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Great American Novel

by Larry Norman

THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL    'Only Visiting This Planet'   Larry Norman   
    G                                       C                 G 
1. I was born and raised an orphan       In a land that once was free
2. You are far across the ocean           In a war that's not your own 
       Bm                                           Am            D 
1. In a land that poured it's             love out on the moon 
2.And whilst you're winning theirs   You're gonna lose the one at home
       G                               C                    G
1. And I grew up in the shadows     Of your silos   filled with grain
2.Do you really think the only way  To bring about the peace 
            Bm                            C          G
1. But you never helped to   fill my empty spoon
2.Is to sacrifice your children   And kill all your enemies
          G                                               C             G 
1. And when I was ten you murdered law     With courtroom politics
 2. The politicians all make speeches   While the news men all take note 
            Bm                                Am            D            G  
1.And you learned to make a lie sound just like truth But I know you better now ed
2.And they exagerate the issues  As they shove it down our throats
                           C                           G
1.And I     don't   fall   for   all   your  tricks
2.Is it really up to them   Whether this country sinks or floats
              Bm                        C               G
1.And you've lost the one advantage of my youth
2.And I wonder who would lead us  If none of us would vote
             G                              C              G
1.You kill a black man at midnight    Just for talking to your daughter 
2.Well my phone is tapped and my lips are chapped  From whispering through the fence
           Bm                                     Am                D
1.Then you make his wife your mistress   And you leave her without water 
2.You know every move I make  Or is that just coincidence 
          G                                   C                       G 
1. And the sheet you wear upon your face  Is the sheet your children sleep on
 2.Well you try to make my way of life  A little less like jail
       Bm                        Am                  D   (Dsus4)
1. And every meal you say a prayer  You don't believe but still you keep on
2. If I promise to make tapes and slides  And send them through the mail
C     Csus     D        G          C       Csus                  D      G
And your money says 'In God We Trust' But it's against the law to pray in
C      Csus     D       G           C      Csus           D          G
You say we beat the Russians to the moon  And I say you starved your children
to do it  (2nd verse)

C      Csus          D       C      C     Csus             D         G 
You say 'all men are equal all men are brothers  Then why are the rich more
equal than others 
            C          Csus       A   D          G
 Don't ask me for the answer I've only got one 
                          C         Csus               D             G
 (Slowly)       That a man leaves his darkness when he fol  lows the Son

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