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God is My Help

by Daniel King F.A.L. West

We be knee deep in sin looking for a crucifix, or a quick fix, not knowing the whole time/ the thing that had us bound was the mind/ if you go a little deeper, you'll feel yourself get weaker/ turn up the speaker, cause the mysteries of God finna greet ya/ brethren I beseech ya, consider your ways, them sins don't pay/ but you that playa, killer out the Ville, finna pay for in flames/ man this real, I see your shortcomings, I got em too/ but mine are temporary, in time I'm gone be pruned/ by, the sword of the spirit, his love on the cross/ the peace in his speech, his love for the lost/ that's why I'm that lowlife cause it's only by God's grace that mama, Stephanie and John didn't have to see an early grave/ going down 72 east, dodging a truck and hitting a ditch/ I'm up at school going home at 2a.m., praying for em/ knowing that God's got it all worked out, rebuking that doubt/ repeating God's word standing stout, and speaking with a mighty shout/ I'm looking towards the hills from whence comes my help/ I've prayed my prayers and walked upright and owe no man no debts/ if God gave me the means to walk towards my dreams, he'll help me when I'm short, but the walking's up to me

God, he is my help, but only if I do some things for myself
God, he is so faithful to me

In my thoughts, my spirit senses something about to give/ no consideration of all the years of struggle, night spent on how one should live/ King FA.L. born 1-18-77, death date question mark/ I want to know Christ and him crucified, and that is how to survive/ when I'm at my end, then God will come and prove his word/ but I have to start, step out on faith, and move on what I've heard/ God is my help cause said not to put my trust in men/ God is my help, cause when I live my life I aim for him/ God is my shield, forgiver of all my sins/ the balm in this Gilead of Huntsville all the way to Birmingham's Legion Field/ my God is real and alive making the Universe spin right/ all things consist by him, and through him, blind eyes receive sight/ open up, I command thee, in Jesus name/ some are spiritually blind, but it's time to say peace be still and hold back the rain/ you have death to lose and life to gain, partner I wanna live/ like it say in that old song, what shall I render, what shall I give/ it takes some courage, even when you feel the devil close/ his place is beneath your feet, so why he got you comatose / lied to and deceived, but watch God pull through Now, receive your true self/ and move, let God be your help

© 2000 King FA.L. Publishing

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