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High Tide

by Shadowlands

Artist: Shadowlands
Album: Shadowlands
Title: High Tide
Copyright 1998 Shadowlands

E5        079900     Emaj7     079800
Bsus4(2)? 799800     Asus2     577600
C#m7      046600     Bsus4?    024400
A2        002200     E         022100
Cmaj7     035500     D5        057700

Intro: E5 Emaj7 Bsus4(2) Asus2 (x2)

E5          Emaj7               Bsus4(2)  Asus2
It's a quiet moonlit night on and empty beach
the breakers crash the surf, their tidle margins beach
a lone watcher i stand pentive and silent
the moon my only friend on this lonely night

Break: E5 Emaj7 Bsus4(2) Asus2

C#m7            Bsus4            A2
i hear a noise I spin around and fall on my face
i look up, my fears confirmed i'm alone in this place
such a quiet ocean scene, solitude hangs like a mist
at least when i'm alone i don't know what i've missed

E          Bsus4      C#m7         A2
now i look far beyond what it is i see
i've had my fill of loneliness now i want to be
i want to be filled with something more, than whatever i've become
i wanna be filled with love
E            Bsus4   A2
will someone show me love

Break: E5 Emaj7 Bsus4(2) Asus2 (x2)

E5     Emaj7             Bsus4(2)        Asus2
up and down the beach my prints are all i see
waves crash high and hard and wash my path away
i wonder if the steps i took were the right ones
it doesn't matter now with the tide, they've come and gone

C#m7         Bsus4        A2
my eyes gaze out to sea hoping i'll find
the answers to my questions and some peace of mind
as i gaze intintly a north wind blows in my ear
i hear a voice in the dewlight(?) say "Child I am near"

E          Bsus4      C#m7           A2
Now I look far beyond what i think i see
must be something out there, what can it be?
well i seek answers, what have i found?
something that might be love?
E         Bsus4   A2
please let it be love

Bsus4             C#m7      A2     E            
Now i can't lose anything, but my life
but i lose anyway if i don't try
loving myself has never been enough
Bsus4   C#m7           A2
i need someone else's love

Break: E C#m7 A2 E x2
       Cmaj7 D5 Cmaj7 D5 E5 x2
       E5 Emaj7 Bsus4(2) Asus2 x2

E5          Emaj7            Bsus4(2) Asus2
i put in a toe(?), feel the cold and i scamper away
the foam persues me up the beach it seems i can't escape
high tide is gaining speed and the lonliness subsides
I seek you I'm for you(?) lord oh where can i hide?

C#m7               Bsus4         A2
the ocean rises swallowing the sand
it's getting close, it's coming near, where do i stand?
I'm in the deep Lord, do I sink or do i swim?
The undertow is getting fierce, i think i'm going in

E         Bsus4        C#m7               A2
now i've found a love beyond what i could see
i'm drownding now i'm fathoms down, i'm where i want to be
i'm immersed in your love, take me i give up
create in me your love
E         Bsus4    A2
create in me your love

Outro: E C#m7 A2 E x2

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