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Back To The Streets

by Petra

                         "BACK TO THE STREETS"
                                by Petra
                Title song from the CD "Back To The Streets"
                      Words and Music by Bob Hartman
                         (Matthew 28:19,22:9)

                  using the standard tuning conventions: 

                             /  =  slide up
                             \  =  slide down
                             ^  =  bend
                             p  =  pulloff
                             h  =  hammer on
                             ~  =  vibrato       

Bm                                G

Bm                     G                                C#m



Dm    C    Dm Bb    F            Dm      F       C             Dm

Dm    C  Dm Bb    F      C            F           G       A

D          A         Bm      G        D     A        Bm

D          A         Bm    G                     A

G          G/F#       A                 Em        Em/F#       G

D        A         Bm       G   F      C      Dm     Dm C Dm C
F  C          Dm          Bb  F     C           Dm

Bm                                G

(See #1 Below) 
(Next verse... Repeat in similar manner)               

Bm                                  G
Bm            A Bm            A Bm   A Bm                       A Bm

  A Bm        A Bm              A Bm   A Bm     Bm

(Repeat Chorus)

(2nd Time Through leading up to solo) 
Root 6 Power Chords
A  Bm A Bm    G   A
|  || |  |    |  ||  (Repeat)




A                                                       (Note #2)

               Bm               Bm        G      A    Bm

(Repeat Chorus)

Ron's Guitar Notes:
#1  Bob Hartman (lead guitarist for Petra) uses a muted "crunch"
    on these notes, most likely accomplished through the use of 
    dampening the strings with the heel of the right hand.

#2  Anyone know how Bob pulls off this massive Whammy effect? I've not 
    been able to duplicate it. (Just keep practicing, right?) 

#3  I've found that the easiest (and best sounding) way of executing
    the quick Dm-Dm-C-Dm (Jesus said, Go!), found in the chorus, is to
    make a root five Dm, then pull off the last three fingers, leaving
    just the bar on the 5th fret. This also works for the other 
    (Dm-C-Dm-C) part just after 'We gotta take this message...Back to 
    the street' 
    Tabbed, the chorus part would look like:

          Dm Dm   C     Dm   Bb
         Je-sus  said  Go   (Go!)

#4  Since I'm on the subject of chords, generally I've found that
    the root 5 and 6 "power" chords sound best throughout the song... 
    Except for this area of the song, which seems to sound best played 
    with conventional chords: (D with an open 4th string, A with the 
    open 5th string, etc.)

     D          A         Bm    G                     A
     As long as there's a weary soul ready to end the fight
     G          G/F#       A                 Em        Em/F#       G
     As long as there's an aching heart that still has strength to beat
     D        A         Bm       G  
     We gotta take this message     

     F      C      Dm     Dm C Dm C 
     Back to the street

#5  Concerning part B of Bob's solo, the closest I was able to come to
    "sounding like Bob" was to rapidly work the 2nd string in a rapid 
    fashion, climbing and sliding my way from the 9th to the 19th fret. 
    Just keep the notes ringing and let them meld together. It's also 
    possible that Bob plays ALL the notes of part B on the 2nd string. 
    Experiment with it.
Well, I'm sure no one asked for all the detailed notes, but bear with me... 
this is one of my all time favorite songs! I just want to get it right.   :)

Any thoughts? Feedback? Additions? Corrections? 

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