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I John Reu

by John Reuben

		Youíre listening to my new LP
If you didnít buy it then my man listen please
Donít dub a tape you can go to the store
And if they sold out tell them 'please get more'
John Reu and for the few that was askiní
Middle name Reuben and my last name is Zappin
Action packed satisfaction guaranteed
Iím about to enter in and give them what they need
And continue eat up the menu
We wonít pretend to do things we canít do
Just hit your venue soon to be in your community
Once again I want to thank you for the opportunity

Yes indeed like who I John Reu
Do promise you the listener always to
Keep it innovative dang on it
My name is John Reuben and you have my word on it

Weíre about to use all we have
Throwing out attention getters simply just to grab
Focus channel in
Because if youíre like me you have a short attention span
Some say ADD, I just think that Iím lazy
I let my mind go to where ever it wants to take me and
Sometimes itís good and sometimes itís not
For a while it was active but then it stopped
You see I had writer's block but I got restocked
To hit creative mode with a load of thought
The sure shot baby rockin it
From the bottom to the top of it
We keep it full full motion full swing full everything
Bring the type of sound that makes your ear thank you for listening
Glistening from the shine I put on the mind
Positive outlook now bring in the hook


Hold up let me make a quick statement
You see itís all about putting things in its proper placement
Nothing wrong with a sloppy arrangement
I learned that long ago in a Pataskala basement
We lad with my finger on a drum pad
Not bad meaning good but bad meaning bad
A fad it wasnít good we werenít
Sometimes we had to hit the stage and get burnt
But a thanks to everyone who chose to bite their tongue
Instead of busting us out you could have made us look dumb
But you didnít and I appreciate your courtesy
Now hereís a few things I need to say urgently
One, this record wonít ever sell a million
Two, Little Richard thinks I look like Bob Dylan
Three, Danís my bro Kathleenís my mom
Now you tell me what that has to do with this song

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