Mikee Mike run a rap star race 

Chunjay: Come hither Flatline and I'll learn you a lesson Methinks that perchance thou hast lacked progression 

Flatline: I program little beats on my IBM Aptiva And then Maybe someday respect I can achieve-ah 

Chunjay: Well probably not after our Flicker debut I bet we even get dissed by the LA Symph crew 

Flatline: Rock and roll telling people what I know With my bro at the show fans in the front row

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