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Foolish Love

by Waterdeep

"Foolish Love"
Words And Music By Don Chaffer 

I Don't Really Know The Exact Names Of The Chords, But It's Close

Capo 4th Fret

Verse   Am  (002210)
  G   (320002)
  F   (003211)
  C   (032010)

Chorus  Cadd9  (032013)
  G      (320002)
  Fadd9  (003213)
  Am     (002210)

Am            G                     F      C
Half Of Me Regrets Where I Have Been
Am            G                   F       C
I Try To Just Shut That Half Down
Am               G                 F      C
I Throw My Heart Out There One More Time
Am               G                             F     C
Even Though It's Already Been Dragged All Over Town

Cadd9                 G       Fadd9  Cadd9    G          Fadd9  Cadd9
I Got Some Kind Of Foolish Love      Running Through My Veins
Cadd9             G    Fadd9 Cadd9  Am           G           Fadd9 Cadd9
Standin In My Foolish Love          Soaking Wet In The Pouring Rain

Well Romeo Had Rosalinda Did You, Did You Know About That?
But Then He Found Juliet She Was Where It Was At
He Dove Right In He Let Himself Get Lost
I Wonder Did He Know How Much That Would Cost.........

Had Some Kind Of Foolish Love Running Through His Veins
Standing In His Foolish Love Soaking Wet In The Pouring Rain

Now Reason Will Come To You In Your Darkest Hour 
And Ask You If You Really Suppose 
That All This Foolishness Make Any Sense At All 
You Just Tell Him Love Has Reasons That Reason Will Never Know

Cause You Just Have Your Foolish Love Running Through Your Veins 
Standing In Your Foolish Love Soaking Wet In The Pouring Rain

Now Sometimes Jesus Is A Lot Like Me
When The Woman He Loves Say She Thinks She Loves Him Too
He Just Gets Real Quiet And Looks Down At The Ground
Cause Until She Says She's Ready, There's Nothing Much He Can Do

Except Stand There In His Foolish Love Flowing Out His Veins
Standing In His Foolish Love Soaking Wet In The Pouring Rain

And He Will Come Like The Spring Rain
Like The Spring Rain Watering The Earth

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