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by The Grits

Right now my heart is so heavy
I cry tears until I'm empty
I feel so alone, don't you hear me say?
I gotta break these chains
I gotta break these chains
anybody out there, anybody on the landscape
any-anybody? Am I talking to myself?
body-body Anybody
I need to rationalize
Anybody see the passion in my eyes?
this flip life, sorta stuff I observe
is often times triflin, throwin me a curve
Seem a little life been getting a little blurred
Lately my wife's been praying for me, word.
God, know I'm thankful for the blessings I receive
but who wants to give up what they want for what they need
A lotta things are promises, a lot are true indead
Some of ya'll ain't hearin me, let me bring you up to speed
Maybe we'll stop
Maybe the album will flop
Maybe we'll cop nice cribs on the way to the top
Maybe we'll stay right her in the jar remainers
Keep believing with the truth, leading a pack to fall
Right now my heart is so heavy
I cry tears until I'm empty
I feel so alone, don't you hear me say?
I gotta break these chains
I gotta break these chains
Have you ever felt alone like nobody cares?
And even at home ain't nobody there?
But somebody's there
But nobody's there
Showing concern for the issues burning
The insecurity
And the fear internally
Poor self image with no real identity
Untapped potential
Unstable mental
Looking to escape from the trap you into
So you puffin puffin til you see the stars
Cuttin cuttin and you hide the scares
Poppin poppin til the pills are gone
You drink the last drop til you in the zone
...for the love complex
used and abused
bruised and confused
I'm gonna tell the truth
Ain't no substitute
That's ever gonna fufill the need inside you
Christ died for that
He left and came back
Flowed the powers sin and death alike
You can have life and get more abudant
No more questions, cap the wonderin
Right now my heart is so heavy
I cry tears until I'm empty
I feel so alone, don't you hear me say?
I gotta break these chains
I gotta break these chains
What you wanna know?
Where you tryin to go?
What you tryin to see?
Where you tryin to be?

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