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Generations Lost

by Seven System

Generations lost and left behind, and as I search for answers I have found why. You see yesterdays methods are preached as todays gospel. Have we forgotten the purpose for a hospital? Life here seems at ease. As usual the hospital is very clean. Everything seems to be in order here. But at a closer look the problem becomes clear. Level by level, floor by floor I search every office and behind every door. I look down the corridors and I look through the halls. Every bed is full but the patients dont seem sick at all. Is this a hospital built only for the well. Outside the windows I see nothing but hell. I question the purpose of this facility, and I hear shut up, who gave you authority. Right to refuse service now hangs over the door. Dieing underneath it are a bunch of junkies and whores. Ritualistic, religious, obligation. Huh, used to work, but not in this generation. Disease is to dangerous to let in. This clinics purpose is very thin. If our icon truly won the battle, Why dont we remove diseases shackles? What good is a hospital if it doesnt treat the sick? A hospital for the well, why does it exist? Outside these walls I search for the truth, I found out that this hospital is killing our youth. You throw the sick people out and speak of punishment. Casting stones of wrath and judgment. Ever think that youre out of line? The sick are buried under these stones and you feel fine. But then I examine myself and I look within. Have I committed this very sin? The truth hurts kind of like being burned. Admission to this clinic can never be earned. I say no more burdens or heavy yokes. A spark is set and a fire is stoked. It consumes my heart and my sole. Ill take the hospital out to the world as a whole. Im done here, Im knocking the dust off my feet as I go. If I do anything Ill see that youre overthrown. Because a hospital without any sick is like a tree without fruit. Ill treat the generations lost without yo

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