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Come Again

by Daniel King F.A.L. West

I got this unction to spread this word up in this function/ we at that junction, got your heart pumping/ and your tweeters thumping, and I'm gonna tell you something/ to all you perpetrators, ain't no future in your fronting/ cause homeboy you phony, stanky like bologna/ with your tenderoni, what up with holy matrimony/ thinking cause you a nupe, you some kinda V.I.P./ well I don't exist on that plane, that Greek stuff is beneath me/ I'm a royal priesthood, you down with God and it's all good/ I'm all about blessing hoods, making this gospel understood/ all the way from Memphis, TN to Huntsville, Al/ it's a privilege to hold up this Christian banner/ and I got it high King FA.L. ain't no lie/ I gonna represent Jesus Christ until I die/ I got this in my heart, and man it's all in my rhymes/ these lines to set you free from those things that try to bind/ I fixing to free your mind, homeboy we in these end times/ steady thinking you fine, but your looks ain't gone stop that fire/ I'm here to set it straight, there ain't no time waist/ so shut your silly face unless you speaking on his grace/ got bustas staring steady trying to scare somebody/ but I'm gone let the power of my God engulf your body/ so prepare for you last, his comings gone be fast/ I understand my task, don't get left up in your past

King FA.L. is breaking through, for your heart and mind, it's bout that time
For me to Come Again with word and truth, it's time to tear it down
for my crown
It's so simplistic, all in the spirit/ I am straight lifted, trying to make yall feel it/ the devil tried to kill it, but he can't steal this/ in tuned with my purpose so no time for an exit/ I ain't no playa, I'm a straight praya/ I understand T-Bone cause I'm a demon slayer/ win the battle on my knees, raise up and intercede/ cause faith without works is dead, so it's time for me to drop them seeds/ this fertile sound gone bless you ground, coming to your town/ sit back and lounge, while these lyrics penetrate your frown/ this is for your heart listen up hard/ will you serve God?, or get caught up in that ground just like that Sod/ consider your ways, them sins don't pay, life ain't no play/ no more delay, choose today, is there really more to say/ God bless our souls, speak to us all, we need your call/ we need not fall, push us when we stall/ it's about that time to end this, with this age we about finished/ a new era has come to replenish this Earth, dominion come Again

© 2000 King FA.L. Publishing

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