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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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I Am

by KJ-52

I Am (The Son of the Most High)
I Am (The One who was crucified)
I Am (Who died but is still alive)
I Am (Say His name) I Am (címon)

Tell me who is supreme and victorious, tell me now
Whoís name is glorious, now whoís the holiest you
Show me how, who only is the only one to create
The one and only universe now with only words
Thereís no one else who could just lay hold of this
Now who reigns in holiness (I Am), yeah you know He is
Who with His hand can form a man out of only dust
Thereís no need to guess He just did it with one
Only touch, who paid the price with His life and with
The only love, who but Jesus Christ made us right
With the only blood, who makes sin white as snow
Might it be the only Son, whoís the way truth and
Life light of the world, Holy One, itís the...


Tell me if you can come back from death and just
Resurrect, and at whoís name will every knee bow
And tongue confess, but true and plain now heís coming back
And now Heís coming quick now you can just close your eyes
And live your lives and just run and hide
While you deny under a pile of lies, but it wonít
Coincide with the fact that Heíll just crack the skies
And catch most guys off guard and just by surprise
So who if not You made the sun and the moon and
How many knew just when He came from the tomb that
What He would do is just rise just for you, then how
Can ya run from the truth when itís true man...


Tell me if you now just uh hold in the clutch of ya hand
The whole entire planet every child woman and man
What you mean you canít? What you mean you wonít?
What you mean my man? What you telling me that
You donít know, man your just dust one puff and then
Youíll come and go, sending prayers to the wrong
Number with the wrong area code, ehhh ehhh
Disconnect, sorry but no disrespect but you canít call
On God and try to call Him collect, donít work that way
No oneís home, the light never came on
Youíre playing in a band but singing all the wrong
Songs, fact of the matter is that He already just
Came and gone, shouting for His attention
But ya keep getting His name wrong

(Break down) Itís the...


Written by KJ-52, Todd Collins, Pete Stewart, and F. Reid Shippen © Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing (BMI) / Jones Fercury Music (ASCAP) / Meaux Mercy / Shadow Head (BMI) / Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)

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