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Here We Go

by Grits

he feel it she feel it we feel it
so round and round we go
he feel it she feel it we feel it
aaaah here we go
he gon' get up she gon' get up we gon' get up
lockin' down the joint til the playa haters shut up
take you to outer limits flawless with no gimmicks imitate but cant get it
aaaah here we go
my brain pattern skip a jiggawatt
no more room in the pan i cook up rhymes in a bigger pot
on a roll, what you figure got
tricks up my sleeve you wont believe
my story weave to a thicker plot
words leep off pages hop on stages,
we crazy need to be locked in cages
raah you feel ityeah im light skinned vanilla,
comin atcha like a pack of gorillas
whole planet gone ape
understand from afar nashville to the lone star state
relate indicator instilled in me by men greater
this is where you belong strong you gon' be great
flaunt clout with a scream and a shout cast out doubt
fast like a gun blast drawn out
the sounds in leaps and bounds flush out clowns creeps and hounds
foxes and wolves in sheeps gowns
i was born in the cold
moved to the heat
got used to the flame
now i spit it on beat
i was raised in the womb 
groomed by christwith a gift to raise souls from the tomb
please don't assume
we aint tryna take the slot
blow the spot
worldwide still parta the plot
everybody talkin bout changin the game
but everything i hear yall soundin the same
from the beats to the videos
clothes and look
same concept for your flows and hook
see these round here they can raise the dead
so come on everybody now bob your head
yall need to heed these words from the wise
rhymes so meaty like jambalaya
got truth for hire
can you stand the fire
to see you come alive that's my desire now
boy looka here
have you ever heard a dead man talk before
you ever seen a dead man walk before
you ever heard dead man lock the flow
like these beforewe raised the qou
now my time flip make time change
you knew another record would hit
explode and make your brains hang
peep my language of my dialect
circulate like a boomerang
man what did you expect

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