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Lear Jets

by Barry McGuire

Lear Jets
Words by Barry McGuire and Music by Barry McGuire and Jim Patton
on Seeds by Barry McGuire
Copyright 1973

G                               Bb         F              C              G
You got your lear jets and your limousines and still you're wondering why
                       Bb          F         C           G
You can't lose that lonely feeling no matter what you try
                            Bb                  F                         G
Yes, your three-day parties twice a week with all the old friends you know
                      Bb                   F        C             G
Champagne breakfasts, country clubs, with scotch to bring you home

Bb                 F           C             G
After all the laughter and the music fades away
                       Bb       F        C         G
You find yourself a lonely child lost along the way

         G                   Bb       F        C          G
Well you turned your back so long ago on Jesus and his dad
                           Bb          F           C            G
And cast your pearls before the swine, you gave them all you had
                              Bb                   F               G
Yes, and now you're hooked on selfishness with nothing left to give
                          Bb                F          C           G Bb C F
Like pigs thinking only of themselves, now, that's the way you live


                                     Am  Bb                     F
Well, ain't you tired of all the darkness, tired of all the pain
Gm                 Bb               C                         F
Come on into the sunshine, brother, step right out of the rain
                              Am     Bb                    F
Ain't you tired of living in darkness, playing all the games
Gm                 Bb               C                     F
Come on into the sunshine, brother, step right out of the rain
             Gm               Bb              C                     F
Well you can come into the sunshine, brother, step right out of the rain

Well, won't you stop and listen, I've got a word to say
Bb                                                       F
I'd like to lay a bit of news on you before you slip away
                                                Am        Bb
It's about an old friend of mine and how his kingdom's come
          F                C               Bb                         F
Won't you open up your heart my friend and welcome in the Father's Son

Yes, can you tell me where you're going, do you know where you've been
Bb                                                                       F
Can you hear someone knocking on your heart but the fear won't let him in
                                                        Am      Bb
Well, are you gonna keep on running, just like you've always done
          F                C               Bb                         F
Won't you open up your heart my friend and welcome in the Father's Son

Have you heard about his spirit, they call him the Holy Ghost
       Bb                                                         F
Yes he came two thousand years ago the helper of the heavenly host
                                                      Am        Bb
Just to give to us the victory, you know the battle has been won
          F                C               Bb                         F
Won't you open up your heart my friend and welcome in the Father's Son

I have one more thing I want to tell you, just one more thing to do
Bb                                                               F
We're gonna knockout the powers of darkness and you can do it too
                                                       am         Bb
Said you don't have to wait no longer, yes, our great day has come
          F                C
Won't you open up your heart my friend
F            C
Open up and let him in
F                 C                 Bb                         F
Open up your heart to him, yea, and welcome in the Father's Son
Bb                         F
Welcome in the Father's Son (Repeat and fade)

If there are any classic CCM that you wish to have chords to, e-mail
your request to me.

God bless you.

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