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by Venegeance Rising

Vengeance Rising
³Herodıs violent death²
From the Album: Once Dead
Written by Roger Martinez İ 1990 Broken Songs

Tuning _ step low to high: Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb

Intro main riff

³Herodıs Violent Death² Riff

Note: These arenıt always this consistent. These two riffs get chopped up
a bit and mixed with each Other. This is the way they appear most often
though. Once youıve played these through a few times, you Should have the
feel of where they mix.

Bridge Riff

Players Notes: The strings of #ıs are just thrash pedaling with pretty
heavy palm muting, and all / Marks indicate a slide from chord to chord,
instead of individual picking on those chords. These riffs are Also mixed up
a bit as Iıve indicated above, but once you get these down, the changes in
the song should Be obvious. Play it Hardcore and heavy folks

This Herod (The Great) he was troubled, when he first learned of Christ,
like so many of today, who neglect salvation life and do not giveth Lord
Christ Jesus, the glory due his name.  They try by their own righteousness,
to enter Heavens gate.  
Herods Violent Death (x2)

Another (Antipas) killed John the Baptist, for some wicked chick, like
those who kill the Word of God, that is, make no place for it.  They claim
that theyıre just busy, that maybe one day theyıll get with it, but as
the thief comes in the night, guess what theyıll be hit with.
Herods Violent Death (x2)

A lesson to be learned, as History will repeat itself.  The scripture, it
does no lie.  Billions will follow them to Judgement, because they will
not receive Christ.  Why donıt you repent tonight?  
Herods Violent Death (x2)

This death is just a type of the terror, that you will live in if you
refuse to become a Saint of God, consecrated to Him.  Holiness is not the
eradication of evil in the fallen nature of man, But consecration unto
God, Come by Faith, you can.

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