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Follow the Narrow

by Clear

“Follow The Narrow” by Clear
From the album “Follow The Narrow”
written by Matt Berry
www.clearmusic.org www.ardentrecords.com

This is not an exact tab of this song but it was my best try.  It
sounds pretty good.  Its played in drop-D tuning.  If you listen to
Caedmon’s Call any it is kind of played like “Prepare Ye The Way”.
So here goes nothing.:-)

Chord - Name
000232   D
x20033  G/B
x32033   C
300033   ?  ( I’m not quite sure what this is called seeing 
              that its in drop D, but its played like a G.)
500033   G
223312   Bm
x02220   A
x10033   Bb6

Intro) hit the E string, 3 fret then pause which leads to the 
intro.  There are a few hammer-on’s on the C chord. your index finger
on the second fret.
D, G/b, C,
D, G/b, C, (3h0) the E string 2x

D     G/b     C          D     G/b          C
With great intrigue he stares ahead at the divide,
D     G/b     C                        D
An old picket gate spans across both trails,
G/b       C                      D
one more narrow, the other more wide,
G/b C                    D     G/b       C                 D
unsure of his route, he digs deep, down into his pockets
G/b    C              D             G/b  C
dirty hands unfold a worn, wrinkled map for guidance

G           Bm            A          D
Wrapped in light like a garment to find my way
G        Bm       A
still, scared my eyes missed the arrow
G           Bm             A             D
I breathe in relief, when I hear my sweet Jesus say
G             Bm         D           A
“There’s new life if you follow the narrow”

follow the narrow

Verse)just like the first one

Decisions made he enters the road less traveled 
brilliant colors bursts from the gray
Past mysteries start to unravel, reviving his skin
A warm, kind wind whispering welcome
breathes in deep and slow,
Peace fills his lungs to the bottom

Bm                      G 
I’m a willing seed for you to sow
Bm                       G 
Underneath your fount of love i’ll grow
Bm                    G 
I will taste the everlasting flow
Bb6                A
When I follow, follow the narrow

repeat the chorus

I hope you enjoy playing this song and i hope you can
figure the hammer E string-thing out.  Just listen to the
record and you can figure it out.  If not just E-mail me &
i will tab it out for you. Many Blessings<><

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